USPS To Send RIF Notices To Postmasters Impacted By DUO

Postmasters Receive Second RIF Notice

On August 2nd Areas sent another RIF notice to Postmasters impacted by DUO. Many Postmasters had received a RIF notice when their office was going through the DUO process. This RIF notice apparently was just a notice of a possible RIF. The August 2 RIF letter was a General Notice that in fact you had gone through DUO and are RIF impacted. It is very unfortunate but many Districts were not aware this letter was going out and were not able to give much local assistance to why Postmasters were getting the second letter. On August 31, 2011 a Specific RIF notice will be mailed to all DUO impacted Postmasters. . This RIF letter will state that all Postmasters impacted by DUO will have a effective date of November 4, 2011. Those Postmasters who have been downgraded with saved salary and who have not been reassigned to another office already will get a Specific RIF assignment to their own office effective November 4. It is our understanding that the official 2 year saved salary agreement in the February 14, 2011 letter from Doug Tulino will begin from that date. This agreement is for DUO impacted Postmasters and Station Mangers only. DUO impacted Postmasters will not be separated by this DUO RIF notice. This does raise a lot of questions for those Postmasters who have already been forced to move to another office right after their office went through DUO and now are being told the effective date is November 4, 2011.

Mark Strong

February 14, 2011 Letter regarding impact of Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) on Postmasters and station managers View Letter (PDF)

source: National League  Of Postmasters

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  1. How about getting rid of all 100,000 “manager” and support staff before anyone that touches the mail.

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