USPS Los Angeles District Gets Approval From OPM to Offer Early Outs

The Los Angeles District has received approval from OPM to offer Early Out opportunities to “CLERKS ONLY” beginning early 2008. This is a result of planned excessing of over 250 clerks from the Los Angeles District. Below is the text of the letter sent out by Yolanda Elders, President, Los Angeles APWU Local #64 to eligible members advising them of this opportunity.


Update: Mike Causey from Federal News Radio posted this message on his site:

Postal Buyout Rumor

Postal clerks in the Los Angeles area are being given the option to retire early. But the American Postal Workers Union says no financial incentives, such as a buyout or an enhanced retirement formula, go with the deal. This may be the source, at least this year, of the SuperBuyout Rumor in yesterday’s column.