Retiring Postmaster Says USPS POStPlan is a fraud being perpetrated on all America

The following letter was submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission by Mark Jamison, Postmaster of Webster NC, who is retiring today. Jamison has been very outspoken on his views of changes within the Postal Service. Commissioners I am not an intervener in this docket. I understand that these comments cannot become a part of the […]

Latest USPS Postmaster Relief (PMR) Usage Violates Global Settlement

The POStPlan list submitted by the USPS to the PRC on 7-19-2012 shows 1,999 violations of the Q06C-4Q-C100005587 Global Settlement that prohibits all Postmaster Relief (PMR) usage in EAS-15 and EAS-16 post offices. The list shows 1,980 current EAS-15 and EAS-16 post offices have one PMR, 18 have two PMRs and one has four PMRs! […]

NAPUS: New POStPlan, VER and Organization Changes FAQs Posted

The update includes a new question #1, which is a summary overview of POStPlan and the summary includes links to three additional sites for detailed information on the VER; the incentive; and the Organization Change FAQs, where employees can find current information about issues such as severance pay, effects on benefits and leave when moving […]

PRC to Review USPS Second Proposal to Cut Post Office Costs and Operations

Washington, DC – On May 31, the Postal Regulatory Commission issued  Order No. 1361 establishing Docket N2012-2 to provide a public hearing and issue an advisory opinion on the U.S. Postal Service’s Post Office Structure Plan (POStPlan). The primary focus of the proposal is to reduce costs by changing operating hours at approximately 17,700 of […]

USPS List of Post Offices To Be Upgraded under POStPlan

From the National League of Postmasters: The Postal Service has provided the list of offices that will be upgraded to level 18 under the POStPlan process. Each incumbent Postmaster will receive a letter from the Postal Service informing them of this upgrade. Salary raises will follow current Postal Service policy. Postmasters whose salary is not […]

NAPS Applauds USPS Plans For Rural Post Offices

National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) President Louis Atkins released a statement today applauding the USPS’ decision to reform their plans for closure of Rural Post Offices : The announcement by the Postal Service on May 9, 2012 that they were adjusting their plans on post office closings and their decision to maintain service for […]