USPS Closing Six Districts, Eliminating 1,400 EAS Positions And Offering Early Retirement

 Organizational Changes – March 20, 2009

• The Postal Service is closing 6 of the 80 district offices, eliminating 521 positions across the country and offering early retirement to nearly 150,000 employees nationwide (excluding Electronic Technicians, MPE Maintenance Mechanics, Part-time Postmasters)

• For the remaining 74 districts across the country, there will be a 15% reduction in administrative staffing.

• More than 1400 mail processing management positions are also being eliminated in nearly 400 facilities around the country.

District Closings

• Massachusetts District – 116 impacted employees (105 are eligible to retire)
            Boston District and the Connecticut District (Hartford CT) will assume the   

• New Hampshire/Vermont District – 75 impacted employees (68 eligible to retire)
           Northern New England District (Portland ME) will assume operations.

• Erie District – 63 impacted employees (44 eligible to retire)
            Western Pennsylvania District (Pittsburgh PA) will assume operations.

• Central Florida District – 104 impacted employees (79 eligible to retire)
            South Florida District (Miami FL) and Suncoast District (Tampa FL) will  
            assume operations.

• Spokane District – 71 impacted employees (52 eligible to retire)
            Seattle District and the Salt Lake City District will assume operations.

• Central New Jersey District – 92 impacted employees (63 eligible to retire)
            Northern New Jersey District (Newark NJ) and the South Jersey District
            (Bellmawr NJ) will assume operations.  

It will take approximately 5 months to close down the functions performed at the impacted districts. We expect this to be finalized by the end of August 2009.

Impacted employees will be given 5 months notice to look for a placement within the Postal Service. If unable to do so, the employee will be given a RIF notice on June 24, 2009.  Once the RIF notice is received, the employee then has 60 days before their employment status with the Postal Service will end on August 28, 2009.

Function 1 – EAS positions

In excess of 1400 EAS positions in more than 400 facilities will be eliminated in mail processing operations.

These positions are being eliminated based on a mathematical computation designed to readjust our management-to-craft employee ratio to factor in the thousands of craft employees who have left the Postal Service in the last several years.   

An employee who is impacted by this decision will be given 4 month’s notice to look for placement within the Postal Service. If they are unable to do so, the employee will be given a Specific RIF notice on May 27, 2009. Once the RIF notice is received, the employee has 60 days before their employment status with the Postal Service will end on July 31, 2009.

Additional information on the elimination of these positions will be provided.

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135 thoughts on “USPS Closing Six Districts, Eliminating 1,400 EAS Positions And Offering Early Retirement

  1. Boo Hoo! Seriously…. I listen to people everyday cry about what mgmt doesn’t do. Here’s an idea. Look at your self and ask “What can I do to help the PO out” insted of what can they do for me. Problem with the craft employees is this.. They have revolved their lives around OT. And, I have read pretty much all of these posts. Heres an idea to a lot of you bashing Mgmt LEARN To SPELL. You sound like morons calling others morons when you can’t even spell.

  2. In some respect, we are all in this together, this
    great Organization, in the first time in its History has to layoff workers, “on our watch”, Management or Craft we all failed to forsee this and place her in line for todays needs and services, “all of us,” I may loose my Job today but the business is dieing the boat is filling with water while your laughing at your fellow shipmate the water is at your knee’s, are you perpared, I am!

  3. Never will I be proud to don a postal uniform once I get outta this place…. seen misuse of funds, favoritism, sexual harrassment, threating verbal harrassment, and nepotism rampant!!! And people wonder why we’re in the hole??!!!

  4. yo admit yo be da wors employees in da world an woner wy yo going ta be slingin burgers. yo gonna havta work harder at mcgonalds than carryin da mail. jus overpaid paperboyz.
    tanks fo yo vote dummys

  5. Let me back in….I WANT IN…………. I had to resign because i couldn’t get a transfer when my husband had to relocate 2 yrs ago !!!!! I WANT IN………… LET ME BACK IN !!!!!!!

    I started with the PO when I was 19yrs old & had 26 yrs in…..

    All you winers try to learn how to wait tables & cook burgers for minimum wage. And like IT!!!

    A resume that says “I can sort mail, deliver mail, sell stamps & supervise the above” does NOT go far !!!!!




