Voluntary Early Retirement Opportunity For Clerks and Carriers in Selected Offices

Bay Valley District – No Retirement Incentive – Shared Services will be mailing VERA offer letters and annuity estimates from July 19-22, 2011 to VER eligible employees. The VER retirement application deadline and irrevocable date is August 26, 2011.

Alameda, Alamo, Antioch, Aptos, Benciia, Brentwood, Byron, Carmel, Clayton, Campbell, Capitola, Concord, Crockett, Cupertino, Danville, El Cerrito, Fairfield, Felton, Fremont, Gilroy, Hayward, Hollister, Lafayette, Livermore, Los Gatos, Marina, Martinez, Milpitas, Monterey, Moraga, Morgan Hill, Napa, Newark, Oakland, Oakland P & DC, Oakley, Orinda, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Pinole, Pittsburg, Pleasanton, Richmond, Rio Vista, Rodeo, Saint Helena, SF NDC, Salinas, Salinas PDF, San Bautista, SAn Jose, San Jose, P & DC, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, San Ramon, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Seaside, Soquel, Suisun City, Union City, Vallejo, Walnut Creek, Watsonville, & District Customer Services Support

You may retire if you meet the age and swervice requirements shown below

  • Age 50 with 20 years of Service
  • Any age with 25 years of Service

Civil Service Retirement System ( CSRS): Your annuity benefit will be reduced by 2% for each year (1/6% per month) that you are under agfe 55 on datre of retirement and the reduction is permanent.

Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS): If you meet the above requirements your annuity benefit will not be reduced with age. Special Retirement Supplements are payable until age 62 when you reach the minimum retirement age(55-57). Social Secuity benefits begin when you reachg age 62.

Shared Services will be mailing VERA offer letters and annuity estimates from July 19-22, 2011 to VER-eligble employees. The VER retirement application deadline and irrevocable date is August 26, 2011. One Important thing to note is that you must follow the process in your letter to opt in and take advantage of this early out. If you participate in the VER, your retirement effective date will be August 31, or Septmener 30, 2011.

The VER is a part of Pacific Area efforts to streamline operations, increase effienciencies and reduce costs in support of the Postal Services’s action plan to ensure a strong, viable orgnaization now and in the future.

Dates for retirement seminars will be announced soon.


27 thoughts on “Voluntary Early Retirement Opportunity For Clerks and Carriers in Selected Offices

  1. Is there a retirement seminars in San Francisco? We work in Oakland, but live in San Francisco, a few of us would like to go to San Francisco. Thank you very much.

  2. VER letter update: I see & hear some letters & offers are arriving now, I hear NO $$$ as U all heard too. After 37 PO years I have NOT received one as yet, maybe I’m too “valuable” to usher out? ha-ha-ha…….

  3. Hi Carrier: NO-ONE has received any letter as far as I can see, and I’ve checked all other blogs, sites, forums, etc. I’d say they held up for some reason, maybe something to do with the “big announcement” coming from the PMG this Friday, 7-29? Fasten your seat belts, I see rough waters ahead!!

  4. Did any one receive any thing in the mail yet? How can they process all the papers
    so we can go on Aug 31 ? God plz help!

  5. Why should I leave? I get night difff,Sunday premium,overtime up the wazu 26 vacation days,10 paid holidays,10 sick days,pre tax health benefits rotating breaks and a boss who takes care of clock rings.Even with an incentive it would be major step backwards for me and my crew! Im not stuck with the p. o. the p.o. is stuck with me!

  6. Why not a VER incentive of 5 years of service time? More people would
    retire with added years than with a monetary incentive.
    And why restrict VER’s to “affected/impacted” areas? The USPS is still
    “top-heavy” so why not offer VER’s (with no incentives) to management
    at all levels nationwide?
    Get Real, USPS!!!! No incentives = nobody going!

