USPS Begins FY 2012 With Net Loss of $139 Million

The US Postal Service filed its first month preliminary financial report of the 2012 fiscal year (unaudited) with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) . USPS reported a net operating loss of $139 million for the month of October 2011. This same period last year saw a $283 million net profit.  USPS reported a drop of volume in all classes of mail except shipping which rose 34.6% during the month of October. Most all non-personnel expenses such as Vehicle Maintenance Service, Information Technology,  Rural Carrier  EMA, supplies and services saw an increase.
USPS Preliminary Financial Information (Unaudited )

USPS Financials October 2011

24 thoughts on “USPS Begins FY 2012 With Net Loss of $139 Million

  1. Occupy the APWU by sending in your PS Form 1188 today! If the idea behind the movement is to send a message, then this is the way to get APWU’s attention! Guaranteed to work! Don’t let that sick, lame and lazy steward talk you out of it!

  2. union=greed huh? Unions, that give the average working stiff a voice, but you have nothing to say about the greed of the wealthiest and large corporations THAT OWN YOU, DUMBSHIT!

  3. So because i work for a aquasi‐Federal agency which means im a aquasi employee? Im suppose to give it up and let them have it their way cause its almost guarantees it will happen anyway?

  4. I completely agree union=greed, but that is just about every union you can think of.
    By the looks of it and what’s posted on your NALC website you are represented by a really twisted one. I say give it up let them have it their way. The millions these unions pay up to lobby these law makers almost guarantees it will happen anyway.

  5. I agree the NALC definitely has it’s own agenda which comes before the best interest of their members. Get ready to see a new contract with a bs pay increase and the union giving away more of your pay increases, benefits and rights. At this point only a member of the good old boys would support this mob. I’ll start waving the go union flag again when they stop endangering our pay, benefits and retirement by opposing every last bill that hints at a much needed reduction in labor. As soon as they get off of the continue as we are bus I’ll start supporting them. As things are we started this year with a deficit that promises to end fiscal year 2012 with us over 10 billion in the hole again and the idiots at the NALC focus all of their energies on preserving jobs that no matter what bill goes through will be eliminated anyway due to a lack of profit. The road the NALC is focusing on is one that congress has warned them will lead to drastic cuts in all of our salaries and benefits just to keep the doors open. At thus point as much as I dislike many parts of the Ross/Issa bill it is atleast completely superior to the idiotic more of the same 1351 that the unions pro due agenda favors. Read the forums at the Washington post, CNN , the new York times. Ask people’s opinion and it is all the dame ” shut it down”. Eventually in this election time many politicians and lawmakers will be forced to give the American public exactly what it is requesting and still the idiots at these unions fight against best case scenario bills like H.R.1789 that rsrve our pay, benefits, and keep layoffs to an absolute minimum focusing more on retirement incentives as a means of reducing the work force. Yes this bill call for the eventual not immediate elimination of saturday house to house delivery and the elimination of obstacle course non curbside deliveries but that is what we need. These deliveries cost us nine thousand million dollars in unnecessary spending every year on services the public is indifferent at best about. We are in a desperate condition in which even the leadership including the union officers are fattening their pockets as much as they can before we sink completely. It is up to you as a craft employee to speak up against the special interest of both management and the union by supporting a bill that looks out for the best interest of the USPS as a whole which by default is also in our best interest. Write to your local representatives or just google their office phone number and speak up in favor of a best case win/ win bill like H.R.1789

  6. Darrell Issa invention of the Viper car alarm is said to be worth at least $195 million and possibly more than $700 million and is atop of the list of the richest members of Congress.

    He could help supporting the unions save Saturday delivery hey SimonThe watcher?

  7. i am a carrier with 27 years in, our routes keep getting longer, 7 plus street time,we keep loosing clerks,and carriers, but i noticed the volume is picking up,we have a full coverage almost everyday,i dont think those numbers are real, also we dont see any cuts on management.and also, Fred Rolando is not being paid by the post office, we ,the carriers pay for it,so it does not affect the budget,on the other hand Pat Donahue ,and the rest of upper management and Potter still getting all this money, for what running the post office to the ground.give a break,look around before speaking.

