Senator Murkowski Questions USPS Proposed Postal Closures List For Alaska

From the office of Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)
Senator Murkowski Responds to Initial Data on Potential Postal Closures

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today questioned the initial proposed list released by the United States Postal Service suggesting changes to Alaska’s Postal Service operations. “The United States Postal Service themselves admit that this is a rough first draft from a computer’s raw data,” Murkowski said.  “But you simply can’t compare four Seattle post offices to 1 in Platinum – this is necessity, not convenience in terms of Alaska’s way of life.”

The Postmaster General held a news conference earlier today, to announce the list of 3,653 post offices that will be studied for possible closure or relocation – including 36 in Alaska.  The list was based on three criteria—short business hours, diminished volume, and little foot traffic – as is frequently the case in rural Alaska.  The next step for the Postal Service will be a comprehensive evaluation by postal analysts, who will weigh changes to each post office.

Senator Murkowski’s staff has been informed that if there is no other local post office in a rural community, the post office there will not close. Another part of today’s announcement was an initiative where Village Post Offices – if a restructuring were considered necessary – could operate within other local retailers like pharmacies or grocery stores, if available.

“I know that the United States Postal Service needs reform, and the Postmaster General needs to put everything on the table when it comes to finding efficiencies,” added Murkowski. “As the USPS considers the proposed closures and relocations of Alaska’s post offices, I am confident they will recognize that many of these locations serve critical functions beyond just selling stamps and delivering letters.  In many off-the-road-system communities, the Post Office is the only place where prescriptions are delivered, businesses can receive and send inventory, and banking is conducted. Not to mention the weather challenges faced by many regions of Alaska experience, where even driving a few miles further – where there are roads – can be not only difficult but life threatening.”

For a list of the Alaska Postal Offices identified for study, click here:

One thought on “Senator Murkowski Questions USPS Proposed Postal Closures List For Alaska

  1. FIrst of all it’s wrong to deny service. If this is the plan, at least make it manditory for actual Postal Employees be the ones in the “business’s” taking in the postal services. Not their “unsecured” employees that could care less. This way, when the general public asks questions they are getting a true postal employee who can answer their questions and help them solve whatever problem or task they may have.

    Just because we ended up with a far from ideal contract, this is no reason to shut down post offices and put clerks and others out of work. You know there won’t be a facility within 50 miles that can take them on. They want people to quit so they don’t have to pay them their decent wages and benefits.

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