USPS: Automated Retreat Rights on eJob Bidding

New online application available USPS has improved the methods eligible craft employees use to exercise their retreat rights.Involuntarily reassigned employees are entitled to “retreat” to their previous installations when job opportunities become available. Now, employees can use an efficient and reliable new automated method to enter, track and manage their retreat rights on eJob Bidding […]

USPS Awards Parascript Contract for OCR to Support Automated Parcel Bundle Sorting

Longmont,CO, June 1, 2011 – Parascript, LLC, the image analysis and pattern recognition technology provider, today announced that it has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to automate the processing of parcels and bundled mail for The United States Postal Service (USPS) under its Automated Parcel Bundle Sorter (APBS) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program. Under […]

Arbitrator Rules USPS Violated Contract By Subcontracting Installation Of Postal Equipment

From Gary Kloepfer. Assistant Director, American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO This is a summary of Regular Panel Arbitrator Leroy R. Bartman in case H00T-1H-C-03081013 regarding the Postal Service’s purchase of a Low Cost Tray Sorter which was installed by the manufacturer. The arbitrator ruled the Postal Service violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement and ordered the […]

USPS Pacific Area VP: Newspaper mischaracterized Automated postal technology

Drew Aliperto, USPS Pacific Area Vice-President in a letter to North County Times (California) sets the record straight on postal automated technology The recent North County Times editorial “Return to sender: Expensive post office technology pointless without labor savings” (Feb. 3) was a mixed bag: the analysis of the impressive capabilities of the U.S. Postal […]

OIG: USPS Mid-Carolinas District Could Reduce Workhours By Eliminating 10 CSBCS

This report presents the results of our self-initiated audit reviewing the use of Carrier Sequence Barcode Sorter (CSBCS) machines (Project Number 09XG026DR000) in the Mid-Carolinas Customer Service District (district). Our objective was to evaluate the business case for continuing to use CSBCS machines located in associate offices in the district. This audit addresses financial and […]

USPS To Postal Employees: Do Not Obliterate the Barcode

USPS reminds postal employees not to cross out barcode as mail moves through the system The Intelligent Mail® barcode contains important data that is used to provide mailers — including the Census Bureau — with information, such as when the mailing entered the mailstream and undeliverable or address cor­rection information. But technology cannot reliably pro­duce […]