Senate votes against invoking cloture on Postal Reform Bill S. 1789

This afternoon, the Senate voted against invoking cloture on S. 1789. Sixty votes are required to pass a cloture amendment, and thus the Republicans control the outcome. The final vote was 51-46.

The primary reason for the “no” vote is that the Senate wants to keep its focus on the oil and gas bill that is before them now, and there is a concern that not all the issues in the postal bill managers’ amendment have been satisfactorily dealt with.

Senator Reid and several others ended up voting against cloture so they can move to reconsider the vote in the future, probably after the Senate returns from its Easter recess on April 16. By then, the Republicans will either vote with the Democrats to invoke cloture or allow the bill to proceed to debate.

The following is a helpful excerpt from a 2011 Congressional Research Report, explaining the procedure:

“In relation to the Senate’s initial consideration of a bill or resolution, there usually can be at least two filibusters: first, a filibuster on the motion to proceed to the measure’s consideration; and second, after the Senate agrees to this motion, a filibuster on the measure itself. If the Senate cannot agree to take up a measure by unanimous consent, the majority leader’s recourse is to make a motion that the Senate proceed to its consideration. This motion to proceed, as it is called, usually is debatable and, consequently, subject to a filibuster.14 Therefore, the Senate may have to invoke cloture on this motion before being able to vote on it. Once the Senate adopts the motion to proceed and begins consideration of the measure itself, a filibuster on the measure then may begin, so that cloture must be sought anew on the measure itself. Except by unanimous consent, cloture cannot be sought on the measure during consideration of the motion to proceed, because cloture may be moved only on a question that is pending before the Senate.”

10 thoughts on “Senate votes against invoking cloture on Postal Reform Bill S. 1789

  1. Hey Wingman, did ya know the APWU union donated money to Issa in 09 for his election campaign?

  2. Donohoe recently said that he agreed with nearly everything in the bill Darryl Issa presented, which is a death sentence for the unions and the Postal Service, which is what Issa and some other Republican assholes want. So now we know more of the real story: Donohoe is probably being promised a cushy much higher paying position in a privatized system if he goes along with the most severe crippling legislation Issa or one of his cohorts like Dennis Ross of Florida push.
    If President Obama had any real balls, and that’s a shame because I voted for him the first time around and seriously doubt I’ll vote for him again since he basically shits on organized labor, he’d see what Donohoe and some of the others are up to and fire them. Then he’d replace them with somebody who isn’t trying to ruin the institution they claim they’re trying to save.
    Our legislators must be held accountable, and for us Democrats, we have seen our party act like a bunch of third grade nerds and refuse to stand up to the bullying by the right. We don’t need whiners – we need fighters. I’m glad I have under five years until retirement, and I can only hope they won’t mess with my benefits and annuity. I sure wouldn’t recommend anybody getting into the Postal Service now. Even if it does survive, which it will in some truncated version or other, it’ll be almost impossible for an employee to retire. That is exactly what big business wants: poor wages and no benefits so the worker works literally until they drop and then die before the company has to fork over any retirement pay.

  3. Sounds like Hussein Bin Barakolama needs some space and flexibility. Anyway…how’s that working for ya?

  4. Dems sissed up again! Hopefully our money lenders will make them pay!
    Lets have a decision that is why we pay you.

  5. Bottomline as to massive monatary loss means zero to politicans, lobbyist and other pressure. Medco is a profitable prescription drug company that uses the cheapest means possible in order to make a profit. Medco stock has increased due to increased earnings. This is a result of cost effective operations in using cheapest means possible in delivering products. USPS provide service for companies that seek the most economical or cheapest means possible. The USPS is not in business to make a profit but a semiquasi government service whose goal is to breakeven. The USPS operates at a massive $$$ loss due to overextended supply exceeding demand. USPS service will continue to decline: revenue will continue to decrease as services provided exceed demand which yields negative returns as o dollar cost.
    Employees numbers must be reduced, community post offices consolidated and postmaster salaries based on responsibility not a $65000. postmaster selling stamps with no delivery and one employee. 6 day street delivery is non essentiaL IN THE 21ST CENTURY as electronic messaging for business and individual communication has replaced written communication via purchasing a postage stamp with a 1-3 delivery time. New APPS are comming available constantly to increase instant messaging. USPS must adjust or keep operating at $$$ losses with the blessings of politicans that will not adjust to reality that USPS no longer serves as the means of communication for Americans but rather as the delivery boy of sales papers and non time sensitive parcels.

  6. What are these people getting (over) paid for? These SOB’S do not deserve an “Easter Break”!

  7. Maybe what no one is saying is that PMG Don O Hoe failed the ready test by not having done the study that shows the true savings from these somewhat (?) draconian measures now being considered.
    Connect the dots postal workers, this is the conclusion of Regans long game being carried out by facist minions in high places. Really? Is this the country we fought, bled and died for? If congress wants to really screw up the economy just keep kicking the can on postal future down the road.
    If the propaganda is to be believed we are loosing billions every month they delay. Are they going to let 7% of the GDP be in jeopardy. That combined with high fuel prices could combine to foil the recouvery.
    Congress is paid less than the PMG because, and this is painful, they are worthless. Seriously, are you politicians going to fool around and put 600,000 voters out of work. Really? Get off your cans and do your jobs. Geesh!
    Congress has a lot of nerve. But I don’t know about inteligensia.
    President Obama we are not like UPS or Fed EX. Are you going to let the American people have shrinking options? Obama We are the face of the government that people see every day. Our brand is the most trusted in government. Don’t you think the great people of our country deserve that good contact in the future? Where are you on this president Obama?

  8. That’s it delay it some more. Let’s all argue about gas prices. Something that congress has little control over. Mean while the thousands of postal employees are left wondering how long they have left until there out of a job. Way to Congress you guys/girls earned your wages this month. Hey if you delay it some more the Post office will be gone and then you won’t have to worry about it at all.

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