Job Security Dominates Clerk Discussions At APWU Pre-Convention Conference

Clerk Division delegates discussed job security at their pre-convention conference on Aug. 21 and 22, debating resolutions and discussing officers’ reports about issues affecting the craft.

“It’s a tough time at the Postal Service this day and age,” said Jim McCarthy, Clerk Craft Director.

On Saturday, delegates discussed resolutions, many of which focused on excessing. The relocation of employees in the craft has been a major point of contention between the Postal Service and the APWU.

“There’s no question in my mind, the days of being comfortable in your job are over,” said Rob Strunk, Assistant Director of the Clerk Division.

Strunk said every clerk craft member is concerned about the future of their work, “whether it’s keeping a job, being excessed to another installation,” or changes to the no-layoff clause. “It’s a tough struggle,” he said.

Assistant Director Pat Williams said many clerks are being excessed because of the elimination of Tour 2 and new machinery. “Employees are being sent to other tours, other facilities, and other crafts,” such as mail handler and letter carrier positions.

Sunday’s session was an “open forum” at which delegates addressed topics that will be discussed in upcoming contract negotiations, including job postings and bidding, the no-layoff clause, and training and testing.

“The convention is a great opportunity for union negotiators to hear directly from the members who are directly affected by the contract,” said Assistant Director Mike Morris.

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9 thoughts on “Job Security Dominates Clerk Discussions At APWU Pre-Convention Conference

  1. Sell l”enfant plaza and rent it, eliminate all but 3 regions, Easter, Central and Western, and excess 75% of l’enfant plaza’s workforce, which does nothing to move the mail. Use contractors from temp help agencies if Potter needs help. The could work at a casual pay scale of $10.00 per hour. $400 per week versus $3,000 $8,00 per week is a substantial savings. Eliminate all Senior Plant Managers and have all reports sent directly to the Regional manager (savings of $135,000 to $180,00 per year). Cut the pay of Senior MDO’s and MDO’s. Senior MDO’s should only get the pay of the highest level Postmaster in an AO and MDO’s should be Level 18 only. Only 1 MDO per Tour.

  2. When it comes down to the economy the way it is now; money is a big issue. All clerks that are regulars are guaranteed their hours. What about the PTF’s? There are some clerks that are crying now because we are taking there overtime when we do lunch relief or cover on a n/s day. If the layoff clause is added and there are more excessing to cover stations that need clerks; PTF’s will be on stand by. They are switching supervisors around and taking them out of installations that are 18 an below.

    I feel that the union will negotiate in order to suit them and not the clerks. I haven’t seen them fight for us yet. The only thing that the 5-day work week will do is combine other installations into one, excess carriers and clerks and save them money in order for them to grease their pockets more. I’m just buying my time until they boot me out the door. I won’t give them the satisfaction of leaving without them greasing my pockets with a lump sum that will be sufficient for me.

    I suggest that those of you that are unsure about your status or security with the PO; should start looking for an opportunity that is flexible and give you freedom to decide your own choices. I wish you all the best.

  3. Since Potter has been Post Master General the post office has been going down hill! They cut service and want to cut delivery. They get rid of the little guys and hire at the top. They have forty executives and five hundred officers. That is one executive for every 12.5 officer and ten officers for every state. Then you go down into other layers of management to get down to the postmasters and supervisors. I would not be surprised to find out the postal service has more managers then UPS and FEDX combined! They don’t care about the customers, the citizens and voters. Go on Bing or Google and look at PMG Potters retirement package.

  4. Cindy is right, wages could be affected. The postal service as a business is dying and something must be done. The table is full and the USPS is in control, the unions do not have much bargaining power as they have before. If Sat. delivery is not eliminated, then there has to be another way to cut costs and our wages and benefits could be next.

  5. Ray, I concur 100% with what you say. 5 day is definitely going to cost thousands of jobs.USPS is supposed to be a service to the American public. NOT a service to USPS employees. Eliminate the service equals eliminating the jobs.

  6. Tampa you shouldn’t have waited for more money. Cindy, if we are losing jobs now and we go to 5 day delivery what do you think will happen? Jobs will be saved? You are probably someone with enough seniority to be safe but don’t have your weekends off. You’re willing to cost other union members their job so you can get saturday off! Beautiful.

  7. Perhaps you could discuss the last VER. All information was not given to us by USPS. The so-called on line conference seminar was misleading. I found out from OPM, information after the VER window. Had USPS been straight with me, I would have retired. How about negotiating a “do-over”?

  8. You think it’s tough now, if we don’t
    go to five days our wages will be slashed
    as well as are jobs. Were going to lose
    Saturday eventually, we cannot possibly
    justify six day delivery. I would rather have
    five days versus no days.

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