USPS: More VERA Approvals

USPS authorized to offer additional voluntary early retirements The Postal Service has received additional approval from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to offer voluntary early retirement to all eligible employees in Motor Vehicle, Maintenance (excluding Electronic Technicians), Rural and City Carriers, Field EAS and Postmasters. This offer is open to employees in those positions […]

Postal Employee’s Disability Retirement Annuity Properly Terminated Federal Circuit Rules

An employee’s disability retirement annuity was properly terminated when his income exceeded 80 percent of his previous salary, the Federal Circuit ruled last week. In this case, a City Carrier retired from his position in April 1986 and received monthly disability retirement payments. On May 11, 2006, after learning from the City Carrier that his […]

USPS Human Resources Report On Calculating VER Annuity

USPS National Retirement Counseling system Date 08/05/2008 HRlS Annuity Estimate as of Pay Period 16 of 2008 note: Retirement Type: Early Out 1.Estimate based on retirement effective date shown, assuming Retirement Computation Date (RCD) is correct and you have at least 5 years civilian service in addition to any military service. Office of Personnel Management […]

EEOC Annual Report on U.S. Postal Service Work Force

From EEOC: This report covers the period from October 1, 2006, through September 30, 2007 and contains selected measures of agencies’ progress toward model EEO programs. The FY 2007 Annual Report on the Federal Work Force, addressed to the President and Congress, presents a summary of selected EEO program activities in the federal government, including […]

Deputy PMG: All Field Non-Bargaining Position Postings Frozen

US Postal Service Deputy Postmaster and Chief Operating Officer Pat R. Donahoe sent the following letter dated August 18, 2008: Vice Presidents, Area Operations SUBJECT: Field Non-Bargaining Job Postings The July financial results were as follows: Volume was 5.4 percent under plan, revenue was 3.5 percent under plan, and expenses were 2.8 percent under plan, […]

USPS Gets OPM Approval To Offer More VERs

ANOTHER VERA APPROVAL USPS authorized to offer more voluntary early retirements The Postal Service has received approval from the Office of Personnel Management to offer voluntary early retirement to all Headquarters and Headquarters-related employees — that includes service centers, organizational units and Area offices — in EAS and PCES positions. Details of the program are […]

Postal Manager Demoted Over Violation of NALC Contract?

Here are excerpts from the MSPB decision:  The appellant served as the EAS-20 Manager, Customer Services, at the Glenridge Post Office in Atlanta, Georgia.  On April 26, 2007, Charles Gracek, Manager, Customer Service Operations, Atlanta, Georgia Post Office, proposed to reduce her in grade and pay to the EAS-17 position of Supervisor, Customer Services, based […]