USPS: Preparing For Change – What Is A Voluntary Early Retirement Authority

USPS is expected to announce that it will offer Voluntary Early Retirement to select groups of postal employees on March 25, 2011. PREPARING FOR CHANGE  – VERA RULES OF THE ROAD So what’s a VERA? A “voluntary early retirement authority” (VERA) temporarily lowers age and service requirements for retirement. It’s an administrative tool USPS has used […]

Postal Employee Who Retired Under Early Retirement Is Challenging OPM Over FERS Annuity Supplement

My name is Lennis B. Reynolds I am a retired Postal employee who took a VER/Incentive offer in August 2009. I am taking OPM to MSPB about the FERS Annuity Supplement. The difference without the Supplement is $1000.00 per month in retirement income. To : Honorable Howard J. Ansorge Administrative Judge Central Regional Office 230 […]

Editorial: Does the Postal Service Really Want Early Retirements?

In recent VERAs the Postal Service issued FERS annuity estimates that omitted the employee’s FERS annuity supplement. The FERS annuity supplement is often nearly equal the basic annuity amount. Was that to discourage early retirements so they can justify weakening the no-layoff clause in upcoming contract negotiations? The method of calculating the FERS annuity supplement […]