  6. I have read most of the posts. Some are right on the mark, at least i think so. But no matter how you slice it, it is mis-management that has killed the PO. Some people like to say, well if it weren’t for the unions things would be better.The unions do not set policy. The mangmnt in DC does. The problems really aren’t any ones fault. It is the system. I know in my 40 years service I knew a lot of good workers who thought that they could make a difference by going into mangmnt, but they couldn’t because they couldn’t change the system. The system is broken and needs to be fixed. And it won’t be fixed by the people in charge now. A complete house cleaning needs to be done! Will it happen. Of course not. And that’s the sad part of it. Way too much fat, esp. in upper management. Somebody really needs to start being in charge. I know, we won’t hold our breath.

  7. This is what happens when people don’t believe in God to provide for them. I have never given the USPS credit for being my provider. This job was just a way for God to provide for me. If this job ends ,He will make sure I am taken care of. I have always done my best and told the truth. Being a Shop Steward and calling management on their lies has been my calling. To all of you who have sold your souls to the Devil- lieing, stealing and cheating your fellow employee to get ahead- your time has come.

  8. In Richmond the some management ASPs are being told to either find a new job or move on your jobs are not going to be kept. Isnt it nice to see management on the hot seat for a change.

  9. amazing, all the yahoos in various crafts still pointing fingers-shut up nitwits. The NALC, APWU, etc bear just as much responsibility for the waste in the Post Office as “evil management”. I will simplify this for you brain dead craft workers- The Post Office is in the red due to the forced advanced funding of retiree benefits, the massive surge in fuel prices last year, and the massive loss in revenue due to the economic crisis-which is not exclusive to the Post office, NOT because a bunch of evil Dictators at the top of the great Postal Pyramid are conspiring to fire everybody and keep all the money themselves. You are all idiots-if I had a dime for every mail handler hiding behind a pallet avoiding work with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth yapping about how bad the post office is I’d be rich man. All you craft suckbags can thank your unions for teaching you how to circumvent the contract and YOUR responsibilities to work and suck the blood out of the post office with your bogus injury claims, phony harassment EEO complaints, and overall piss- poor performance. The most difficult job in the PO, other than Level 17 frontline supervisor, is Letter Carrier-after that, the quality of employees goes down hill exponentially.

  10. For those of you who haven’t really noticed; the postal service as we have know it is on it’s way into oblivion and we have all played a part in it’s demise.
    Yes, the “Peter Principle” is alive and doing well among us. Instead of good overcoming evil; evil greed and out of control egos have overcome good. Every man for himself has become our motto.
    Yesterday they went after the light and limited duty clerks. Today they are going after managers. Tomorrow they are coming after you, and you, and you!
    It’s the Post Master Generals who stand to gain. Each one siphons off another a part of the service for their own personal gain as they go out of the door.
    Most but not all of the managers have been conditioned to believe that their subordinates are not worhty of the pay. Indeed many of them were not worhty of much of anything and that’s why they became supervisor, (for lack of a better term). If they were to spend as much time thing of ways in which to improve the system as they do thinking of ways to screw us, we’d be in great shape. Unfortunately that’s not the case. There are a few good supervisors, but they lack the courage to be/do much of anything else. They don’t take a stand for fear of bieng mutilated in much the same manner as the clerks have been.
    Clerks malhandlers, etc. have been so abused that many of them just don’t give a dam anymore. They’re just collecting a paycheck: And those of us who continue to care are treated like slaves, animals, and prisoners of war. If the truth were told we’d recognize that the Postal Service operates without supervisors period. They are just glorified papre pushers. They spend most of their time sleeping in offices, screwing around (w/each other), and delegating their work to the clerks.
    Who cares about our health, our welfare, or our rights anymore. Even the unions have been dummied down. They’ve bargained away a lot of our rights. Many of the actions that are being implemented now are taking place because the union(s) have arbitrarily agreed to them. They don’t tell us what we need to know until it’s to late. Then they claim that there is nothing that can be done about it. Your day is coming too! Our contract is supposed to be based on the law as is/are the ELM and other manuals and handbooks
    Why haven’t you stood firm on it. Oh I forgot! they’re trying to change that too!
    I don’t feel sorry for many of these supervisors. I do feel compassion for those of us who have worked ourselves into bad mental and physical health to make this system work not just for oursleves, but for our customers.
    What we need to do most is stand with and not against each other because as we all know and will come to realize soon is that “A house divided cannot and will not stand!”

  11. There is good and bad in everything and everybody. Are all supervisors bad? NO are all craft employees good? NO so lets stop it. I have been supervising for 10 years and have always thanked my crew, and known what a hard job they do. The service is like a baseball team, althow the coach never makes a hit ,strikes anyone out or has an RBI at the end of the season he is the guy that the team holds up over their head when they win the championship. We both have to be good and respect each others postion in order for the TEAM to win.

