Sexual assaults committed by postal employees against postal employees

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Good at getting along with the guys working alongside her, Diane Caruso-Ruston said she thought she was going to get a promotion when she walked into one of her managers’ offices. “Next thing I know he pushes me up against the wall. And he pushes down my left side of my pants, you know those stretchy pants? He licked my leg. I got startled. And then he took his thing out and told me to kiss it.”






Letter Carrier Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Plotting Robbery of Fellow Co-Worker

11-21-2014 -ATLANTA – LaTonya Evans, a former United Stated Postal Service employee, has been sentenced to federal prison for participating in a conspiracy that culminated in the robbery and shooting of a postal truck driver on December 20, 2013, in Conley, Ga.

“By providing her co-defendants with inside information, Evans enabled a robbery that nearly killed her co-worker,” said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates.  “Evans used her knowledge of the Postal Service for personal gain and violated the trust of the public and her fellow postal workers.




China suspected of breaching U.S. Postal Service computer networks

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US Postal Service Says It Has Been Hacked, Employee Information May Have Been Compromised

Chinese government hackers are suspected of breaching the computer networks of the United States Postal Service, compromising the data of more than 800,000 employees.

The intrusion was discovered in mid-September, said officials, who declined to comment on who was thought to be responsible.

China suspected of breaching U.S. Postal Service computer networks

Three Houston men head to prison for robbery of postal vehicle

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HOUSTON – Kenton Deon Harrell, 41, Kenneth Shane Howard, 34, and Malcolm Derrail Williams, 32, have been handed their sentences following their convictions of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by robbery, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson. A federal jury convicted Harrell following four days of trial and approximately three hours of deliberation in June 2014, while the other two had previously entered guilty pleas as did a fourth defendant – Charles Ray Blake, 41. All are from Houston.


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KA–POW! APWU Oakland Local Strikes Back At Abusive Postal Supervisor

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The APWU Oakland Local #78 took the unusual step of launching an office-wide petition against Tour 1 Postal Supervisor Preet Singh. The petition, which has more than 100 signatures, details years of a variety of unacceptable conduct. The petition was sent to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, USPS Bay-Valley District Manager,Mark Martinez, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-13th) and the USPS Office Of Inspector General (OIG).

Oakland APWU Local Strikes Back at Abusive Postal Supervisor

USPS Premier Offices to test selling Click-N-Ship labels

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USPS Premier Offices will soon receive pre-packaged blank labels that customers can buy to print Click-N-Ship labels.

The labels are now sold online. The retail packs will give customers the option of purchasing the labels during visits to USPS Premier Offices.

Premier Offices to test selling Click-N-Ship labels

The Postal Service’s Union-Busting Law Firm

With negotiations for a new contract set to begin on Feb. 19, 2015, it’s worth noting that in the past, when talks have ended in arbitration, the #USPS has used the anti-union law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius to represent management’s interests.

The firm, which has more than 1,400 attorneys in 25 offices, is considered one of the leading #union-busting law firms in the country.

It has a long history fighting workers. When former President Ronald Reagan fired striking Air Traffic Controllers in 1981, Morgan Lewis served as the FAA’s (Federal Aviation Administration) attorneys. The strike was a major defeat for labor; PATCO, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers union, was disbanded soon after.

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USPS seeks info for buying 10,000 Right Hand Drive vehicles

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The United States Postal Service is issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to evaluate the possibility of purchasing a new commercially available Right Hand Drive vehicle to supplement its existing fleet of light delivery vehicles. This would be a stop gap solution to meet Right Hand Drive vehicle requirements until the development of a purpose built Right Hand Drive vehicle can be accomplished. The Postal Service anticipates the need for up to 10,000 Right Hand Drive delivery vehicles to replace high maintenance cost Long Life Vehicles (LLVs) over the next two years. -
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OIG: USPS loses databases after backup on same hardware

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During the Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Information Technology Internal Controls audit, the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) became aware of a hardware failure that resulted in the loss of the Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) database used to record and monitor computer incidents.

The U.S. Postal Service’s Data Management Services group periodically performs off-site backups for hundreds of critical databases. However, there are other essential databases that are not classified as critical2 that are used for daily functions. These functions include analysis of historical data and maintaining records for compliance with existing security policy.3 We are issuing this alert to make the Postal Service aware of the need to modify its current backup and storage requirements to ensure that essential, but not critical, data is available.

The Postal Service did not ensure all database backups were being stored on separate hardware. Specifically, the CIRT database was lost due to a hardware failure and the data was not recovered due to the absence of a backup on a separate piece of hardware. As a result, this database was not available to perform historical analyses and the Postal Service could not comply with security policy. Although the Postal Service took immediate corrective action for this database by implementing backup procedures on separate hardware, there may be other unidentified databases that are not backed up on separate hardware that could result in a loss of data and the inability to comply with record maintenance requirements.

Backup and Recovery
The Postal Service maintained an essential CIRT database and backed up a copy of the database on the same hardware. On April 4, 2014, a hardware failure occurred that made the original database and the backup of the database inaccessible. 4 As a result, the database was not available to perform analyses of computer incidents that would enable management to more effectively monitor and resolve new incidents in a timely manner. In addition, the Postal Service could not maintain an electronic incident repository.

Although management responded swiftly and took corrective action by updating and implementing backup procedures for a new CIRT database using the5 application, there may be other essential databases used by other groups that are not backed up on separate hardware. The practice of backing up data on the same hardware could result in the loss of essential data, increased workhours to recreate the databases, and an inability to perform analyses in the event of hardware failure.

Currently, the Postal Service’s security standards6 state critical information resources must be stored off-site at a location that is not subject to the same threats as the original media, but does not prohibit the practice of using the same hardware to maintain and back up noncritical information resources. If the standards were updated, database owners would need to review and possibly modify their backup procedures, thereby ensuring information resources can be restored in a timely manner in the event of a hardware failure.

We recommend the manager, Corporate Information Security:
1. Expand existing procedures in Handbook AS-805, Information Security, to prohibit the practice of using the same hardware to maintain and back up noncritical information resources.
2. Issue a reminder that data backups are to be maintained in an appropriate location to reduce potential loss, damage, or misuse of essential data.

read OIG report

Arbitrator Appointed in USPS/Mail Handlers Bargaining Impasse

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August 16, 2012) As announced at the 2012 NPMHU National Convention last week, after the parties were done striking names from a list provided by the U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, FMCS Director George Cohen has appointed Herbert Fishgold as the arbitrator for the NPMHU/USPS bargaining dispute.  Mr. Fishgold is an arbitrator of nationwide reputation and professional stature, who is also a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators.  Indeed, Mr. Fishgold has served as a third-party neutral for more than thirty years, during which time he has mediated and arbitrated bargaining disputes in a wide range of industries at the national, state, and local levels.

Arbitrator Fishgold is generally familiar with many of the basic facts and issues presented by the Postal Service, the mailing industry, and postal employees generally – based on, among other things, his service as an interest arbitrator in the 2006 dispute between the National Rural Letter Carriers Association and the Postal Service.  And, Fishgold most recently served as the mediator in the last stage of the process to try and settle the NPMHU/USPS impasse.

The parties must now each select one additional member to serve on the three-person arbitration panel, and that process should be concluded shortly.

As the arbitration moves forward, the National Office will keep you updated, to the extent possible, during what is expected to be a lengthy arbitration process.

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