PMG Requests OIG Audit on Postal Employees Retirement Options

USPS OIG: Employee Retirement Options -Management Advisory Report


This report responds to a request from the postmaster general. The Postal Service is analyzing the options available for early retirement as it looks to reduce the size of its workforce. Our objective was to evaluate and describe information on retirement options, including those options that currently exist and those that may become available as part of new legislation or other Postal Service initiatives.

Employees have many factors to consider when retiring. We summarized several retirement options to assist employees when considering retirement opportunities.


In 2012, over 189,000 Postal Service employees will meet the age and service eligibility requirements for retiring with an immediate annuity. A number of retirement options may be available to employees in the near future as part of new legislation related to the Postal Service. There may be restrictions on how these options can be used and whether they can be combined or not. Proposed changes to health insurance benefits for employees and retirees, along with possible additional years of service credit proposed in legislation, may cause employees to evaluate retirement earlier than they otherwise might have.

The options described in this report include:

Voluntary early retirement.
 Cash buyouts.
 Additional years of service credit.
 Re-employment for annuitants.

Full report
PMG Requests OIG Audit on Postal Employees Retirement Options

37 thoughts on “PMG Requests OIG Audit on Postal Employees Retirement Options

  1. Understand completely. However, just remember that the National Average Lifespan for an American Male is approx 76.42 years of age. Google it and show your children! As a Parent myself and about to retire (what ever that means) I feel guilty about what my children have been subjected to with the economy the way it is and the unemployment rate (happens to be 32% among people between the ages of 18 and 29) as it stands now. So what to we do? We keep working and handing out money. That’s my story too. All I want is peace, a chair and a flat screen! That’s not asking allot…….is it?! Let Us Pray!

  2. Oops my bad out of the seven kids… ones in her early 20’s and still living at home, haven’t found a job yet… let me try? to remember? she graduated in 2010?

    Does EAP do loans?

  3. Out of all the seven children only one is still in high school and i’ll be going to his varsity baseball game to see if they get a spot in the playoffs.

    Other than that the rest are in their early 30s and late 20s, one passaway (RIP).

    With the one in HS? He’s driving, got a girlfriend, plays sports eats out all the time my car insurance is like? with him on it,

    Have you seen the price of HS bats? his was $300, just for a bat. Its about a grand just to even have your kid playing HS sports in fees alone, not counting another grand for the other stuff you need.

    Oh what else $350 a year for 24 fitness, got to stay in shape another $400 for the annual disney pass cause his girlfriend got her pass for her b-day, say hi to mickey for me kids and let him know i miss him dearly.

    I still haven’t got the oakleys on his list yet, did get the 4G i phone cause i got one for his older sister, wish i had one, i still use my free phone.

    What you need another pair of shoes? More gas in the car? dont you want to just spend time with dear ole dad an watch a ballgame, NO? your going over to your girlfriends to due homework? whatever? WHAT! do i have some money?

    Honey? yes dear? we got some bills in the mail today.

    Retirement? Dream On….

  4. You’ll never see the end of the end of the road while your traveling with me.

    Im end it for the long haul 80%. But feeling a bit spineless and stupid from aging my kids tell me all the time? why do you text so gay? Huh? Y do U?

    I should take your advice? Quite buying them all this crap and save the money for later in life!

    Shit if it werent for wifes an kids? I’d be gone fishing along time ago.

  5. You guys are so screwed up. You ALL should have been saving money YOURSELF to retire when you WANTED, not when someone (gov’t) SAYS you can. Now you’re at the end of the road hoping for a hand out (VERA). Stupids! You made an amazing amount of money over your career and now YOU ALSO cry, “we haven’t enough!”. Stupids. I’ll retire on MY terms. I’ll save for MYSELF. If I save double, I retire in half the time. Those of you who hated your job, you should have quit! But no, you are just as spineless as those in management that you accuse. SAVE for yourself! Retire when YOU say so and not some stupid imposed age limit. Use the money you saved AND THEN the retirment from the gov’t. And yes, you can afford it. Quite buying all the crap and save the money for later in life!


  7. Sorry….left out state and federal income taxes that also have to be deducted from that monthly $1000 retirement….

  8. It takes 26 years of service to even reach a retirement annuity of $1000 a month, then you minus out healthcare and life insurance, and it leaves enough to eat on, but not live on….so most cannot take this option.

  9. This is just like the Postal Service lookingout for management personnel, not caring about the other hundreds of thousands career employees you are threatening to uproot from their homes and excess accross the country! Postmasters already make mega salaries with extra perks and incentives, why not look out for regular workers and offer them a incentives to retire! It’s apparent Donahoe still does not care about workers being uprooted from their homes or trying to commute from their hoomes to other location on a daily basis! Shame on him! I am in hope that the OIG deny this request until all postal workers are included in this early out incentive!

  10. I am turning 63 With 27 years at p.o. plus 16 Years at another job total 43 years worth of social security ready to leave if these bastards give me some money fuck the years.

  11. Why retire when the union has won such a great new job for us:::::::
    THE LEAD CLERK.(aka Stamp Licker)
    If I bid on The Lead Clerk job will I still have to wait at The Wonder Bread store in the morning to get day old bread?

