8 thoughts on “Postal Employees Retreat Rights FAQS

  1. No VERA for you…now go to end of line and watch, “On the Waterfront” if you want to know about union’s right to deny you things like VERA. I believe the APWU Officer Retirement Plan will soon be depleted. Oh…you didn’t know about -The Plan? Funny…your dues paid for it but you can’t use it…too bad, so sad!

  2. The dirty little secret is, there will be no more retreating. This current contract assured that. As a regular position is made available, presumably to an excessed employee, it will it will be abolished and filled as a locally hired PSE position. Wherever exccessing takes you, that’s where you will remain. Suck it up.

  3. Seen it all,
    Excessed employees who formerly worked in a traditional duty assignment cannot be forced to to a NTFT position when retreating to a section or installation. Furthermore, such refusal does not waive the employees right to retreat to any future traditional duty assignment.

  4. I don’t think Guffey can hold up the early out if the PMG wants to do it. And I think he will offer the buyout to the Clerks soon. There is nothing Guffey can do about it. The PMG is doing what he thinks needs to be done. The Senate is doing nothing about the PO so he is going to get rid of as many people as he can with, or without Guffey.

  5. Get it straight, people. You must go back to the FIRST available job. No matter how much the job sucks. No matter what the horrible hours. No matter if it is a NTFT job! And it isn’t nifty, people, it’s NoT FiT. Hallellujah to President Goofy and Postmaster General Patty Donuthole!

  6. What Right does Cliff Guffey have to hold up a VERA with incentives?, none, but he is, when the USPS follows the Contract, then and only then will the APWU negotiate an Early Retirement Package, so since that will never happen, you can surmise the rest.

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