VERA Approved For All EAS and Postmasters Field Positions

From Charley Mapa, President National League of Postmasters:

As you know, in response to requests by a significant number of you, several weeks ago, the League sent a letter jointly with Napus to Postal Headquarters requesting a VERA or early out for Postmasters. Just moments ago I received the attached letter from Postal Headquarters stating that the Postal Service has received approval from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to offer a Voluntary Early Retirement to Postmasters. Judging from the tone of the attached letter, the Postal Service has set itself to the task of formulating the plan to offer the VER to Postmasters.

If you have any inclination that you may participate by accepting an early retirement, start planning today by contacting your financial advisor to help you make your decision.

Charley Mapa


National League of Postmasters
USPS VERA Initial Approval Notice (Click to view letter)