Senate votes against invoking cloture on Postal Reform Bill S. 1789

This afternoon, the Senate voted against invoking cloture on S. 1789. Sixty votes are required to pass a cloture amendment, and thus the Republicans control the outcome. The final vote was 51-46. The primary reason for the “no” vote is that the Senate wants to keep its focus on the oil and gas bill that […]

Postmasters League: Senate Consideration Likely To Be Delayed

From the National League Of Postmasters: Postal Legislation: Senate Consideration Likely To Be Delayed Late last week it seemed that the final stages of the process to pass postal legislation through the Senate would start today, Monday, March 26. However, developments late this morning have changed that and indicate that consideration might be put off […]

Postmasters Request Meeting With USPS to Discuss RIF Avoidance Strategies

On Monday, League President Mark Strong and NAPUS President Bob Rapoza sent a joint letter to USPS Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Megan Brennan, requesting a meeting to discuss the impact that the Retail Access Optimization Initiative (RAOI) may have on Postmasters whose offices are on the study list. Specifically, the leaders of […]

Postmasters President Tells PRC Closing Rural Post Offices Will Not Help USPS

National League of Postmasters President Mark Strong Tells Commission that Closing Thousands of Rural Post Offices Will harm Economy of Rural America and Not Help Postal Service. Closing 3700 Rural Post Offices Would Save Less Than 3/10s Of One Percent Of USPS Operating Budget. ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – In Testimony submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission, […]

USPS Saying Rural America Will Be Served Better After Post Office Closings Is Truly Nonsense

The National League Of Postmasters filed the following testimony with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) addressing the USPS Retail Access Optimization Initiative. Highlights of the testimony: …. the minimal imagined savings to the Postal Service are a critical factor in evaluating a proposal that essentially produces a drastic reduction in availability and service. I know […]

USPS begins Pay Talks with Postmasters today

On August 27, 2010 LEAGUE and NAPUS jointly signed a letter asking that the OIG investigate the 2009 NPA process, specifically the suspected reduction of CORE scores to many Postmasters by higher level management. It was suspected that this unilateral reduction in scores without the immediate manager’s approval or input was driven by higher levels […]

USPS withdrawal from federal benefits could put stability of plans into jeopardy

League of Postmasters Releases Statement on USPS Newsbreak Regarding Retirement and Health Benefit Proposal. The National league of Postmasters fully recognizes the gravity of the financial position the Postal Service finds itself in, but is extremely concerned about the Postal Service’s radical notion to abandon the Federal retirement system and the Federal Health Benefit Plan, […]

PRC Dismisses Part of Postmasters Complaint Over USPS PO Closings Regulations

From The National Association Of Postmasters of the US: On August 11, the Postal Regulatory Commission issued a ruling on the joint NAPUS/League complaint that certain provisions in the USPS’ March 31 proposed post office closing regulations violated current law. (While most of the provisions of the proposed regulations were implemented on July 14, none of […]

USPS To Send RIF Notices To Postmasters Impacted By DUO

Postmasters Receive Second RIF Notice On August 2nd Areas sent another RIF notice to Postmasters impacted by DUO. Many Postmasters had received a RIF notice when their office was going through the DUO process. This RIF notice apparently was just a notice of a possible RIF. The August 2 RIF letter was a General Notice […]