Obama: Mail Carriers To Deliver Medical Countermeasures

Executive Order — Medical Countermeasures Following a Biological Attack ESTABLISHING FEDERAL CAPABILITY FOR THE TIMELY PROVISION OF MEDICAL COUNTERMEASURES FOLLOWING A BIOLOGICAL ATTACK By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Policy. It is the […]

Un-Merry Christmas For 27-Year Postal Employee Fired After Failing Window Training

Postal Employee Fired 5-Days Before Christmas Just an overview of the letter below: The Walnut Creek (CA) Post Office changed 16 mail processing jobs of the most senior employees to window/distribution clerks (Sales, Service & Distribution Associates). The employees were told after becoming senior bidders on the re-posted duty assignments that passing window training will […]

APWU: Is The OIG Workers' Comp Fraud Campaign Scamming USPS?

Who’s scamming who? The USPS Office of Inspector General recently launched a “Workers’ Compensation Fraud Campaign.” In typical OIG fashion, one of its strategies involves demonizing injured workers by having an actor posing as a postal employee cheerfully brag about cheating the Workers’ Comp program. No one, of course, should be permitted to cheat the […]

APWU Sues USPS To Halt Closure Of Philly L & DC Until Dispute Over AMP Study Is Settled

The National and Local APWU Unions have jointly filed suit against USPS to stop closure of Philadelphia Logistics and Distribution Center . Below are excerpts of the dispute: In this case, the Unions have filed a grievance challenging the decision by the Postal Service to terminate operations at the Facility, located in Swedesboro, New Jersey […]

Postal Mail Handlers Union Signs Settlement On National Reassessment Program

The National Office of the NPMHU recently signed a settlement with USPS management concerning the National Reassessment Program (NRP), which is being used by the Postal Service to re-evaluate all limited duty and rehabilitation positions held by mail handlers and other postal employees who have been injured on the job. Throughout the negotiations, the NPMHU […]

USPS Reports Loss Of $255 Million In November 2009

The US Postal Service filed its November 2009 (unaudited) preliminary financial report yesterday with the Postal Regulatory Commission. USPS reported a net income/ loss of $255 million. The total Fiscal Year to year loss is $476 million ($221 million for the month of October) . Mail volume was down across all classes except shipping services […]

Connecticut District Court Dismisses Postal Clerk's Sexual Harassment Suit

Postal Clerk failed to seek help through EEOC and submit claim to USPS Torts Claim Coordinator prior to filing lawsuit According to the lawsuit: Guy Johnson, a postal clerk in North Stonington, CT. claims stem from a number of allegedly harassing incidents at work beginning in March 2007. In March and June of 2007, a […]

Appeals Court Upholds Demotion of California Postmaster

Robert Di Paolo appeals a decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board (“MSPB” or “Board”) sustaining his demotion from the position of Postmaster to Supervisor in the Lincoln Post Office, Sacramento District, Pacific Area. The demotion was based on four charges: (1) inappropriate stamp purchases, (2) receipt of alcohol on postal property, (3) failure to […]

Shirley L. McLennan, APWU Clerk National Business Agent Dies

Shirley McLennan, American Postal Workers Union, National Business Agent, Clerk Division, Cincinnati Region McLennan, Shirley L. (BAUCOM),66 of Louisville, passed away December 24, 2009 at Norton Healthcare Pavilion after a long battle with cancer with her loving family by her side. She was employed as a National Business Agent with the American Postal Workers Union […]