10 thoughts on “USPS Presentation On Proposed 5-Day Delivery Operations

  1. To eliminate Saturday delivery is a win win proposal. Its a green solution, as it will reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It will eliminate wasted man hours. Sick leave usage will be reduced, because now finally employees will be free to attend scouting weekend camping trips with their children, attend weddings, graduations, barmitzvas, birthday parties and church functions without the need to use some type of paid leave. There is also the issue of eliminating an additiona childcare source and cost, since daycare centers and schools are closed on Saturdays. Its a chance for employees to attend their children’s little league games, cheerleading, and other competitions. The employees will also be able to participate in carwashes, yard sales and other community fund raisers. In other words, our will then be able to live life.

  2. BYE BYE 20% of the Carriers and 35% of the clerks and 1% of the supervisors. NO members no dues less for money for the unions = less union officers….LOL

    Less + Less + Less = More

  3. What a farce! How about cutting supervisors! After all teh carriers have left the office at 9am, do offices really need a supervisor there just to answer phones for 5 hours! A clerk or PM cant answer the phones? Its seems like alot of wasted money for a phone operator! Potter is cutting the wrong area, you dont cut the service, you cut the FAT!

  4. I have worked as a rural carrier for32 years and the most wasted money in all that time is on management Postmasters being sent to other offices to do unnecessary, lets get them out of the office for awhile jobs. Then bringing in the OICs.

  5. Just wondering…..when the USPS finally goes to 5 day delivery, have they also outlined their plans to cut management staffing 20% due to the lost work day and lower mail volume?

  6. I think they should add more service instead of taking it away. When I first started at the PO I had to drive to work every 3 Sunday to deliver express mail in SC. I noticed since I have moved to NC they dont deliver express mail on sundays. Some people actually would pay more to have a gift or something important delivered on Sunday so that is what we need to focus on. We dont need to do what all the other delivery services do, we need to step up and do something extra and then that is what brings the people in. I know they could bring a TE in to start with until the express warranted bringing a PTF or even a regular. I say lets do something like that before we start cutting back service and also we need to get rid of some of these ridiculous jobs on the management side that only carry a title instead of a purpose and that would save us a good bit of money as well. PO is the most messed up place that will spend 1000 dollars to keep from having to pay 10. That kind of attitude needs to go out the window and get some real people in the management positions that really care about the PO and it future instead of just trying to make their high three look good for retirement.

  7. If the Postal Service was not paying $438 million every month to “pre-fund” future retiree health benefits they would be making money! Year to date, the USPS would actually be running a profit of $942 million!
    They have 37 vice Presidents. They are still hiring from the out side for high paying jobs. They hired a man for over $100,000 that gave no bid contracts to friends. He also received an $85,000 bonus and an $85,000 retention bonus. They are cutting service, closing offices and want to go to a five day delivery. Mr. Potter said the postal service will lose $230 billion dollars in the next ten years that would be $23 billion a year? Where does he get those figures from?
    The carriers will be laid off. The ones that don’t lose their jobs will have their hours cut so they can’t support a family. More people losing their house, more unemployment. It is time the government stepped in and changed management. Some places they have a manager for every six supervisors. The post masters are complaining about too many managers. The postal service should take a page from UPS. They cut about 1300 managers not service!

  8. Why would you deliver mail to P.O. boxes on saturday but you will not service street addresses? How can you service one set of customers but leave the others out in the cold? What’s good for one lil piggie it’s good for the next. I hope congress shoot this crap down, is this the best they can come up with for reasons to stop saturday delivery. They get paid all these big bucks to come up with a worthless strategy such as this. Congress might read this strategy and say no wonder the post office is in trouble, this is how the leadership thinks!

  9. Gimme an’ “F”. I give up. 27 years above & beyond for this,,,this living example of the Peter Principle. Damn You, Jon Stewart for not bringing this to Public’s attention. I expect 60 mins to look the other way but you…

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