TransGuardian: FedEx and UPS Invoice Shock? Use USPS Instead!

TransGuardian President Jim Moseley Speaks at National Postal Forum
Los Angeles, CA, April 02, 2012 — Jim Moseley, President/CEO of TransGuardian, Inc. (, spoke at the National Postal Forum in Orlando, Florida today on a panel sponsored by and chaired by Joe Illig. The title of the session was “FedEx and UPS Invoice Shock? Use USPS Instead!”Mr. Illig invited Moseley to share the experience of the nearly 4,000 clients who use TransGuardian’s Online Multi-Carrier System.

“In 1990,” Moseley said, “ninety percent of the gem and jewelry industry, in which we specialize, used the US Postal Service. When I created a company called ONE Service – which is called G4Si today – I bought FedEx and Lloyds insurance at wholesale and sold them bundled at retail. Half a dozen other companies copied my model, and by 2010, about ninety percent of these parcels had migrated to UPS and FedEx. Now it’s all switching back, and with good reason.”

One key is USPS Flat Rate Packaging, which offers a single, low rate for up to 70 pounds coast to coast, and which travels on FedEx and UPS planes.

“With our best-in-class and best-in-price insurance through Wells Fargo Insurance Services, this combination is becoming the hottest thing in the valuable-cargo industry.”

TransGuardian allows its clients to integrate their own accounts with its software, so clients shipping over $500 per month in postage can get USPS pricing with no middle-man mark-up – or, if they are smaller shippers, they can either pay a nominal markup per label to TransGuardian or a modest monthly fee to Either way, the savings are sweeping.

Examples include Express Mail overnight from coast to coast, with signature and fuel and all surcharges, for only $13.97. Or Express Mail overnight weighing 70 lbs from coast to coast for only $41.20. Or Priority Mail Second Day weighing 70 lbs anywhere in the USA for only $5.46. Or a First Class Mail parcel, fully trackable and insurable, for only $1.75.

This creates incredible pricing options like $150,000, fully insured, including shipping, anywhere in the US – for only $126! Or $1,000 shipped anywhere in the US, also fully insured and including shipping – for only $3.70!

The USPS offers a wide range of flat rate packaging options, from cubic containers to side-loading containers and Regional Boxes with special values up to 15 lbs and APO/FPO Boxes for shipments to military destinations. Shipments can also be sent to PO Boxes, fully trackable, with signature required, and insured.

Think USPS tracking is substandard? Not anymore. USPS parcel visibility has vastly improved over the last three years. Today USPS online tracking shows 6 key data points and soon will show more.

“I was in a meeting a few weeks ago with Postmaster General Pat Donahoe,” said Moseley, “in which he announced new tracking advances, scheduled to rollout in a few months, that will show real-time proof of delivery. Once that’s done, the USPS will be fully competitive with any carrier for parcel visibility.”

Another benefit is the US Postal Inspection Service – the nation’s oldest Federal law-enforcement agency (founded by Benjamin Franklin) whose task is to keep the mail safe. Their slogan is: Security: It Comes with the Stamp!

“The USPS is not going to fulfill every need,” said Moseley, “which is why we offer a multi-carrier platform. But it should be a significant component of every company’s shipping model. With all these other benefits, our customers are delivering unparalleled service to their customers – while slashing their insured small parcel costs.”

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  1. doesnt mr moseley realize this is why the po is in trouble they dont charge enough for there services they want to be a business you need to charge for your service how do you give free boxes away charge 10.95 for flat rate and let you ship 70 lbs and make any money da

  2. Did he lie again?

    PMG addresses Congress
    Urges support for USPS plan to profitability
    Posted 3/27/12 at 3:45 p.m.

    PMG Pat Donahoe during this week’s House hearing on the Postal Service.
    PMG Pat Donahoe went to Capitol Hill Tuesday to support the Postal Service’s plan to return the agency to fiscal solvency, and to tell them of the VERA plans ( Early Retirement offers for April 2012).
    Donahoe told legislators during a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy the comprehensive plan  USPS has developed will produce a reduction in annual costs of $22.5 billion by 2016. He said the plan provides a “clear path toward financial stability” for USPS, but these have to include the Early Retirement Incentives in April 2012.
    The PMG urged Congress to consider the comprehensive plan favorably. He said its adoption would allow USPS to meet its universal service obligations and its employees would continue providing reliable and affordable service to the public. “We believe it’s a responsible approach that’s fair to our customers and our employees especially being able to offer more of a retirement incentive in April 2012,” he said.

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