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  1. I need an attorney for Title VII, ADA, Retaliation, Section 1981, Age, Hostile Work Environment case in the Nevada Sierra District Court.

  2. I hope your situation has been rectified, mine has not. I haven’t worked since August 2015. I am on Leave without pay. I have an EEO case that has been going on as long. I have contacted numerous people, but no one is interested in helping.

  3. Hi, my supervisor is harassing me and many other employees since he get a supervisor job last year Oct 2014 , he is harassing and threatening me because I passed out in office,he did not call 911, he walked out of office,other employee find me in floor unconscious he call 911, and he not didn’t give me CA1,no cop,I talked to the union then apply ca1, he send a false statement to DOL, refuse my CA1, I file grievances first step denied, step 2 not meet, now step 3, I file EEO, but no one listen, I sent a 2 certified latter postmaster general,pacific area vice president, plant manager, but no one give me help, I sent 3 later, postmaster general, union president, plant manager,congressman, barbara boxer, no one help,my doctor sent to me evaluation for my mental health their doctor find(1) PTSD,(2)major dissociative disorders, (3)deferred,(4)headaches,HTN, (5)social, primary support,occupational,(6)Current GAF: 54,but my management not believe,and I use my all sick leave, annual leave, not any income coming paycheck,I talk to many attorney but no one take my case, I get stress and anxiety everyday more and more, my home and car after 2 month back to bank, any one know any attorney who take my case, thank you for reading ,Please post on, if you Know any attorney,

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