Edmond Walker vs USPS EEO Class Survey

This survey was sent via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation to about 26,000 potentially eligible postal employees nationwide. It’s due back December 15th.

A little background on the case:

Edmond Walker, a Temporary Rural Carrier Relief, filed a class complaint alleging that discriminatory acts had been continuing for a class of disabled permanent rehabilitation employees in the Postal Service. The EEOC Administrative Judge certified the class. note: The Walker case is sort of a spinoff of the Glover/Albrecht EEO class action.

Edmond C. Walker, the class agent in the Walker class action, filed a complaint on August 19, 2002. Walker alleged that, since April 2000, the Postal Service discriminated against individuals with disabilities by:

1.  Placing disabled individuals in permanent rehabilitation positions without engaging in the interactive process as required by law;

2. Restricting disabled individuals who are placed in permanent rehabilitation [sic] to limited work hours without any medical justification and without consulting the individual with a disability;

3. Fail[ing] to allow individuals with a disability, who have been placed in permanent rehabilitation positions, to work the number of hours determined appropriate by the individual and his/her physician and which are available; and

4. Fail[ing] to allow individuals with a disability, who have been placed in permanent rehabilitation positions, to use assistive devices in the workplace to accommodate their disabilities, including but not limited to, electric scooters, notwithstanding that said assistive devices pose no threat to safety or inconvenient [sic] in the workplace.

This claim has been analyzed to include denial of overtime.

Edmond Walker EEO Class Survey (PDF)

10 thoughts on “Edmond Walker vs USPS EEO Class Survey

  1. Glover/Albrecht class action paid me over 9,000. Same class counsel John Mosby this time. EEO investigative unit takes in the info and verifies, but the JUDGE decides who gets what! STAND UP! TELL THE JUDGE HOW THEY ABUSE YOU WHEN YOU FILE A COMP.CASE! DONT BE AFRAID OF USPS! The USPS operates on one basic idea towards employees:GET AWAY WITH WHATEVER WE CAN,IF THEY DONT CALL US ON IT,GREAT! And when it comes right down to it,even if you do call them on it and win, THEY STILL DONT CARE!! So dont be a SHEEP, ROAR LIKE A LION! Words to live by; GET YOUR ASS KICKED IF THATS HOW IT HAS TO BE, ITS THE FIGHT YOU DONT FIGHT YOU WILL REGRET FOREVER!

  2. EEOC is not my friend or yours. They are a stooge of the Postal Service. Show me someone who has a claim upheld without an attorney. Save your time-they are a big joke!

  3. So, should we answer the survey – since they are being sent by the USPS themselves – what do you recommend we do – I have the survey sitting on my desk waiting for your response – burn it! or respond to it….let me/us know.

    Thank You.


  4. So, Mr Dave Smith, they are bullying, harassing, and intimidating, IN WRITING VIA DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. They’re so cocky, they cannot see when they are providing more evidence for the case against them. Stupid as all get out, too.

  5. Please be aware that it is the USPS sending out these surveys. Anything you saay can and WILL be used against you. Read the last paragraph as it is a warning .

  6. unfortunately, because of the character and ethics of postal managers at
    every level the filing of EEO complaints and then the filings of lawsuits
    is often the best option to take. until the postal service starts firing the managers/supv that make costly errors in judgement, then the lawsuits and
    payouts will grow and grow. and we all know that the postal brass is never going to start holding “their own” accountable! let the lawsuits begin (continue)……….

  7. Unfortunately the Post office has to be brought to court and made to live up to contract agreements and the ELM. 545. Why does it have to be that you always or nearly always need to take the PO to court to get the management to abide by Federal laws? I’d love to know how much money is spent by management defending its self in all this litigation? Why isn’t the PO management held criminally responsible for breaking Federal law? They are breaking civil rights laws and feel they are above the laws of the land. Hold the PMG accountable and see the law breaking stop! I can’t believe how arrogant the top management is in the PO towards Federal laws.

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