OIG Says USPS Relocation Rules Were Not Violated In Purchase Of Employee’s Million Dollar Home

The OIG responds to a request by Senator Charles Grassley, Ranking Member of Committee on Finance (PDF) to evaluate USPS’ relocation benefits program. Based on review of the documentation associated with this relocation action, as well as controlling regulatory authority, the Office of Investigations did not substantiate the allegation that relocation rules were violated. U.S. […]

USPS OIG Audit: High-Risk Contract Postal Units

From The USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) This report presents the results of our review of high-risk contract postal units (CPU) (Project Number 08BD009FF006). The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) performed this self-initiated review to test selected transactions, address financial risk, and provide feedback to management to improve financial operations nationwide. […]

USPS Reports Financial Loss For April 2009

The US Postal Service filed its April 2009 (unaudited) preliminary financial report yesterday with the Postal Regulatory Commission. USPS reported a net income/ loss of $385 million. The total year-to-date loss is approximately $2.3 billion. unaudited  (Jan, 658m) (Feb, 751m) (Mar, 491) (all unaudited totals) . Mail volume was down across all classes with an […]

Postcom: Is it Time For A USPS Death Watch Blog??

From PostCom.org “Newspaper Death Watch has reported that “publishers are finally beginning a sunsetting strategy for their print editions. By driving up circulation prices, they are effectively winnowing out their low-value customers. Price increases will probably come fast and furious in the future. Each will cause circulation to fall until a new floor is reached. […]

Develop Next Generation Postal LLV Using Stimulus Money for Electric Vehicles?

First, here is a summary of paper presented by Michael Ravnitzky, Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) delivered at the Advanced Workshop in Regulation and Competition, Center for Research in Regulated Industries – Rutgers University 28th Annual Eastern Conference Skytop, Pennsylvania May 13–15, 2009. The full paper can be found on the PRC’s website by clicking here Electric […]

Bill To Rehire Federal Retirees Faces Uphill Battle

 From Federal Times A bill that would allow agencies to rehire retired employees won approval of a Senate committee last week. But, despite measures designed to appease unions, it still faces opposition from labor groups. The bill would create a five-year pilot program allowing agencies to rehire retirees and pay them their full salary and […]

USPS To Offer Greeting Cards In Post Offices

The United States Postal Service (USPS) will partner with a supplier who has NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION AND WAREHOUSING CAPABILITIES to introduce a range of greeting card formats to be sold at postal retail locations. This initiative will: • Determine retail sales opportunity of offering greeting cards in Post Offices • Evaluate SKU level sales to optimize […]

USPS Bay-Valley District To Implement Phase 2 of The National Reassessment Process

From Fredric Jacobs, President, APWU Local Oakland #78  National Reassessment Process – Phase 2     Attention APWU Members:  Today (May 20, 2009), I was advised by Management that the Bay-Valley District received Phase 1, National Reassessment Process (NRP) validation on May 8, 2009.  A Phase 2 briefing meeting has been scheduled with the Unions and Management […]