USPS Offering Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) to Postal Clerks and Maintenance

(November 28, 2014) There is probably one Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) offer for each area.  This special VERA appears to be for the mail processing plants scheduled to close in 2015.  There is no incentive. As a matter of general interest, HRSSC is sending special Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) opportunity letters to eligible employees USPS […]

Video: State of the Postal Service: Targeted Incentives and VER Will Be Offered

In the video Postmaster General says,”Targeted incentives and VER will be offered. Information now being finalized.” State of the Postal Service Postmaster General Pat Donahoe will have an update on network consolidation plans. And, he will recap plans for Post Offices in rural areas. “As the PMG explained, with the May 15 moratorium now past, […]

PMG Requests OIG Audit on Postal Employees Retirement Options

USPS OIG: Employee Retirement Options -Management Advisory Report WHY THE OIG DID THE AUDIT: This report responds to a request from the postmaster general. The Postal Service is analyzing the options available for early retirement as it looks to reduce the size of its workforce. Our objective was to evaluate and describe information on retirement […]

Postmasters Continue Discussions with USPS on VER and Incentives for Retirement Eligible Employees

  On December 6, 2011, NAPUS President Bob Rapoza and League President Mark Strong met with Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and agreed to re-open Postmaster pay talks. This agreement was reached in the midst of the selection of a fact-finding panel from a list of panelist received from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. If […]

Voluntary Early Retirement Opportunity For Clerks and Carriers in Selected Offices

Bay Valley District – No Retirement Incentive – Shared Services will be mailing VERA offer letters and annuity estimates from July 19-22, 2011 to VER eligible employees. The VER retirement application deadline and irrevocable date is August 26, 2011. Alameda, Alamo, Antioch, Aptos, Benciia, Brentwood, Byron, Carmel, Clayton, Campbell, Capitola, Concord, Crockett, Cupertino, Danville, El […]

Will Ratification of the APWU Tentative Agreement Preserve Our Jobs and End Excessing?

Maybe. The minuscule pay increases; the back-loaded, waived and deferred COLAs; the lower starting salaries for future employees; the increases in employees’ share of contributions toward healthcare coverage; the retention of the no layoff clause and the return of many jobs to APWU employees could save the USPS billions of dollars in operations costs, which […]

Deadline For USPS Special VER Incentive Offer Coming Soon

As the USPS organizational redesign moves forward, employees must be aware of key dates that may require action or that may signify important elements of the process. The first critical date is the opt-in deadline for the Special Incentive Offer for eligible employees, as described in the Incentive FAQs. All eligible employees who can leave […]

USPS Offering $20,000 Retirement Incentive To Some Management Employees

PMG ANNOUNCES REDESIGNED POSTAL SERVICE VOLUNTARY EARLY RETIREMENT, INCENTIVE PROGRAMS OFFERED Postmaster General Pat Donahoe today announced a newly redesigned Postal Service, one that is better positioned for growth, reflects further alignment within the organization to achieve core business strategies and, when fully implemented by March, 2012, will eliminate almost $750 million in costs to […]

USPS: Preparing For Change – What Is A Voluntary Early Retirement Authority

USPS is expected to announce that it will offer Voluntary Early Retirement to select groups of postal employees on March 25, 2011. PREPARING FOR CHANGE  – VERA RULES OF THE ROAD So what’s a VERA? A “voluntary early retirement authority” (VERA) temporarily lowers age and service requirements for retirement. It’s an administrative tool USPS has used […]