Latest USPS Postmaster Relief (PMR) Usage Violates Global Settlement

The POStPlan list submitted by the USPS to the PRC on 7-19-2012 shows 1,999 violations of the Q06C-4Q-C100005587 Global Settlement that prohibits all Postmaster Relief (PMR) usage in EAS-15 and EAS-16 post offices. The list shows 1,980 current EAS-15 and EAS-16 post offices have one PMR, 18 have two PMRs and one has four PMRs! 16 are in Washington state.


Don Cheney

POStPlan PO List Level 15 to 16

Post Office Levels Under POStPlan

Post Office Levels Under POStPlan

4 thoughts on “Latest USPS Postmaster Relief (PMR) Usage Violates Global Settlement

  1. There is just one group of employees that nothing will ever happen to. The following is a quote from the APWU contract:

    “While serving as a steward or chief steward, an employee may not be involuntarily transferred to another tour, to another station or branch of the particular post office or to another independent post office or installation unless there is no job for which the employee is qualified on such tour, or in such station or branch, or post office.”

    This means that as long as there are bargaining unit employees remaining on a tour, or station or branch, or installation to be represented, the steward may not be excessed and the other employees no matter how much senior to the steward MUST be excessed. To all the returning military vet employees:

    How’s that working out for ya? It’s nice to see how the APWU worked out that self preservation clause. Now you all know why they want to be union stewards in this environment! Besides that…they also get their own private parking spots!

  2. No, it shows that PMR’s will be used in level 2, 4, and 6 offices – not in EAS-15 and EAS-16 offices.

    Since all EAS-15 and EAS-16 Postmaster jobs are being abolished (and the Postmasters themselves are losing their jobs!) how can you say that PMR’s are going to be used in them? There was no agreement that PMR’s wouldn’t be used level 2, 4, or 6 offices. There will BE no 15/16 offices – therefore there can be no violation of the agreement.

  3. All the violations that have occurred during the 36 years I have been employed at the USPS and no management personnel is held responsible or sent on to other post offices to continue the unethical or criminal behavior that is accepted by Postal Management. The managers and supervisors circle the wagons and protect each other because the support for the few makes those in charge powerful. I am sick and tired that the front line employees have done all the hard lifting to make the USPS run smoothly all the while the supervision sit back in the offices and reap the bonuses and monetary rewards.

  4. What about all the PMG’s other violations? Maybe the Board of Governors will fire him at their August meetings!

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