4 thoughts on “USPS Update On Flats Sequencing System

  1. The last few reports from the OIG that I saw on the FSS said they did not pass the tests for acceptance. Did the Postal Service lower the qualification for acceptance? What is the total cost for the Machines and construction for new buildings and retrofitting buildings to fit these machines in? Did the Postal service have to add more machines for these FSS to improvement processing?

  2. Pretty graphs and very impressive presentation. It shows that mail volume in general and (Flats) mail in particular are heading south making the new high tech machines both unnecessary and redundant as well as very expensive. Another pay off to another government lobby? The graphs clearly show that what should have been purchased were more manual “Flat Cases”! Ship of fools sinking fast! Glad I retired last year…I got Mines! Just save your sick leave and all the Postal Services problems will be solved! LMAO

  3. Don’t forget about the injured carriers,,7 hours on the street every day is going to cause a lot of accidents and repetitive motion injuries ! Of course they will blame the carrier, however that will not help management because sick leave is going to be way up. Then, they will realize how much money they wasted on F.S.S.

  4. Total boondoggle. Saved labor not worth the investment.. not even close. Ripped up magazines too.

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