  8. Keep supporting the unions save (the dues) Saturday delivery campaign.

    Name Title Total Compensation
    FREDRIC ROLANDO President $204,415.00
    JANE BROENDEL Secretary-Treasurer $176,680.00
    GARY MULLINS Exec Vice-President $173,538.00
    GEORGE MIGNOSI Vice-President $170,510.00
    ERNEST KIRKLAND Director of Retirees $168,779.00
    BRIAN HELLMAN Dir of Safety & Health $168,200.00
    DALE HART Director of City Delivery $163,684.00
    NICOLE RHINE Asst Sec Treas $144,306.00
    MANUEL PERALTA JR Natl Bus Agent $138,918.00
    PATRICK CARROLL Natl Bus Agent $138,141.00


  10. I don’t know about other parts of the country but in my area the mail is picking up. My collection boxes are really full when I’m emptying them and the apc boxes are full. With ups and fedex both announcing price increases I think people are turning to the usps. ups say’s it’s going up 4.8% this year and next. Plus a 2% fuel surcharge. I don’t know what fedex is going up to but their increasing too. People can’t afford the increase and business can’t either. I think the po should start pushing harder on our prices and let the public know more about what savings are to be had using us. I’ve always believed that we don’t have enough sales people canvassing businesses. The po has really cut staffing in the sales dept. If you want to capture business you have to go after it with sales people not a mail carrier talking to a customer for a few seconds. I think instead of moving to 5 day delivery we should move to 7 day service. Give the public more service and even better prices. We’d clobber the competition. And along the way maybe put some out of work americans back to work.

  11. Talking about offers and retirements $25k? the glass is half full/half empty?

    Whatever Your still short $25K for the door to hit me in the ass.

    Now I embrace these new kids coming in called PSE’s too and have soooooo much to teach them.

  12. Privatization is not the answer, the answer is raising the prices to fit the needs of the postal service. I work for the GMF in Colorado, I wont say which branch so that I can avoid hazing by some of the crazy people who do work at my GMF. Solution number one, get rid of the people who are “unable” to preform their duties, or send them home when the work is finished. You have no idea how pissed off I get when I work on automation every day busting my ass , while Joe Schmoe in manual takes a 2 hour 15 minute break geting paid 27 dollars an hour, because there is no work in manual. The Union is hurting the post office as well in some ways, and I am thankful for what they do get right. However when union stewards run around looking for trouble so they can grieve against management something is wrong there. Union stewards sometimes look for ways to cost the post office money. I have worked harder for much less, and have put up with more bs from other jobs that I never file a complaint, and what do you know? I have a healthy relationship with management and I get the days off I want/need. I have also been told that if something wrong happens to me ” running automation by myself” some one can grieve it and they get paid off of the wrong doing against me. I believe that postage should be raised to 75 cents. Any one who thinks that is too expensive needs to reach in their pocket and find out how costly it is. 46 cents will not cut it. Also management gets overpaid, sad but true. 8 managers at my GMF have salaries totaling over a million dollars a year. Many managers make over 100,000 dollars a year, and of course many sit on thier asses and pretend to do things. IF there is 1 manager to every 20 employees like there is supposedly, then the postal service spends 2.25 billion dollars a year alone on management salary. Things can be done, but many inside the postal service are to greedy and too sucked into union bullshit to figure out that maybe they need to do something to get their shit together. Many of us joined the post office in the 80s, many of us now make 28 dollars an hour when level 6 pay back then was 10 dollars. Its been a long time, but I am afraid there are too many of us hanging on. Too many of us that dropped our dreams, and ambitions and sold out to the postal service. Now I embrace these new kids coming in called PSE’s some are older and wont last but the young ones remind me of a time when we had the LSM machines , tossing mail and etc. We were all rejects of society trying to find a way to make a living dropping college hopes and our dreams to live a middle class life. 10 dollars an hour was great back then, and now we make an hourly wage that is killing the post office in a dying time. Yet we think its some one else’s fault. We cost more average wage now is 25 dollars an hour, back then was 10. Back then the postal service was healthy, now its not and I look around and see so many faces that I have seen for 20 years, and know that we are ridding the USPS into the ground, and many of us are afraid, because we gave up or dreams and ambitions and settled in the 70s and 80s, and we are searching for an answer that doesnt involve us. Welcome PSE’s you are the future of the USPS , as we once were. If I am offered early retirement ill take it, the post office has been good to me, and its time I returned the favor.

  13. “Congress must act to reduce wasted cost for past history needs and deal with ,management and craft unions that only concern is to maintain employees and services that are not need.”

    Sounds pro Issa/Ross

    “The Super Commitee should enforce means to eliminate wasteful spending by the USPS in providing services and maintaining offices that are not needed in todays advance communication technological age.”

