Postmasters President: Delivery Unit Optimization Is Being Implemented At Break Neck Speed

From the National League of Postmaster’s President’s Message:

Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) is being implemented at break neck speed and by Tuesday a new Power Point presentation will be on the web site. Review it, learn it and train other Postmasters on it. There are many impacts with DUO; pay, Postmaster level and the future of some Post Offices are at stake. In its original design DUO was to maximize the use of clerk resources with a secondary benefit of better use of existing building space. We want to make sure that as it rolls out across the country it does not mutate into another program that does not benefit Postmasters, the Postal Service or its customers and further jeopardizes universal service. Every National Vice President, Area Coordinator and most state Presidents are in the process of being trained on DUO so call a LEAGUE leader if you have questions and need answers.

source: National League of Postmasters – Presidents Message

What is the Delivery Unit Optimization Initiative?Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) is a cross functional effort to streamline Delivery and Post Office Operations.

By identifying savings opportunities in operations we better position our offices for current success and future change.

Savings Opportunity Areas:
Function 4 Operations
● Complement
Office Level (Postmaster/EAS)
● Lease
● Custodial
● Trips/Frequency

Candidate Offices:
Grouping of post offices within 10-15 mile radius
Serviced by the same processing facility
Facility Capacities
● Excess workspace in at least 1 office
● Sufficient parking
Current Staffing
● EAS/Craft
● Receives delivery operations
“Post Offices”
● 9 routes or less
● Transfers delivery operations to parent office
● Retains retail window operations
● Retains post office box operations

Participating USPS Districts
Capital, N New England, Alabama, Fort Worth and Central Plains

USPS New Delivery Unit Optimization Initiative To Streamline Post Office Operations

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  1. Just another worthless acronym. If we could provide service as readily as acronyms, we would be on to something

  2. About three years ago, this was suggested by craft. At SR-54 & US Hwy 41 was a vacant, for sale, Cox Lumber building. It was large enough to hold both the Lutz and Land O’Lakes Post Offices. Instead, Lutz rented more shopping center space and L-O-L bought land and built a new annex. The lumber bldg was the ideal location to house the north end of Lutz and the south end of L-O-L. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Oh well, we tried.

  3. Just sort and deliver the mail and quit wasting time on more nonsense. Your customers, THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, just want to get their mail in a reasonable amount of time. All this other stuff is just trying to justify someones job. The public is getting tired of it!

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