Burrus Reacts to Rumblings About Stripping Honor of APWU President Emeritus

I have heard the rumble about submitting a Resolution to the national convention to rescind the action taken in 2010 to confer Emeritus status in honor of my 37 years of service as an officer. I have not decided how I intend to respond, but in order that there is absolutely no misunderstanding, if there are any APWU members who believe that I do not deserve the honor, I do not want the title. Of the billions of web sites available for inspection, bigoted bullies chose to access burrusjournal.org read it and take exception to its contents. One would think that if they disagree with the contents they would use their time in a more productive way, but they read it and pass judgment. Being incapable of defending a contract that reduces the wages of the next generation of postal employees by 25% and receiving nothing of value in return they desire to stifle debate and threaten retaliation for those who dare dissent.

I reject any expectation that I owe a debt of support to the architects of this sell out that exceeds my debt to future employees. If there was an expectation that I would set quietly on the sidelines while all of the progress made over 40 years was reversed, they really did not know me. My oath of office was not a ceremony, but a commitment to postal employees, past, present and future. I fulfilled that commitment by leading the battle preserving uncapped cola and increasing the wages (with Moe) from $17,000 to $52,000. If you do not believe that is worthy of a title, I can live with that but I collect my monthly annuity with a clear conscious.

Some have opined that I abandoned the officers at a time of crisis but they do not know that I offered my experience and service, at no cost, to share an alternative view and they did not have the decency to acknowledge receipt of the offer. I did not expect to influence their decisions, but only asked that they take advantage of my involvement in 12 national agreements before deciding. That certainly was within their rights, but don’t go crying when you screw it up and I point out how bad you did.

The delegates to the 2012 national convention have a lot more important things to discuss than a title that does not include salary, expenses or staff. Congress is considering emasculating postal employment, the future officer structure, dues and a host of other important issues demand attention. Discussions about my entitlement to a title are far down the list of things to do. But if there are haters who seek to penalize me for having an opinion, I have several suggestions. Stay tuned!

Bill Burrus

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  1. All, Liz has an idea and would like some feedback in regard to your Local’s
    interest. At the National Convention after the Parade of States, she want to
    set up Regional hospitality parties, at the same location of the Parade of
    States. It would be called Regional Street Parties. We have a band called
    Haute Chili. Food wagons will be available to buy food and they will have Bars
    set up.

    Remember the Eastern Region rules! Let me know of your Locals interest in this
    event, on a non-commitment basis, of course. Thx. Mike
    As Rome Burns!

    Mike Gallagher
    Eastern Region Coordinator
    American Postal Workers Union
    1401 Liberty Place
    Sicklerville, NJ 08081
    856-740-0633 phone
    856-740-0742 fax

  2. Emeritus indicates a retired professor rank.. I would not take credit in teaching the oafs who came up with the last contract. It was just a membership drive that sold out the current and future workers. If I were in Burress’s position, I would gladly remove the title because it is obvious that he did not teach his successors such tactics. The mail handlers contract just went to mediation. I bet they don’t have PSE’s in their next contract since a new class of employee cannot be created in arbitration.

  3. As a letter carrier, I have appreciated Bill Burress for decades. He is what I call old time union in that everything thing he does is for the membership. Ie and Vinny Sombrotto were some of the best union leaders that the labor movement in America has ever seen

    Let’s face it folks, the sitting officers, who turmed down Bill Burress’ help at contract time, sold off the future employees of the APWU. Greatly reduced pay, no schedules, no job security and more signify that the leadership sold you out.

    Would you as existing members have signed a contract like this if it was presented to you? You got yours, where is the future of the APWU?

  4. You can’t tell me that Burrus didn’t know we were being sold out when he was president from August thru Nov 2010 during contract negotiations. Weren’t these the guys that were under Burrus’ leadership? Hell, nobody will have our contract figured out before it expires in 2015 if we survive that long. Next contract 40% PSEs that will have a two tier pay scale. Maybe a discount on APWU dental plan. We are so screwed. Bill’s strong leadership sure didn’t rub off on anyone. Why???

  5. The marketplace is moving away from traditional mail. Revenues for the USPS have dropped from $79 billion to $65 billion in less than ten years. How much more will they drop in the next ten years. We can all complain not having as strong unions as we once had. We can complain that the newer employees will not have the salary opportunity that we did. But, in case no one noticed, no one on this blog has written and mailed a letter to the editor. In the same way, much (not all) communication is moving away from traditional mail. We need to focus on what we can do and create new ideas to create value in traditional mail.

  6. NALC: April 12 Demonstrations to Save America’s Postal Service
    April 3, 2012 by postal
    Filed under: NALC, postal, postal reform 
    On April 12, the National Association of Letter Carriers will hold “Save America’s Postal Service” demonstrations outside of Senate offices across the country. They are designed to put pressure on each senator to support S. 1789.
    S. 1789 likely will be brought up in the Senate following the Easter recess, the week that follows the April 12 demonstrations. The timing and impact of these events will be critical in helping us to pass S. 1789 and save America’s Postal Service.
    If S. 1789 were to pass, the bill would help the Postal Service by:
    Saving six-day mail delivery.
    Saving door-to-door mail delivery.
    Fully addressing the Postal Service’s pre-funding requirement.
    Offering 25k and other Incentives for Early Retirements,which will alleviate the ongoing excessing due to Office closures.
    These events are meant to engage the public through the use of speeches, handouts and demonstrations to make our voices heard, we ask the PMG, “What is holding up the VERA’s?
    The Postal Service has a wide variety of supporters, many of whom may wish to participate in your “Save America’s Postal Service” demonstration, including small-business owners who use the mail to advertise, veterans groups, local elected officials, labor union members, faith leaders, and progressive allies who have concerns for the plight of working men and women, and offer these workers decent retirement Incentives in April , 2012.