    That would be you rual area folks, right super committee? a committee that itself is a big government waste.

    “Sat. mail delivery to a physical street address is a wasted expense that does not provide any signifigant benefit other than delivering non time senstive bulk advertising mail and parcels.”

    Yea yea more broken record bullshit from the Issa/Ross camp.

    Providing service, service is the key to help save the post office, something you and top postal execs no shit about or care about thats why the post office will fail.

    Instead of getting more window clerks you hire another vice president for the parking lots then one for the flag poles and another for the trash compactors waste waste waste like Issa super suck ass committee waste!

    You asswipe arent even trying to save the post offices, only take it down more and more till it’s gone forever by your stupid mismanagement non skill loser slug asses.

    Fuck you Issa an Ross and the horse you rode in on. 2012 IS COMING!

  14. yes ofcourse profit of $$$ will just mean this…

    mail price of 1$ for first class mail. document priority mail of 30$…for delivery time 7 days

    oh yes 345 millon $ profit for private company X …. please do ans

    what difference does it mean to 300 million american …nothing ..just loss of “valuble geniune mail service”….

    AND to wall street statistics… one more company has profit ..ooh hoo!… who takes the profits?….another billionaire who cannot even live to burn all the cash he has!

  15. Same story as to loosing millions of $$$$. The means to reduce massive monatary losses are to reduce cost-0perate cost effective. Demand for First class will continue to decrease resulting in further $$$ losses. USPS core products are Bulk Business Mail and Pracels. Efforts must be made to increase parcel business as demand for Bulk advertising junk mail should remain constant even with rate increases in Jan.. Who pays for the USPS continuing massive $$$ losses? Who bails the USPS OUT AND CONTINUES TO ALLOW THE REPEATED QUARTERLY-ANNUAL $$$ LOSSES? The demand for USPS products and services has declined and will continue to do so as the result of electronic mail diversion. Business reward customers for going paperless thus reducing revenue for USPS. Americans are being schooled in new APPS constantly; young Americans from 4-65 yrs. of age are computer savy and communicate via the INTERNET with instant messaging, texting is also increasing with new I PODS, Smart phones resulting in eliminating communication via the written word in mail delivered to a physical street address in a 1-2 day delivery time requiring a postage stamp.
    Politicans that have any influence or concern in reducing USPS massive defecit must act to eliminate wasteful unnecessary spending. The Super Commitee should enforce means to eliminate wasteful spending by the USPS in providing services and maintaining offices that are not needed in todays advance communication technological age. The USPS was the means of connecting businesses and individuals in the 20th century but in todays 21st century demand for their need has decreased 75%. Sat. mail delivery to a physical street address is a wasted expense that does not provide any signifigant benefit other than delivering non time senstive bulk advertising mail and parcels. Congress must act to reduce wasted cost for past history needs and deal with ,management and craft unions that only concern is to maintain employees and services that are not need

  16. i feel it is my civil duty to state the obvious to the morons running the post office into the ground by cutting service and making the remaining customers jump through hoops to use the u s postal service:

    dear donahoe and company,
    if you clowns continue to reduce customer service and force customers to jump through hoops to use the postal service you are only going to drive current
    postal customers to use ups and fedex and other alternatives. the customers have options today and they will use those options. you idiots treat postal customers like they are a disease or annoyance that you are trying to get rid of.
    you have been very successful at driving away postal customers who DID use the service but because you made it inconvenient to use and treated them like shit they left for someone else who appeared to want their business and care about service. there is a certain group of individuals out there that have a conspiracy theory that donahoe is intentionally trying to ruin the postal service and create such large losses that the postal service can’t go on. then, since donahoe is only in the tempory job of postmaster general, donahoe will be in a great position to jump ship to one of the bottom-feeders that come to feed on the remains of the postal service. you know, after reviewing donahoe and potter’s actions those conspiracy theories don’t seem so far fetched anymore. the fact is, donahoe is responsible for much of the decline in revenue the postal service has experienced the last five years. donahoe chose to reduce customer service and treat customers like crap! donahoe was and still is the knucklehead that
    trys to reduce service and make policies that force current postal customers to jump through hoops to use the postal service. many of those postal customers have told donahoe to go pound sand and have taken their business elsewhere!
    but donahoe will blame all the revenue declines on the big bad bogyman called the internet. when the fact of the matter is if donahoe were honest and wanted to identify the biggest reason the u s postal service is losing revenues, all the knucklehead has to do is look in a mirror!

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