USPS Detailing Postal Clerks to Letter Carrier Craft

USPS Is Taking No Prisoners in Effort to Save Service?

Sam Wood,  APWU President, Southwest Florida Area Local via 21st Century Postal Worker:

During a meeting this evening with Clerks at the Fort Myers P&DC (concerning detailing Clerks to the Carrier Craft) which ended at about 6:40pm eastern time, USPS Labor Representative Joe Homolash from the Suncoast District informed employees that tomorrow the USPS Postmaster General will be announcing major changes (review of approximately 3,700 Post Offices, stations and branches).

In this meeting, it was made fully clear that the USPS will not be standing still and will begin “TAKING DRASTIC MEASURES” to save the Postal Service. In no way was he specific but it was made clear that the changes will go beyond the 3,700 Post Offices in other ways.

Reading into more of what Homolash stated in this meeting such as many more changes will be coming and they will be fast tracked, It is my opinion that management has no intention to follow any Postal Union’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and will do whatever they want. As Homolash also stated, “They will deal with the ramifications later.” It is also my belief that Plants could eventually be affected by potential closings or tour changes.


Management stated that the details to the Carrier Craft would be on “30” day details. After pressing management on the issue, management stated that if they needed to detail these employees for a longer period then 30 days, they wouldn’t have an option to come back. Management stated that the Suncoast District would not train more clerks to do this work, so they would force the employees to stay in the Carrier Craft. The Detailed Clerks would also be subject to discipline (including termination) if any Carrier Violations occurs. Essentially, these Clerk volunteers could in fact be stuck in the Carrier Craft and be constantly moved from station to station and be subjected to hours and days off changes.

Mandatory Stand-Up Talk – July 25, 2011 [pdf]

Ft. Myers P&DC DIRECT LINE – July 25, 2011 [pdf]


15 thoughts on “USPS Detailing Postal Clerks to Letter Carrier Craft

  1. This is not the first time clerks have been moved to carrier craft. This same process occurred in 1960s when area mail processing came on the scene.
    Whatever is necessary to preserve jobs for emploees that cannot retire.

  2. the imp of satan in the white house…oh my! clerk/carriers send in your form 1188 and join the carrier union.

    110,000 po mismanagers & 469,000 workers…..we should have one union & not goofy or that bitch liz powell who got all her kids into mismanagement…..some power to the people union person….my ass!

    when is don-a-ho going to reduce 1-4.7 ratio to 1 to 50 like in private industry?

  3. For those who are not qualify for early out retiremnt. And those who don’t have a secured job bid…..Good luck.

  4. O bla di, O bla da, life goes on. Like Bilbo Clinton use to say, ” Go ahead and break the law, and let the courts catch up to you.” PO managers are not worried about violating the contract. As the constitution is to socialists, the “contract” justs gets in their way.

  5. Hit the street, bitches!!! If you new carriers don’t get back here by five I’ll make you all regret it, Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

  6. If they get carrier pay they will make a higher level and get the cost of living.Unless Cliff Guffey and his cronies gave the cola up for the detailed employees also.Maybe Cliff and Liz Powell don’t even know about this We thought Biller and Burris had their faults. We didn’t know how good we had it with them.

  7. make rural carriers work 8 hours in stead of 6 hour day consolidate small post offices into one large post office that way you can get rid of postmasters

  8. These are difficult times and call for tough measures. The PO is broke and I need a bigger bonus than the one I just got.

  9. GEE! What part of this vague contract language did they expand to come up with this nonsense. I guess with all the vague language though does create busy work for the national people to file step four greviences.

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