  12. The day I started working in the P.O. was the sadist day in my life, and I have regretted the decision to fill out the application every day. I have hated EVERY second of my postal employment, there is not one supervisor/manager that was every genuinely nice to me, all phonies, micromanagers, liars, nasty, mean for no other reason than the power went to their heads, and someone told them they were important. I laugh at any postal employee who recalls “the good old days in the P.O.” WHEN! Not where I worked for the last 28+ years! They take our work and send it somewhere else, then tell us the volume is down, BULL#$%^! Our union signs a contract that makes part-time hours, full-time, they get rid of 204-b’s, then bring them back with “lead clerks”. The only “good times” I remember were the days when the union actually scared management, now they laugh at the union. I am FERS, give me 2 years, and I won’t even be memory, because USPS doesn’t give a sh*# about me, or any other clerk/carrier/orM/H, they only care about justifying their own jobs, and lining their pockets, get me out!!!!!!!

  13. You want all cars to go here is how it happens…..if they have maz at 41years and 11 months you throw them say 20 grand and they are gone…now for people like me who have the age but not a lot of years(32) you throw up to 5 years service.i don’t need the lump sum but will go for sure if you add on the years……it’s a no brainier…….and I’m only a letter carrier…….hope they are listening….

  14. Let me see !!!!!!! I am a fers employee with 30 years of service with a $55,000 base which is 550 x 30 =$16,500 per year which equals $1,375 per month. Take away health care maybe about $400-$500, that leaves $875 – $975 per month. No TSP until 59 1/2 no social security maybe the ss annuity when I am 56, but that is also on the choping block in Paul Ryan budget, but right now less than a thousand per month and a waiting period on one year to receive it NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Just wanted everyone to be aware of “Reasonable Accommodations” and the Interactive process. The PO doesn’t want employees aware of their own rules and laws (Rehabilitation Act) that pertain to the PO and its employees. Videographed/Oral Depositions of Postal Manager regarding Reasonable Accommodations can be found on you tube, just search for the names of conrad johnson or steve owensby on you tube. Be informed, protect yourself and your family.

  16. Let me get this straight? You want to pay me to leave this gravy train?

    And you want me/us gravy trainers gone by Oct.1st 2015?

    Hmmmmm? how about if i sign on the dotted line today and you give me the money now with a bonus of a year or two added when my last day on Oct 1st 2015 comes.

    🙂 Does that get an Issa/Ross smiley face?

  17. they gave a year salary in the eighties, why cant they do it again! that way we will all take the bait

  18. What about the 77,000 plus they will have to offer a job because of Hill Class Action?

  19. Jack, the USPS does not care if you choose to live in a cardboard box, dumpster or doghouse…just go away!

  20. Hey Why are’nt I csrs instead of fers, I’ve got 24 years postal and 8 years 10 months military, I’m 54 y./o. Please, Please, let me go. This job has changed so drastically, it pains me just to think about it. You old guys remember when it was a joy to come to work. Our work floor was like an extention of your home and family. Even the sups, were so much better, never would they have been so micro-managed. All I can say now is thank you God for taking me this far, and now it is really time for me to go. So come on with the VERA i’ll be gone in a heartbeat.

  21. I was under the impression that the removal of the supplemental would only apply to newly hired employees. But if what I’ve read is true, that they want to eliminate it by 2013 for EVERYONE, then FERS employees would be screwed! I’ll be 59 this month and have over 27 years of service. It would be in the Post Office’s best interests and the employees’ best interests to offer a VERA THIS YEAR! Otherwise, myself and thousands of other FERS people in the same boat would have to hang around until they’re 62! If they want people out of there badly enough, they’ll do it. Who in their right mind would NOT want to get out this year if that will be done to FERS? What do they want people to do, live in a cardboard box???

  22. @ Old Clerk: The answer to your first question would be that someone could have transferred to the Postal Service back in the 90’s with 10 to 15 years service, such as when the Naval Ship Yard in Vallejo, CA closed, and the Petaluma GMF was trying to transfer as many Vallejo Dept of the Navy employees to the Postal Service as they could accomodate. The answer to your second question could be me as an example. I was still in the Air Force in 1984, when FERS started, but was hired in 1985 in the Postal Service. I had more than 4 years in the Air Force, so I now have more than 30 years with the Postal Service, because I bought my Military time.

  23. Gee I feel like a dying breed, there’s only 25,000 csrs employees left. That have 30 years or more, wow where every body go? I would say that the people with 10 or less years in the csrs came over from other branches of the government, and we,re enrolled in csrs before swapping over to the PO. Just a guess. And I think that everybody is right when they say the number of eligible people who can retire is bogus, who could retire after 5or 10 years?

  24. What about all the employees that have 25 years + and are under the retirement age.I got sent the last VERA packet in 2009(?).Nothing mentioned of this.Just more bogus numbers being thrown around.Just pay the WORKERS what they deserve,since they’ve been carrying this place the whole time.Try looking into why there are full blow route inspections going on across the nation,when we’re not supposed to have any money.8-12 ties in my office right now,and only 6 of them have been walking with carriers.And we’re not going through the full blown inspection.Talk about waste.

  25. back in the early 90’s they did an incentive.. they matched what you paid into your retirement and you took a reduction in your annuity.. i wasnt near retirement then so didnt pay much attention.. but .. now i am did they pull that off??

  26. i dont understand.. how can you be csrs with five years of service??? fers came to po in 84… .. also.. how can you have 30 years in fers if it only come to po in 84?? someone please explain that.. thanks

  27. NO. NOT only 10 years of service……..for example ..i am 58 and have 26 years in but only fit in the ..”minimum with 10 years” category!

    MAYbe they will offer years.

  28. What a bogus number. 135 thousand of the 189 thousand have 10 years or less of service, who retires with under 10 years?

  29. Who can afford to retire with only 5 or 10 years of service?? The postal service will not get 189,000 people to go. Only 26,000 have 30 years so I’m guessing they will probably have about 15,000 go on a VER.

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