More Postal Districts Implement Phase Two of NRP

From reader:

The Postal Service continues to implement Phase 2 of the National Reassessment Process (NRP) in USPS Districts across the country. There is no set schedule that establishes a date when a particular District will begin Phase 2.

Every USPS District should have already implemented Phase 1 of the NRP, which is the “information-gathering” phase. When a District completes this initial phase, they contact Postal Service Headquarters to seek approval to move forward into Phase 2, which is the “interview and decision-making phase.”

If USPS Headquarters agrees that a District has successfully completed all of the requirements of Phase 1, they will validate the completion of Phase 1 and authorize that District to begin the implementation of Phase 2. The Postal Service will then notify the APWU national office that Phase 2 implementation has been approved for that District.

The Postal Service has informed the APWU that they do not expect more than three Districts in a USPS Area to be in Phase 2 of the NRP at the same time.

USPS Districts that have been approved for the implementation of Phase 2:

USPS District                  Date of Implementation
Dakotas                           Mar. 08, 2007
New Hampshire/Vermont   Mar. 13, 2007
Westchester                    Late April, 2007
Salt Lake City                  Late April, 2007
San Diego                       Mid-May, 2007
(offices not in NRP pilot)
South Georgia                 Mid-May, 2007
Mid-America                   May 24, 2007
Boston                           Jun. 28, 2007
Caribbean                      Jul. 09, 2007
Honolulu                        Jul. 09, 2007
Cincinnati                      Aug. 01, 2007  

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