OIG: USPS Should Consider Eliminating 32 or More District,Area Offices

One option is to “Eliminate duplicative staff positions and better position area management to work strategically with headquarters by relocating all area offices to headquarters.” A recent audit report issued by the USPS Office of Inspector General: Since 1992, the Postal Service’s workforce has decreased by almost 106,992 employees (13 percent); the cumulative total factor […]

Postmasters President: Delivery Unit Optimization Is Being Implemented At Break Neck Speed

From the National League of Postmaster’s President’s Message: Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) is being implemented at break neck speed and by Tuesday a new Power Point presentation will be on the web site. Review it, learn it and train other Postmasters on it. There are many impacts with DUO; pay, Postmaster level and the future […]

USPS New Delivery Unit Optimization Initiative To Streamline Post Office Operations

After posting the news article Behind the Scenes changes may be coming to post offices PostalReporter.com received the following information: The relocation of carriers to nearby cities is called “Delivery Unit Optimization” . This will cause affected carriers and some clerks to be excessed. Some clerk and supervisor positions will be abolished. The residual clerk […]

Chicago Mail Delivery Now Ranks among Nation’s Best

Consumer Advocate Praises Continued Performance Improvement CHICAGO, IL—Despite continuing economic challenges, the U.S. Postal Service continues to deliver high levels of service – and the Chicago District has become a major contributor to that success. The district continued its outstanding recent record of service performance in fourth quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2009, from July […]

USPS Closing Six Districts, Eliminating 1,400 EAS Positions And Offering Early Retirement

 Organizational Changes – March 20, 2009 • The Postal Service is closing 6 of the 80 district offices, eliminating 521 positions across the country and offering early retirement to nearly 150,000 employees nationwide (excluding Electronic Technicians, MPE Maintenance Mechanics, Part-time Postmasters) • For the remaining 74 districts across the country, there will be a 15% reduction in […]

USPS To Announce District , EAS Staffing Changes On March 20

 From the National Association of Postal Supervisors website NAPS Headquarters was advised today that the announcements that we have been anticipating for some time on District changes will be made formally at 12:00 noon on Friday (tomorrow).       This morning NAPS Headquarters participated in two meetings with the USPS at L’Enfant Plaza. The first meeting […]

USPS Announces Freeze on All Area and Districts Job Postings

From National League of Postmasters December 10, 2008 – Freeze Announced As information, the following message was just sent to the Area V.P.s and to the field from Tony Vegliante: Staffing changes will be made in the Field beginning early 2009. Due to these changes, effective immediately all Area and District job postings are frozen […]