Postal Manager Demoted Over Violation of NALC Contract?

Here are excerpts from the MSPB decision: 

The appellant served as the EAS-20 Manager, Customer Services, at the Glenridge Post Office in Atlanta, Georgia.  On April 26, 2007, Charles Gracek, Manager, Customer Service Operations, Atlanta, Georgia Post Office, proposed to reduce her in grade and pay to the EAS-17 position of Supervisor, Customer Services, based on a charge of
failure to perform her duties in an effective manner. Gracek specified as follows:

The appellant failed to provide information to the [NALC]union steward or to schedule “Formal A meetings” in the grievance process, which caused the steward to forward the grievances without management documentation and responses. The appellant’s failure to support management’s position at the Formal A step resulted in the “Step B Team” rendering decisions and awards totaling nearly $28,000 in the union’s favor. The appellant’s error cast doubt on her ability to manage her unit in a satisfactory and effective manner, and her inability to delegate duties to her supervisors and to timely complete tasks resulted in substantial financial liability for her unit.

On December 20, 2007, Kevin Helmer, Postmaster, Atlanta, Georgia, issued a revised letter of decision sustaining the proposal and reducing the appellant in grade and pay for failing to perform her duties in a satisfactory manner. He informed her that she would be reassigned to the position of EAS-17 Supervisor, Customer Services, Martech Station, Atlanta, Georgia, effective December 22, 2007. The appellant filed an appeal with the Board’s Atlanta Regional Office.

MSPB ruled that ” The penalty was within the bounds of reasonableness.”

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