After All Of The Grandstanding, Issa Has Chickened Out On Postal Reform

Update: Rep. Dennis Ross responds to Burrus via Twitter: @postalreporter not truthful or fair. Chairman Issa does not control when or if a bill comes to the floor. — Dennis Ross (@RepDennisRoss) July 15, 2012 A Subtle Shift After all of the grandstanding, Congressman Darryl Issa has chickened out on his threat to impose draconian […]

Bring On the Postal Early Out – With Incentives

GET ON WITH IT Something doesn’t add up.  Congress has introduced legislation authorizing the use of the retirement overpayment as incentives for eligible employees to retire. The postmaster general repeatedly tells everyone who will listen that he plans to reduce the work force through voluntary retirements without replacing the employees, while tens of thousands of eligible […]

Burrus: To Retire Or Not

Over the past year, employees have been bombarded with information about the expectation that the Postal Service would offer a $25,000 incentive to those eligible to retire. This message has been targeted at the more than 100,000 employees who have reached eligibility and it is assumed that an incentive will inspire them to pull the […]

Editorial: GOP House Postal Reform Bill Includes Provisions Negative to Postal Employees

Round One The Senate passes S1789 to reform the Postal Service on a vote of 62 to 37, meeting the 60 vote requirement by Senate rule. Debate now commences on HR 2309. The House Committee and Subcommittee chairmen are Republicans and have expressed strong opposition to the union’s objectives. The Senate Bill includes the following: […]

Burrus Reacts to Rumblings About Stripping Honor of APWU President Emeritus

I have heard the rumble about submitting a Resolution to the national convention to rescind the action taken in 2010 to confer Emeritus status in honor of my 37 years of service as an officer. I have not decided how I intend to respond, but in order that there is absolutely no misunderstanding, if there […]

Burrus: Confusion Over Starting Date Of APWU Contract

There is understandably some confusion about the different contractual dates as reported in my recent post. The cover of the contract lists one date and the governing contractual clause lists a different date. For many, the question is which one is right or does it make a difference? For starters, it does make a difference. […]

Will USPS Excess Postal Employees Beyond 50 Miles?

This Time It’s Me It appears that the Postal Service is determined to continue with plans to consolidate over 200 mail processing facilities and to comply with consultation requirements of the contract they have met with the union. This is bad news as over 35,000 jobs will be eliminated and employees will be required to […]

Editorial: USPS, NALC and Mail Handlers’ Negotiations

I have been asked to speculate on the breakdown of contract negotiations between the Postal Service, the Letter Carriers and the Mail Handlers. Having received no information directly from the negotiators or from anyone directly associated with the negotiators, I cannot speak with authority on the subjects discussed or the exact points in dispute leading […]

Burrus: Open Letter to Senator Tom Carper on Postal Reform Bill

November 17, 2011 The Honorable Senator Thomas Carper 513 Hart Senate Office Building United States Senate 513 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senator Carper: I no longer serve as President of the American Postal Workers Union so I do not have the privilege of meeting with you on postal matters and sharing […]