CNBC Video: Can The Post Office Survive

CNBC: Sen. Thomas Carper, (D-DE), discusses legislation he co-authored to reform and reduce costly retiree benefits for USPS workers

they need to right size their enterprise, they need to better align the number of employees they have that the mail processing centers have and the number of post offices they have and the nature of the work done in each of those to meet the demand for their services. they also need to look for new ways to make money, to be more innovative, to be more creative. the senate has passed a good bipartisan bill back in april, we’re waiting for the house to do something. we need the house to act. if i can make three points, the house needs to pass the bill so we can go to conference, that would be the first one. the second point was the house needs to pass a bill so we can go to conference and work out a compromise and the third point the house needs to pass the bill so we can go to conference and work out a compromise. that would be it. senator, my sense of what happens in this is that when it gets to the house, the representatives in the house don’t want to see any of their post offices in their home districts get shut down. i think so. the house seems to want to work on, pass bills along party lines and the senate, we’ve actually moved a little bit beyond that and pat’s there with you, he can tell you, actually quite a bit of legislation passed a bit by working together. you get a better bill especially on something this big if you do it together. i talked with darrell issa, elijah cummings on this issue and other key others. i don’t care what you pass, go to work out in conference. the thing that’s hurting the post office the most is the lack of certainty, the lack of predictability. we need to make it clear we’re not going to let the post office go away, right size their enterprise and they’ll move on

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  1. Darrrell Issa is a car thief along with his brother so he “says”, he invented lojack and made millions. but not before he takes out insurance policy on warehouse full of electronics and 2 days later it burns to the ground. The fire chief says it was arson. Go figure. You got Issa, a crook, richest man in congress behind bogus deals and swindling, trying to break the Post office so he and his rich friends can come in and take over becusae in reality the post office is a cash cow and always will be.

  2. I agree with the poster about CNBC. That is the most disgusting money loving Wall Street ass kissing network out there. It just shows you how too many people are in it for money and power and will stomp down anybody and anything that gets in their greedy way.
    I also fear that damned election. If Romney gets in and the Republicans get a majority in the Senate, we are royally screwed. It baffles me how people can be so blind to the intent of the GOP. I think some people are governed by fear and just want to be told how to do everything, how to think, how to vote, etc.
    I know there’s no reasoning with Republicans I work with. They are stupid, stubborn and usually very religious. They can’t handle the slightest criticism, or even the most mild kidding. They have to take responsibility for all that’s going wrong with this country because they’re so gullible and believe what assholes like Limbaugh tells them.

  3. They will start working on their pay cut as soon as they get back from their 5 week August vacation!

  4. While we’re at it they can reform congress’s retirement benefits, too! How dare they!
    They can cut Federal workers’ pay 5% and increase their own by 10%? How is it that congress isn’t considered Federal workers? Let’s make all the benefits the same.
    Amendment #28: Every law congress passes shall apply equally to themselves.

  5. You ever notice how CNBC has nothing but the same crooked wall st. crooked bankers as talking heads?

  6. He’s not right. The fundamental problem is the 75 year in the future pre-payment, that no other entity would or could pay.

  7. The house is going to wait until the elections are over & hope Mitt Romney is elected president & if the gop gains control of the senate.If they get that. They will begin to dismantle the post office piece by piece!

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