PMG to Meet With Management Associations Presidents

Presidents of NAPUS, The League of Postmasters, and NAPS are scheduled to meet with the Postmaster General on Wednesday, July 27, 2011.  NAPUS President Bob Rapoza said that he will ask for time to discuss the impact on Postmasters whose offices were recently identified to be included as part of a discontinuance feasibility study.

A review list for the possible discontinuance of approximately 2800 post offices has raised the anxiety level of impacted Postmasters, who are concerned over what options may be available to them if they receive a Reduction In Force (RIF) notice.  As stated on the NAPUS website on Friday, there is no certainty that all of the offices on the list will be closed.  Additionally, the process could take as long as 7-10 months before a final decision would be made to close an office.

Impacted Postmasters are encouraged to check the NAPUS website for updates on discussions with USPS leaders about available options if a RIF notice is received.  To see a list of offices under study for discontinuance click here .  For information on how the review process works, please go to the NAPUS Action Guide Download PDF . Additional information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

Charlie Moser

National Association of Postmasters of the US

2 thoughts on “PMG to Meet With Management Associations Presidents

  1. As a happily retired carrier I hate to see anybody lose their jobs. I was a Steward for 27 years and during that time I probably had the pleasure of dealing with 3 or 4 managers who truly cared about the workforce. It is about time management feels some pain. They have never understood the problems created by following blindly the directions from the imbeciles running the circus. The Postal Service was once a great place to work and I wore my uniform with pride. The great wizards who have run this company into the ground would still rather waste money on tracking carrier movements with GPS instead of getting a clue and providing the customer with real time delivery information on their priority packages, etc. Postal Managers will be finding all kinds of opportunity in the public sector. Flipping Burgers, twirling advertising signs, and pan-handling at intersections, best of luck, you reap what you sew!

  2. So, the PMG plans on putting these people who operated these offices in those “retail facilities” into the business’s that will take in the postal operations, right? No, he will likely say, whatever. Good Luck to you. Have a nice life out there in the unemployment line. With all these “projected closures” all these people will be out of work, you can’t tell me with all the downsizing and consolidations that there are places for them to go. The postal service only knows how to waste money, not save it. With all the consolidating they do and closing of rural post offices what money they save they will squander somewhere else. I see it every night in the P& DC where I work. GIve these people the 1st dibs on taking on the postal duties in those grocery stores and other retail places that you want to put postal services. Not let the retail place put someone they have that has no idea how the post office/services should be done.

    This downsizing will only affect the welfare of our country in a negative way. We have too high of unemployment now, with all these post offices closing we will hit rock bottom in our economy.

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