Senator Tester tells PMG Megan Brennan USPS service standards are a disaster

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Senator Tester tells PMG Megan Brennan USPS service standards are a disaster

January 29, 2015 (U.S. SENATE)-Senator Jon Tester today met incoming Postmaster General Megan Brennan for the first time to discuss strengthening the Postal Service and the need to improve delivery standards in rural states like Montana.

Tester emphasized the Postal Service’s delivery standards have become a disaster for USPS and for the Montana families that rely on the Postal Service to deliver medication, election ballots and ultimately, to stay connected. He also voiced the need to reform funding of the Postal Service’s employees’ retiree health benefits to maximize returns and limit the waste of current funds.

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USPS awards $450 million maintenance management contract to Jones Lang Lasalle

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USPS awards contract for maintenance management worth up to $450 million

USPS $450 million maintenance management contract awarded to Jones Lang LaSalle Americas

The United States Postal Service awards contract for nationwide facilities services.

The contract was awarded to Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (JLL), located in Chicago, IL. The initial contract is for a two (2)-year base period and up to four (4) – two (2) year renewal option periods.

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PMG blames unions, mailers in farewell speech at National Press Club

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Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe blames unions and mailers in farewell speech at National Press Club

In his farewell speech at the National Press Club today, outgoing Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe suggested that union and mailer groups’ “shortsightedness and myopia” have impeded efforts in Congress to modernize USPS. Donahoe also suggested that young people entering the workforce today really don’t want “generous health care and pension benefits.”

PMG blames unions and mailers for USPS’ stalled progress



USPS OWCP Medical File Hack Affected Nearly Half a Million Postal Workers

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USPS OWCP Medical File Hack Affected Nearly Half a Million Postal Workers. USPS data breach affected bank and/or medical information of postal workers injured on the job. USPS sent out individualized letters to postal employees with specific information about their particular situation. So all letters will not contain the same information.
Can USPS Employees Sue for Breach of Medical Privacy?

USPS data breach affected bank and medical information of nearly

Sexual assaults committed by postal employees against postal employees

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Good at getting along with the guys working alongside her, Diane Caruso-Ruston said she thought she was going to get a promotion when she walked into one of her managers’ offices. “Next thing I know he pushes me up against the wall. And he pushes down my left side of my pants, you know those stretchy pants? He licked my leg. I got startled. And then he took his thing out and told me to kiss it.”






Video: Drug traffickers target the post office

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OMAHA, Neb. – 11.21.14 – It’s about to get even busier at the post office. Thousands of holiday packages are moving through the postal service and inspectors know some of them will contain pot.



Alaskan Bookstore Relies on a Local Postal Service Presence

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In 1977, Observatory Books opened its doors and became the first used bookstore in Southeast Alaska. Originally located in Sitka, the store became a reality when Dee Longenbaugh, the shop’s proprietor and member of the Antiquarian Bookseller’s Association of America, decided to turn her hobby of collecting books on Alaska and the Yukon into a true vocation.

Prior to opening her store, Dee traveled with her husband and amassed a collection of over 400 books on Alaska. With her collection and the help of her son—who built the shop’s first bookcase—Dee opened Observatory Books in a small house in the main part of Sitka. She later relocated her shop in Juneau.front pic.jpg

Observatory Books front room showcases antiquarian books and maps focusing on Alaska and the Yukon. These books come from dealers across the globe, as well as Dee’s many travels. The shop’s two back rooms host a general used book collection and are, as she says, “a true snapshot of Juneau.” With no roads in or out of the city, these books reflect the interests of the city’s locals.

In true American style, Dee supports the U.S. Postal Service and says she depends on it to run her business.  In addition to Internet sales and shipping, tourists will often ask her to mail their books home for convenience. It’s also common for customers to ask for gift cards for friends and relatives, and every time—no matter if they live in Juneau or across the US—Dee will ship the receiver a gift card through the Postal Service. And occasionally, someone who wandered into her shop will call back about one of the shop’s books or maps after deciding “they can’t live without it.”

Dee really appreciates having a post office nearby and also relies heavily on her local postal employees. When she first opened her shop in Juneau in 1992, her mail carrier, Scott was invaluable in making her feel at home. Observatory Books and the surrounding shops viewed Scott as integral part of the community and an asset to Juneau.

And Dee knows her current letter carrier, Conrad, so well that some days he even stops her as she walks down the street to hand her special deliveries. She loves that he never hesitates to bring packages all the way inside—especially when it rains. Living in a small town of 32,000, Dee does not own a car and relies on the Postal Service to get her packages all the way to her front door.

