Video: State of the Postal Service: Targeted Incentives and VER Will Be Offered

In the video Postmaster General says,”Targeted incentives and VER will be offered. Information now being finalized.”

State of the Postal Service Postmaster General Pat Donahoe will have an update on network consolidation plans. And, he will recap plans for Post Offices in rural areas.

“As the PMG explained, with the May 15 moratorium now past, consolidation activities will start this summer. After a break from September through December for election and holiday mail seasons, this first phase will resume in January 2013. A second phase will then continue beginning in February of 2014 unless our circumstances change.

As a result, staffing adjustments will be necessary. Actions taken will comply with collective bargaining agreements, Postal Service regulations and policies, and other applicable law. At facilities where consolidation activity will move forward this summer, employees will receive additional notifications starting May 21.”

As we heard in the video, the Postal Service is working with its unions regarding an employee incentive offer and will announce details when final decisions are made.”

41 thoughts on “Video: State of the Postal Service: Targeted Incentives and VER Will Be Offered

  1. Take the money and run! Learn to live with less. Sell that boat you financed. Get out of that 7 room 4000 sq foot home with the roller coaster in the back. APWU is done for. They know it but won’t openly admit it. But they have something you don’t – their own personal retirement plans. They won’t hurt in the eventual collapse but you will ! Think you have seniority and you’ll be last to go? Think again – APWU protects it’s own officers and stewards by giving them superseniority which you don’t have. That means the lowliest steward with that 2004 seniority date stays and you go. You’re a decorated veteran of the armed forces and can’t be bumped? Think again – APWU stewards and officers regardless of their veteran status (non-vets too) stay while you and your medals go! Face it – you are screwed. Move now or forever hold your peace!

  2. Say ya all, can’t we get the manager to talk to each other and stop the unneeded over time and save our Postal Service. How hard can that be??? This would also save their jobs and ours.

  3. Union decries plan

    “This is a bad plan,” said Sally Davidow, spokeswoman for the American Postal Workers Union. “It’s essentially the same plan the Postal Service released some months ago. And the only difference appears to be that the [implementation timeline] is a little bit more spread out”, we are currently negotiating the VERA/ Incentives within the jurisdiction of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    The National Postal Mail Handlers Union is working with the Postal Service on terms of possible early-retirement incentives.

    “We intend to work closely with those locals affected by the August closings and consolidations,” said NPMHU president John Hegarty. “And, as always, it will be imperative that we enforce the contract to ensure that all mail-handler rights are protected.”

  4. It’s like the military.. “hurry up and wait”..then we get to the projected dates and we still wait. Make the announcement already many will leave and then you can hire people at half our rate. Too many people out of work will take the jobs. How long they will last and if they care about their work is another story, if you don’t get some “qualified” supervisors, ( not those who don’t want to or can’t carry) this place will be like the Titanic for sure. Get rid of 204b’s and start operating this place like a business you want to succeed. If EO is offered across the board.. Many will get off this sinking ship including myself.

  5. The Districts changed, we used to be Western NY then Pittsburgh, Albany?, what the ????????????????????

  6. REALLY ??????????????? YOu people will take 20K BEFORE taxes to go????????? WOw then when that’s gone look at your retirement check & you will wish you stayed & force them to give years……AMEND 1789!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We need Congress to amend 1789 to say VER to CSRS to 3 to 5 years..Hell if they maxed out all CSRS workers they would have thier number. Most CSRS workers are about 5 years away from max, (just a guess) ………..Anyway if COngress ammeds that & does the same to FERS after CSRS workers go the PO will have their numbers…

    ALSO CALL & write you Congress to amend 1789 re: Injured workers..this is very bad for our brothers & sisters even if your not injured now, you might be next year…

    Ask for your Congressmen to make these amendments…to 1789…

    God Bless the USA

  8. I think the incentives will be nationwide, but I’m wondering if they will be “craft-wide”? They might want to keep certain people, maybe the mechanics and ET’s, .I’d say if 1789 passes they’ll get their 2 billion they wanted for early outs and it will be a nationwide incentive to try to get 100,000 out with $20,000 and a couple years for FERS, and one year for CSRS.

  9. thanks brothers and sisters, after 28 years of the crap i still remember who can make me laugh most. love all the comments…fss sucks!

