Edmond Walker vs USPS EEO Class Survey

This survey was sent via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation to about 26,000 potentially eligible postal employees nationwide. It’s due back December 15th. A little background on the case: Edmond Walker, a Temporary Rural Carrier Relief, filed a class complaint alleging that discriminatory acts had been continuing for a class of disabled permanent rehabilitation employees […]

EEO Complaint Alleges Postal Police Officers Denied USPS Paid Benefit Offered To Postal Inspectors

Did USPS properly addressed a Postal Police Officer’s class claim allegation that she was discriminated against because the USPS does not offer self-referral counseling to its Postal Police Officers? In a complaint dated June 22, 2008, a Postal Police Officer (PPO) in USPS’s Los Angeles Post Office in Pasadena, California maintained that she was subjected […]

Appeals Court Upholds Firing of Acting Postal Supervisor (204B) For Timecard Fraud

Acting Postal Supervisor was terminated for falsifying timecard but not his female boss (Postmaster) Charles Wilcher, a 204B (acting) supervisor from the letter carrier craft, claimed he was “working” on July 5, 2006 when he spent the day with his Postmaster .  She was also accused of getting paid for July 5, 2006 even though […]

USPS Settles Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit Filed For Disabled Veterans

According to Hill vs Potter : Clarence Hill filed a class complaint alleging that the Postal Service discriminated against him and all disabled veteran applicants by making improper pre-employment medical inquiries. On February 18, 2011, Judge Davi named Corey Baskerville, Zedrick Jenkins,and Frank Vander Haar as additional Class Agents. Clarence Hill has not agreed to […]

New Regulations On ADA Amendments Act of 2008 Broadens Definition Of Disability

On March 25, 2011, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued new regulations governing the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA). The regulations greatly broaden the definition of “disability” under the ADAAA, making clear that to “substantially” limit a major life activity, an impairment need not be “significantly” or “severely” limiting, […]

Postal Supervisor Loses Lawsuit on Hostile Work Environment

Postal Supervisor Claimed A Hostile Work Environment aggravated his medical condition and USPS failed to investigate. The following facts are based upon the allegations in John Pell’s amended complaint filed in the United States District Court and information from the EEOC case. Pell is a former employee of the USPS who worked at the Framingham, […]

Class Action EEO Pending For USPS Improperly Requiring “Forensic Psychiatric Evaluations”

Postal Employees: “Were You Mandated to Submit to a  “Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation” Before USPS Allowed You Back To Work?” The EEOC has pending before it a Petition for Class Certification over the Postal Service’s: (1) refusal to properly train their medical unit and management personnel regarding obligations under the Rehabilitation Act; as instructed to do […]