  12. There is good and bad in everything and everybody. Are all supervisors bad? NO are all craft employees good? NO so lets stop it. I have been supervising for 10 years and have always thanked my crew, and known what a hard job they do. The service is like a baseball team, althow the coach never makes a hit ,strikes anyone out or has an RBI at the end of the season he is the guy that the team holds up over their head when they win the chapionship. We both have to be good and respect each others postion in order for the TEAM to win.

  13. I wish some incentive would be offered on new Vera, the PO would get alot more people to retire. Me for one. For all the negative people out there, you should be happy to just have a job. Where else could you make this kind of money? Can”t we all just be happy. Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Incentive? How bout’ just NOT hitting for 2% on my Retirement for Retiring at age 52 instead of 55. I have 30 years in, and sure as S*^% not gonna give em’ 6% of my Retirement! Get a Clue USPS! It didn’t work last time, why try the same crap again?

  15. I hear ya hoseman. F$%k these a&&holes. After busting my a** for 20 years and being treated like sh*t the whole time and now this bullsh*t, well, I don’t do sh*t anymore.

  16. what comes around goes around. 29 years of service coming to work giving a good days work for a days pay. what do i get in return? years of abuse by under qualified kiss ass blow job supervisers. who i like to call parasites for living off of my blood and sweat. that have never worked a day in their life before or after working for the post office.f%%k them! they just eliminated all our bids. after having weekends off for twenty years i ended up with wed/thur thats the kind of thanks you get for dedication

  17. This is in response to (Rock`s) comments. Are you an idiot? You think if and when the economy turns around the Post Office will start making money again, how do you figure that? With more and more people paying bills online the mail volume will continue to decrease. With the postage rate increasing on a yearly basis the volume will drop even more. Wake up and realize whats plainly obvious, the Post Office is a sinking ship that will continue to drown in red ink. Sorry to break the news to you.

  18. capt red except for a few the csrs people are the only one’s left who do the job!! 32 years here it use to be the young guys would come in and carry the ball in the last 10 to 15 years check the percentage of light duty people!!! almost all are 30 to 45 year olds useless people on a free ride!!!let’s see how you react when you get this far and see if you retire!!! everybody says BOY IF I HAD THAT TIME AND AGE I WOULD GO IN A HERATBEAT!!! i don’t think so!!!

  19. Hopefully the Dead Wood will finally realize their evil ways. Hopefully the PO will not bow down to laziness with fear of EEO’s.
    Absolutely ridiculous in Tampa.

    Trim the fat, trim the lazy, trim the “should have retired by now.” {35+ years [are you kidding me CSRS employees? 70% and you can’t afford to leave? What a joke!]}

    If the PO did that, instead of trying to run the place like a political race, things would be quite a bit better.

    I love being part of the APWU, but it has made people lazy. If the stewards would just tell the lazy people to actually “work”, things wouldn’t be half as bad. Love my job, always have, but sick of carrying 3-4 people’s workload on my back, cause’ mgmt can’t get them to “work”.

  20. brick.goodbye poom carl f and pm frank p you both are going to hell and take your bj jill a with you so you can do a threesome.try thinking with your head on your shoulder not beteen your legs.

  21. Unless, the idiots in Washington make an offer worth looking at, no one with a brain will go. Maybe the ones in ties will, because we know they don’t have a brain. That’s why their song of choice is, (If I only had a brain).

  22. Who, in this economic climate will take this offer? Do any of you who have posted a comment even know anyone who will go?

  23. Bill is right 100%. Do your job and stop whinning. I could find 1000 people in lees than a day that would take all the whinners jobs. If you think you are overworked and underpaid quit and welcome yourself to the real world.

  24. hey bob do you know what save grade is? it’s only for 2 years now you are not reading between the lines the bigwigs are not getting cut the peces level six figure salaries for retirement fully paid medical benefits fully paid sick leave annual leave no cap on them for al carryover to next year!these cuts for managers is just the start craft is next first comes moving employee around facility to facility next 2010 2011 contracts which will be nothing!!no layoff clause will be removed. just look at your cola this year what is it close your eyes what do you see? this is not about service anymore the bigwigs just want to cover their asses and in 5 years they take the money and run and you guys will be holding the ball!!!!

  25. This is the second of continuing rounds of rolling VERS. Be patient. There will be future VERS during the this and next year. Eventually,PO will get its desired # of retirements,approximately 40K when alls said and done.

  26. Bill,

    I am not responsible to the USPS for what some of my fellow employees do. USPS is responsible to ME for what they do, since they are the ones to put them on the payroll. Maybe they should have recruited from a better class of bail bond joint.

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