Two Kentucky Mail Carriers Admit Stealing Prescriptions Mailed To Veterans

FRANKFORT — The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Postal Service, Office of Inspector General jointly announced today that two U.S. mail carriers have admitted to stealing mail packages containing prescription pills. Pamela J. Hawkins, 40, pleaded guilty today to theft of mail matter and in a separate case, James Carter, 40, pleaded guilty to […]

OIG Report On USPS Health and Safety Program

OIG found in some locations that safety was not always a priority to management Highlights of the USPS OIG audit: Previously, the Postal Service, as a federal agency, was exempt from private sector provisions of the OSH Act. When PESEA became effective, the Postal Service became fully subject to the OSH Act. This gave OSHA jurisdiction […]

Edmond Walker vs USPS EEO Class Survey

This survey was sent via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation to about 26,000 potentially eligible postal employees nationwide. It’s due back December 15th. A little background on the case: Edmond Walker, a Temporary Rural Carrier Relief, filed a class complaint alleging that discriminatory acts had been continuing for a class of disabled permanent rehabilitation employees […]

MSPB to Hear Oral Arguments in NRP Appeals On December 13th

On Tuesday, December 13, 2011, MSPB will hear oral arguments in the matters of James C. Latham v. U.S. Postal Service, MSPB Docket Number DA-0353-10-0408-I-1; Ruby N. Turner v. U.S. Postal Service, MSPB Docket Number SF-0353-10-0329-I-1; Arleather Reaves v. U.S. Postal Service, MSPB Docket Number CH-0353-10-0823-I-1; Cynthia E. Lundy v. U.S. Postal Service, MSPB Docket […]

Post Office Facilities Group Fighting USPS Real Estate Program Delegating Lease Renewals To Contractor

AUSPL Advises Lessors NOT to Pay CB Richard Ellis Group Commission Fees for Leases on Post Offices By now, most AUSPL lessors have received a “Dear Landlord” letter in which the Postal Service introduced its real estate program delegating lease negotiations to CB Richard Ellis (CBRE). We are vigorously challenging this program because we believe […]

USPS Financial History Summary 2007-2011

Below is a summary of USPS’ Financial History from 2007-2011. The summary shows that USPS  net financial losses started after the “Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act”  (PAEA)  was passed into law  on December 20, 2006.  The PAEA  required USPS to pre-fund its Retiree Health Benefit Fund for current and future employees.  According to USPS, ” we […]

Video: Residents in Lissie, Texas May Start ‘Occupy’ group to save Post Office

Lissie, Texas, is a cluster of ranch-style homes lined with tractors, one church, and a post office. Just 200 people live there. Joyce Hodde is one. She says the post office is much more than just a place to buy stamps. “This is kind of a community center for us,” Hodde said. “We get our […]

USPS San Francisco District Posts over 130 NTFT Bids On Thanksgiving Day

A new provision of the  2010-2015 contract between USPS and APWU allows positions to be converted into “non-traditional full time” (NTFT, pronounced “nifty”) assignments consisting of less than 40 hours. From  an APWU steward: USPS San Francisco District Postal Management “reconfigures traditional full-time bid assignments to NTFT bid assignments in response to the loss of […]