Postcom: Is it Time For A USPS Death Watch Blog??


Newspaper Death Watch has reported that “publishers are finally beginning a sunsetting strategy for their print editions. By driving up circulation prices, they are effectively winnowing out their low-value customers. Price increases will probably come fast and furious in the future. Each will cause circulation to fall until a new floor is reached. Expect circulation declines to quicken as more newspapers adopt the strategy. [Postcom] EdNote: Sounds some days like a strategy the USPS has adopted. Increase your prices. Pass along your costs in the form of oppressive worksharing requirements, and squeeze the lifeblood out of your most important First-Class Mail customers by having the Postal Inspection Service serve them with criminal offense notices. It’s a great way to show the value of doing business with you. Soooooo, who’s gonna host a ‘Postal Service Death Watch’ blog?”