  7. This is a very sad situation whereas so call members wants to slaughter Mr Burrus mainly because he is retired; if a person is blessed to retire, immediatrely you’re labeled different and undeserving of anything. Hatred and greed is also a factor in belittering a person who over the years fought for our union.Ask youself, what have you done for the union. I give thanks to Mr. Burrus and all strong leaders who are faced with this mess of pay,downsizing, and unfair violations of the CBA.

  8. Any APWU member? Ok bud…guess you don’t get yur plaque this summer. But, for old times sake, stop by the hospitality room at the convention and get yur free shot…on the house oops, I mean they’re on the membership!

    You’re a legend in your own mind and you didn’t compare to Moe!

  9. Mr. Burrus was not perfect but he deserves our full respect because he did a lot for our union. He was the best, as far as I am concerned since he never waivered on any present or future earnings for APWU members! He truly cared about our contract and not like the present one we got. This present one, in my view, is selfish because what the present executive board wanted was to continue earning more for the union so they can keep their salaries and travel expenses. This is poor leadership at its finest!! Giving up future earnings for future employees and just allowing PSE’s to get a limited APWU health insurance is not keeping up with the vision of this union. I guess we are all going down this pit of no return because of “inside” negotiation by this bunch of incompetent officers! The same is happening with a lot of the locals. They are run by selfish, corrupt incompetent officers! Sad but true!

  10. Burris should have stayed on as an advisor in our last contract negotiations and used some of that 37 years experience to help Guffey and Powell from giving the house away. Other then that I think Burris did a fine job.

  11. i don’t think billy burris is worth wasting any time talking about.
    i think burrus has an ego problem, certainly believing he is nore
    important or relevant than is actual reality. then again, maybe this
    is more about burrus making assinine statements to drive information
    hungry postal workers to his website so billy boy can make a few
    more dollars off the postal workers. sorry burrus, i ain’t buying
    anything you are selling or benefiting you by visiting your silly
    website. your irrelevant burrus. face it.

  12. APWU will definitely support any recognition honoring former President Bill Burrus! He was one of the most influenceful presidents we ever had! He was and remain a very highly intelligent and wise person! Any award he received, he is very much deserving of it! APWU miss your expertise very much!

  13. You go Burrus!!!
    Always your FAN!

    The APWU union leaders we have today, has diminished our faith and moral as Union members and you can feel the difference in the workplace.
    We know we have been “had” with the new ratified contract. Managers could not have done a better job of destroying the integrity of our Union. It is an embarrassment to be in the APWU.
    All you hear on the work floor is ” when can we get out of the Union” and ” when will the VER be offered”. The ship is sinking and the Captains of the local know it.
    I say, let them keep their title. Who wants to be associated with those idiot losers!!!!!

  14. @ disgruntled …..where have you been. You cannot forget the 37 years of service Bill did and for good cause. Hell he wouldnt have stayed that long other wise. I mean he did oppose the current contract. I mean the title will not make or break mr burris. It was given to him by the highest body in the union. But to say 37 years is tarnished ?? really ?somebody else must have pissed in your wheaties!

  15. You should have taken the advice of Mr. Burriss and rejected the part time few benefit workforce included in the new contract. Ten to fifteen years from now those low benefit workforce will be the voting majority in the APWU.Then hold on to your anal oriface regions. A low wage part time few benefit workforce can NEVER support a group of full time retirees.Watch out for your pension and health benefits in 15-20 years when most retirees will be 75-90 years of age.Mr Burriss warned you about the new contract and the 30 hour a week regulars the contract allows for .You will rue the day many years from now when your benefits and health care is gutted by the new 30 hour workforce seeking better pay and benefits for themselves at your retiree’s expense. That is why Mr. Burriss opposed the lackluster new contract your ratified to begin with

  16. The only rumblings he’s hearing is his own. Noone talks about you anymore Burrus. Noone cares. It’s just you, whoever posted this article (probably you), and w/e that goofy blog of yours is. Stop trying to be the center of attention, Mr. Doomsday. You had your time. Wth is an Emeritus anyway? Has to be some worthless union title. Probably comes with a cheesy pin and a certificate. Hell, give it to him no matter what it’s for just so he’ll go away.

  17. YOU say how good you did but 1% raise’s do not make a General George Patton who crushed the enemy. no locality pay, no longevity pay. in bed with po mismgt like Chamberlin was with Hitler.

    New York City Hotel Workers Union President just got a 5 year contract @ 29% pay raise. base of $43,300 will go to $59,800. apwu clerks will go from $53,102 to $55,000. forget the po send the young kids to NYC Hotels.

    you got 1% raises while other civil service unions got an average of 3.5%. Nassau & Suffolk County, New York Police Unions now have base pay of $130,000 a year…….so stop saying how great you were, you were not that good.

    if I only completed 1% of my helicopter missions in Viet Nam would I be considered a sucess?(or be alive to talk about it) you are an old fool who should just get lost…….you passed the baton to a bunch of losers, we know that…..you just seemed to find out? what a moron……go mow the lawn on your big Republican House in your Armani suits and just fade away.Greater Mid-Island, NY 117/119

  18. As a 30 year member of APWU, I was very dishearted that Bill Burrus and PMG Potter retired at one of the most crucial and pivotal times in USPS history. I opposed the new contract ratification as well as most of my members. Now all I see is Bill’s criticism. I am not happy with what is going on but we have to deal with it and push forward. Weren’t the “New Architects” under your presidency. It appears you failed in passing the baton of “No Give Backs” to the officers that you groomed. I will step up and say give your “Emeritus” title up. You have tarnished whatever you gained in 37 years. Please, give it up and enjoy your retirement!!! Stop causing strife and discord with your rants.

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