  10. Don-no-hoe is the worse PMG yet. Things are going downhill fast since he took over. The APWU also has the worse president with Guffey. Blah, blah, blah, bunch of bull crap. Give the incentives already. Always crying the PO is broke. Then reduce the PMG’s and managements’ salaries!! CON-gress is full of crap, with those old farts doing the crapping. The old farts in congress and the senate needs to go. They are sooooo old, they just sleep in chambers to get a huge salary. Like idiot Issa who wants people to retire when they reach retirement age, when he should be out the door already!! And things have gone downhill around the world since o-bummer took office. OMG = obummer must go.

  11. Blah, blah, blah! I’ve been hearing this crap for HOW LONG?! I’ll be dead before they actually do a VERA – if ever, but I guess that’s the idea, eh? Whatever. Donahoe is so full of shit, his word is about as good as his manufactured numbers he’s putting out to the Congress and the public.

  12. If a plant in your district is targeted. The entire district will be offered the incentive.

  13. Read my lips, no one is going if Donahues tries to screw everyone. We are all tired of his bullshit. I literally cant stand his ass and feel hes the worst post master general we have ever had….believe me Potter was bad enough, but this asshole takes the cake. The morale is the worst….except for the carriers and their usual bullshiting. The think they are above all of the bad things going on at the PO right now. Just wait till they go to 5 day delivery and a hundred thou of them disappear! They will be crying poor mouth!

  14. What the heck us our President doing! Fire the Postmaster get someone in who knows how to run a business. PO waist so much money. On bull….So may supervisor s doing nothing to. We work so hard to get the mail out. Morgan Station is like hell in there No air-conditioning.,Its been broke for years.Congress has a bill 1789.why don’t they ack on it ..They want the Post to fail.where is our raise. If the can waist money they can pay us.

  15. hoping for the VERA to happen very soon. The targeted area’s should either be nationwide or the facilities and offices that are served by them.

  16. Offer nationwide VERA…thin the ranks by 100k plus…hire 3PSE’s at the same or less than one current employee is paid with benefits…OR continue with the current “it don’t make no sense that common sense don’t make no sense no more” policy and continue to lose $25 million plus per day.

  17. Incentive? How about leaving a very toxic environment. If that’s not incentive enough then enjoy more of the same.

  18. Great pay in the post office, should be fantastic incentive, in order to leave post office.

  19. will there be congressional hearings on all the money the post office wastes like the 200 million in rent to vacant buildings for example?

  20. Seems like you can go but no incentive?, unless you be in Plant and/or in an excessing place, would make sense, anywhere they excess, even smaller places, this opens up spots for others, maybe APWU is trying to get all the incentive and not just the VER?

  21. donahoe is a habitual or pathological liar who cannot
    be trusted. he can say anything he wants in his
    stupid “videos” but they rarely contain any relevant data or
    truthful statements. . the only question
    is are you foolish enough to believe a word that spews from
    this liars piehole?

  22. Just more confusion and SNAFUs. They were talking about my plant (Austin TX) getting 9 DBCS machines next week from SA–now that’s off. They aren’t sure what’s going on. We might change our tour start times by two hours–my maint. T2 now starts a 6 am, we may go to 4am, to facillitate the mail deliverly–bunch of bs.

  23. Incentives to retire (VER) should be offered nationwide, to ALL Postal employees. Remember Mr Donahoe, we all work for the same company.

  24. I have to admire all 30+ year workers with the post office. I could NEVER have delt with what you all have. I woulda been one of those that went postal for sure.

  25. The incentives continue; threats of excessing, lay-offs, and pay-cuts. What more incentive do we need?

  26. This is one big lousy poker tournament where cards are dealt weekly/monthly and we on the sidelines agonize. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best is all we can do.

  27. By all means let’s drag this process out and spend more money on the glut of management cronies. We now have a postmaster, TWO assistant postmasters and two supervisors, all walking the floor, counting mail, intimidating employees and ensuring we perform our tasks in the most inefficient and least cost effective way possible. All this so as to justify their worth(lessness)!
    So let us reward incompetence, seemingly the panacea of these times, with a 9% increase and a $20,000 buy-out which won’t be taken because why take &20,000 to leave when you can stay and get $100,000 for producing nothing bur innovative ways to warm your hands in your pockets and folding your arms in order feign importance!
    Be thankful we have Congress to save the day by dragging their heels waiting for election returns in hopes that this fiasco can be rectified in a more partisan manner. Thank you Mr. Donahoe and Mr. Issa for reinforcing the belief in the do nothing for the worker mentality that is taking hold of our legislators and our hands off CEOs.

  28. Key word “Targeted” probably incentives for the 48 plants to be consolidated this summer

  29. Wonder if the incentives will be TARGETED for the affected processing centers only? Will it be for both the losing centers as well as the gaining centers?

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