We’re glad that since 1977, the Postal Service has helped support this Alaskan small business. As Dee says, “Why would I want to use anyone else?”

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US Postal Service Poised to Make Devastating Cuts in Service – Postal Workers to Deliver Message – ‘Stop Delaying America’s Mail’ – At 150 Protests in 50 States

APWU Press Release:

11/13/2014 Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and the USPS Board of Governors, the board that oversees the U.S. Postal Service, are poised to make devastating cuts in service to the American people – cuts so severe that they would forever damage the U.S. Postal Service.

  • On Jan. 5, the USPS is slated to lower “service standards” to virtually eliminate overnight delivery – including first-class mail from one address to another within the same city or town.
  • All mail (medicine, online purchases, local newspapers, newsletters of religious organizations, bill payments, letters and invitations) throughout the country would be delayed.
  • Beginning Jan. 5, 82 Mail Processing & Distribution Centers are scheduled to close.

On Nov. 14 postal workers will protest at 150 locations as part of a National Day of Action to send a message to Postmaster General and the USPS Board of Governors: Stop Delaying America’s Mail! 

The cuts would cause hardships for the public and small businesses, eliminate jobs, and destroy the world’s most efficient and affordable delivery network by driving away mail and revenue. They are part of the same flawed strategy that’s behind efforts to end Saturday and door-to-door deliveries, cut back post office hours, and make other reductions in mail service.

The travesty is that the cuts are absolutely unnecessary – because postal operations are profitable. The Postal Service, which isn’t funded by taxpayers, has earned an operating profit so far this year of more than $1 billion. And, while revenue from First Class Mail has been declining, package delivery, largely due to the growth of e-commerce, has been rapidly expanding.

There is red ink, but it stems from political interference, not from the mail. In 2006, a lame-duck Congress mandated that the Postal Service pre-fund future retiree health benefits 75 years in advance – something no other public agency or private firm is required to do. That costs the Postal Service $5.6 billion a year – and that’s the red ink.

Fifty-one senators and 160 House members have called for a one-year moratorium on the reduction in service and the closure of the mail processing centers to allow Congress time to enact postal legislation that would improve, not degrade, postal service. The Postmaster General and USPS Board of Governors should honor their request.

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Michigan State Reps. Call for Halt to USPS Lansing mail processing center

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stop postal cuts

Retired postal workers Sandie Calhoon (left) and Sandy Seckman picket the planned closing of the Collins Road mail processing operation in Lansing. (Photo: Rod Sanford, Rod Sanford via Lansing State Journal)

Closure of Collins Road processing facility to hurt Lansing economy

(November 13, 2014) – LANSING – State Representatives Andy Schor (D-Lansing) and Tom Cochran (D-Mason) today called for immediate action to stop the closing of the Lansing United States Postal Service mail processing and distribution center.

“This change being pushed by the Postmaster General needs to consider the effects on the local Lansing economy,” Schor said. “To close the Lansing facility next year would move 160 jobs and would delay mail delivery for residents and businesses, which would have an adverse impact on the local economy.”

“Closing the Collins Road post office would mean longer delivery times and fewer jobs for Lansing area families and would result in significant consequences for people and business in the region,” Rep. Tom Cochran (D-Mason), a member of the House Capitol Caucus, said. “The effects that would follow from this decision should be more carefully assessed before further action is taken.”

Postal workers in Lansing will be at the Michigan State Capitol on Friday, Nov. 14, from 4 to 6 p.m. to send a message to the Postmaster General and USPS to stop the closings. Opponents of the closings say that all mail, including medicine and bill payments, will be delayed, and e-commerce, which relies on speedy deliveries, would be impacted for a loss.

“It is disappointing that the Postmaster General is making this move without Congressional action, and the moratorium needs to be in place until our elected members of Congress weigh in,” Schor said. “I am calling on the Postmaster General and the USPS to postpone this decision while awaiting congressional action and while exploring the negative impacts on the local Lansing economy.”

Schor has introduced HR 0022 of 2013, which is co-sponsored by the bi-partisan Capitol Caucus. This resolution asks the U.S. Congress to halt the closure of the Collins Road facility until postal reform legislation can be addressed at the federal level

KA–POW! APWU Oakland Local Strikes Back At Abusive Postal Supervisor

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The APWU Oakland Local #78 took the unusual step of launching an office-wide petition against Tour 1 Postal Supervisor Preet Singh. The petition, which has more than 100 signatures, details years of a variety of unacceptable conduct. The petition was sent to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, USPS Bay-Valley District Manager,Mark Martinez, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-13th) and the USPS Office Of Inspector General (OIG).

Oakland APWU Local Strikes Back at Abusive Postal Supervisor

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