NALC Grieves NTFT Clerks Excessed into Letter Carrier Craft

The 2011 APWU National Agreement created a new category of clerks called non-traditional full-time (NTFT) clerks. Many of these NTFT clerks have a regular schedule of fewer than 40 hours per week. Management has begun to excess some of these clerks into full-time letter carrier jobs. The NALC believes that a clerk who works fewer […]

Will USPS Excess Postal Employees Beyond 50 Miles?

This Time It’s Me It appears that the Postal Service is determined to continue with plans to consolidate over 200 mail processing facilities and to comply with consultation requirements of the contract they have met with the union. This is bad news as over 35,000 jobs will be eliminated and employees will be required to […]

Some Postal Managers Refusing To Accept USPS, APWU Freeze On Excessing Agreement

USPS Management Message Confirms Excessing Moratorium From: Mike Morris, APWU “APWU Union officials in locales where managers are balking at implementing the moratorium on excessing that was announced on Dec. 15 will be pleased to see al message from a headquarters-level manager notifying Area-level officials of the agreement. ” Subject: Excessing Moratorium Brothers and Sisters: […]

APWU,USPS Announce Freeze on Excessing While Contract Talks Continue

The APWU and the Postal Service have agreed to a freeze on excessing while contract negotiations continue, union President Cliff Guffey has announced. “Throughout the bargaining process, the APWU has sought to negotiate a contract that would protect jobs and lessen the pain of excessing for our members. We are pursuing those goals,” he said. […]

NALC Files National Grievance Over Reassignment Of Postal Clerks To Carrier Craft

The following are excerpts from  two APWU Regional Coordinators addressing  the issue of USPS excessing: It is no secret that low mail volume has led to massive excessing. The APWU has responded by fighting relentlessly to protect our members’ rights. The battle is complicated enough without the addition of other parties. Recently, however, the installation […]

Editorial: The USPS Number Crunchers Strike Again!

The following is an article written by Stephen Lysaght, APWU President, East Bay Area Local #47 located in Walnut Creek, CA. The issues raised in his article is happening in many USPS districts across the country–and not just in the Bay-Valley District. After years of excessing Clerks outside their installations and thereby gutting the workforce in […]

FYI: USPS Examination Requirement For Custodial Jobs Suspended Until 2011

“As background, the Service had taken a position (in National case Q98C4QC02005533) that they could ignore or waive the exam at their discretion (for example, in cases of excessing) yet maintain that minimum qualification requirement for members of the Maintenance Craft. As one example of the absurd situation this creates; current maintenance employees could not […]

Postmasters President: Delivery Unit Optimization Is Being Implemented At Break Neck Speed

From the National League of Postmaster’s President’s Message: Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) is being implemented at break neck speed and by Tuesday a new Power Point presentation will be on the web site. Review it, learn it and train other Postmasters on it. There are many impacts with DUO; pay, Postmaster level and the future […]

Job Security Dominates Clerk Discussions At APWU Pre-Convention Conference

Clerk Division delegates discussed job security at their pre-convention conference on Aug. 21 and 22, debating resolutions and discussing officers’ reports about issues affecting the craft. “It’s a tough time at the Postal Service this day and age,” said Jim McCarthy, Clerk Craft Director. On Saturday, delegates discussed resolutions, many of which focused on excessing. […]