  7. Hey issa prefunded retirement for all civil service 70.000 left let us go bring in new hires at half the cost, durrr instead of reckin p o fix it with cheep labor no brainer let us go

  8. I see not talk on current employees , clerks, getting 28.00 bucks and hour, with new contract, which suks, new hires for clerks getting 13 buks an hour, get rid of civil service clerks 35000 and hire new clerks at 13 buks an hour you only have 3 1/2 years left to do it, carriiers won’t sign a crap contract like the clerks did do it and solf the the problem u idiots do it. No one will take that early out we are all i step from bankrupcy. do it, let my people go

  9. Let’s just get it over with, elect either dumbsh*t Palin or Bachmann and just turn EVERYTHING over to our Corporate Masters.

  10. First of all, who exactly wrote this article? It is riddled with mis-spellings and bad grammer…. not that mine’s perfect either. BUT, the credibility with the quality of the piece is seriously lacking, so let’s all wait & see what lands in our mailbox, then we’ll all have the answers! I’m just sayin’ here……………..

  11. joe mama – No, it won’t bounce. FERS and CSRS are off-budget (and off-postal as well). Once retired, and once a retirement account is transferred to their care, the Postal Service can’t touch it. In fact, during earlier worries over a possible government shutdown, it was pointed out that the employees who work for FERS/CSRS are paid out of their respective trust funds – and would continue to work while other “on-budget” employees would be forced to stay home. It was also pointed out that Social Security recipients “already” receiving monthly checks would continue to receive them. FWIW, Obama recently said that if the government shuts down August 2nd, Social Security checks might not show up. But Speaker of the House, Boehner, said it was just fearmongering. In my case, it’s not a current concern since I’ll not be eligible for Social Security until August 2012 – and my own personal “rainy day” fund would keep me going for at least a year without Social Security. Now, whether Social Security will be “around” when I apply for it is a whole other concern – and one not limited to postal retirees.

  12. I’m not surprised there’s no incentive. Heck, they just stiffed about 4,800 EAS people out of their bonus checks. And, there’s another thing to think about. Earlier, Obama had proposed an $11 billion bailout for USPS. But recently, a member of the House Postal Oversight Committee (Rep. Patrick McHenry) says it’s just not going to happen. Further, he says that besides the worry of USPS going into default on October 1st, there’s also the possibility that paychecks might start “bouncing.” Given all that, I’m glad I’m retiring on August 10th. My incentive? Just to get the heck out of Dodge – before the Chapter 11 filing (ahem).

  13. Is the bay area the only area that gets the VERA? So far I have seen nothing about where the VERA is

  14. About 35000 clerks under civil service, we are obsolete, and the only way to get rid of us at 28.00 and hire people under the new contract at 12.00 bucks and hour is to give years to max us out. Prefunded retirement. It won’t cost a cent. No incentive Then pay me 28.00 an hour for another 10 years I will not go , can’t afford to go, won’t go. 10 years 2 years on age and lower right hand corner and still that will only be 35000 clerks gone. No brainer That offer with no incentive wont even pay there bar tab you boobs. As charlton Heston said, let my people go. That should save the post office at least 5 bil a year.

  15. The BS at the USPS never ends. Let us all get out! Then you can do what you want with your temp employees. You’re running this place just like Obama is running the country. The way things are going, it will be ending soon anyway.
    Upper management couldn’t run a hot dog stand if they had to……

  16. Do nothing managers (meaning those people who NEVER even touch the mail) got a $25,000 incentive. People who do the actual work get nothing. Typical American capitalism.

  17. how about giving everyone a ver opportunity to retire. that should be for the maintanance department. the custodians would like to retire to. maybe i should make a eeo complaint on behalf of all employees.

  18. Just offer me a VER without an incentive!!! I just want to GO NOW! My incentive will be just to LEAVE!! Offer it to anyone who wants to go!!!

  19. Never mind “SELECTED AREA”S” for VER, make it across the board and watch the “Downsizing” begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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