USPS To Announce District , EAS Staffing Changes On March 20

 From the National Association of Postal Supervisors website

NAPS Headquarters was advised today that the announcements that we have been anticipating for some time on District changes will be made formally at 12:00 noon on Friday (tomorrow). 

     This morning NAPS Headquarters participated in two meetings with the USPS at L’Enfant Plaza. The first meeting dealt with tomorrow’s announcement of changes in EAS staffing in Plant operations. The full details of Function One changes will be provided tomorrow in a USPS Newsbreak.

     The second meeting was with the Postmaster General and all of the unions and management associations. The discussion centered on current legislation which would modify the pre-funding of retiree health benefits. All of the unions and management associations are supporting this legislation. 3-19-09


35 thoughts on “USPS To Announce District , EAS Staffing Changes On March 20

  1. How about the layers of bullsh^t managers and “analysts” that don’t do a lick of work. bout time for those a$$holes? huh

  2. I agree there are to many sups here in so cal as well..I understand there is a team going around evaluating the light and limited duty peps,if ya cant work there supposed to be getting letters..bout time huh.

  3. eas “stud”, you are just another moron that looked around and thought I would rather have my face up someone’s ass than do any real work. So take your bull sh*t and stick it up your worthless eas a&&.

  4. Yeah as opposed to EAS Stud who through his EAS training is thoroughly trained in ass sucking and poised to succeed in the private sector. Hmm wonder how all that brown nosing is going to pay off for him now. Ha Ha Ha bye loser Hope you washed the bosses car enough to get you a job at a car wash

  5. The problem with craft employees are half to three quarters of them couldn’t get a job in the private sector. Most of the craft employees can hardly speak correctly much less work! The worthless craft employees should look in the mirror with there uniform’s on an be thankful!!!!

  6. if all of you would come(regularly)to work and do the job you get paid well to do,quite bitching,whinning and worrying what the next person is doing,it would be a good place to work. most of you wouldn’t make good greeters at walmart.Maybe you should give up the 70 cent cola you just got or the Sunday differential you get for working past midnight on Saturday, the 1000’s pairs of work gloves you throw away daily,the false IOD claims are enough to pay down the national debt.YOU control your own destinity, do your best for 8 hours a day and then and only then you’ll be able to look in the mirror

  7. too many dumbass people at the top…starting with Potter….right down to the stupid 204b’s they have trying to run the P.O. this place was put here as a service to the people…not a place for some greedy ass pig to try to make a buck as a ceo and then complain that they don’t make as much as the ceo of ups…..what do you expect, the usps is part of the constitution, ups and fed ex are not….go run another company into the ground…06 postal reform is and was a joke…..but we are not laughing. in response to micky mouse, the union is trying to keep clerk jobs…worry more about the postmasters and mdos getting jobs for their spouses and girlfriends or whomever they are sleeping with…

  8. I agree with an earlier comment. We need a Vice President at L’Enfant Plaza in charge of EAS staffing changes. Nothing else can solve this pressing problem. Perhaps Burass of the APWU would like this position. Maybe F mouth Incontro from Baltimore would fit in this job. When this position os filled the USPS wil agian be a money earner.


  10. I agree with Papa,, toooo much management. my office is only a few minutes away from a district office. These clowns are in and out all the time. For What ? more stupidity !.. 2 weeks ago we actually had some district idiot show up on a sat. to make sure we were working and to check cases after we left, so there were no Sleepers sitting in the case.. Well the only Sleeper that was found was him. Stitting at a Supervisors desk out cold, sleeping away.. One guy used his cell phone to take a picture. Too bad he’s afraid to get canned for snapping a pic on Postal Property, or I’d post it here.. What a great way to spend ohhh about 75K in salary

  11. unbelievable. whining, crying and finger pointing, just like in the AO’s. if everybody worked as hard at doing their jobs instead of getting over we’d be in pretty good shape. papa needs his diaper changed. grow up, take some responsibility, and stop blaming everyone else. if you’re so damn smart, why are you working here?

  12. GROSS MISMANAGEMENT!!! is running the PO into a death spiral. Congress can stop that if they just look & see what the craft employees see. Managers that are way to involved with make work, reinventing their existence, worthless programs costing billions of dollars, upper mgmt’s waste, fraud & the falsification of the numbers (their god) to line their greedy little pockets. Is it me or after 31 years in the PO, does mgmt always spend a thousand dollars & save 1? Potter needs to go, his den of thieves (42 VP’s)as well. Reduce the numbers where they won’t have any effect on the bottom line (service), oh say similiar to FedX 1 white colar to 100 workers (they show a profit)instead of a ratio of 1 to 12 Grossly over-staffed with top heavy do nothings.

  13. Much better to have the entire west coast report to that fine bastion of “family values”, Utah. Where guys who are their own fathers are running around the countryside like in the actual South.

  14. Next we will see the entire west coast reporting to the liberal cesspool, Frisco. What a horrible thought.

  15. Craft Slug’s??? You must be a real good boss, No Class,No Intelligence,Probably never worked a real day in your life. It is trash like you that ruins this Great Company.

  16. I have been front line EAS for 19 years. An oh so common tale of if I knew then what I know now would have stayed in the craft.

  17. Time to trim the fat.

    But where is the fat at?

    It isn’t in delivering the mail, or sorting the mail or in any of the craft work.

    All the fat is in the EAS ranks, and there is allot of it.

    One supervisor per 14 craft workers is a number I have heard over the years. Supposedly they are moving to one supervisor to 24 employees. That is 1/3 fewer supervisors needed. If this is true, say bye-bye and good riddance to every one out of three supervisors.

    If you cut back on craft jobs, there is a direct negative impact on service. But cutting 1/3 of supervisors and EAS as a whole would probably improve service.

  18. screw all you craft slugs…naps members from across the nation will be in washington d.c. the last week in march to rub elbows with all the senators and congressman…that’s better than an email…

  19. Relax folks….. look at he BIG picture, write your congressman and call Rep. Stephen Lynch’s office, for the big meeting is on the 25th… and just maybe something will happen. Management will have to give back all their bonus money…..

  20. Its all BS. EAS is just going to get BIGGER BOUNS.
    Just like AIG. Craft will get the shaft.

  21. Its all BS. EAS is just going to get BIGGER BOUNS.
    Just like AIG. Craft will get the shaft.

  22. Its all BS. EAS is just going to get BIGGER BOUNS.
    Just like AIG. Craft will get the shaft.

  23. Its all BS. EAS is just going to get BIGGER BOUNS.
    Just like AIG. Craft will get the shaft.

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