USPS Awards Parascript Contract for OCR to Support Automated Parcel Bundle Sorting

Longmont,CO, June 1, 2011 – Parascript, LLC, the image analysis and pattern recognition technology provider, today announced that it has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to automate the processing of parcels and bundled mail for The United States Postal Service (USPS) under its Automated Parcel Bundle Sorter (APBS) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program.

Under the terms of the contract, Parascript will provide 191 OCR units for different USPS facilities throughout the United States. The Parascript APBS-OCR systems will provide recognition, arbitration, and connectivity services to the USPS APBS. Parascript technology will automatically locate and recognize destination addresses, optional endorsement lines and presort stickers on parcels and bundled mail, and will output finalized address information based on an address directory database.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by the USPS and to contribute to the success of the APBS program with our world leading address recognition technology. We are proud to have offered a unique solution with both machine-print and handwritten address recognition provided by a single vendor that far exceeded the USPS’ requirements. This creates a great opportunity for increased efficiency, greater flexibility in system lifecycle management, and a better return on investment,” said Alexander Filatov, president and chief technology officer for Parascript.

Parascript recognition software is also utilized by many postal agencies around the world such as Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, Russian Post, Poste Italiane, Posten, and TNT.

source: Parascript, LLC

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