Video: They’re Trying to Privatize the Post Office

“NALC 82 (Portland, Oregon) organizing committee members Willie Groshell, Brad Melland, and Tom Richardson defend our postal service on local cable access show.”

“Portland Oregon Public Access program, “A Growing Concern,” featuring a discussion about the current attempts to privatize the US Postal Service. Three guests, two letter carriers and one retired letter carrier, speak at length about the positive community contributions of the Postal Service and potential future additional upgrades that could enhance their already necessary functions.”

13 thoughts on “Video: They’re Trying to Privatize the Post Office

  1. They do not want employees to say anything to contradict their official line of B.S.

  2. Yes many many unhappy campers enufisenuf, with both partys.

    Furture employment will be harsher than it is now…. as we can see it’s getting worst.

    Sure sound like you want this to happen? Sadly some truth in your words… it used to be a good place to work.

    Another good thing in America GONE.

  3. The biggest threat to the APWU right now is a VERA backed up with ANY amount of money, time or age add-ons. You are an idiot if you do not believe that USPS has this in mind. APWU has grieved itself into a corner. there are so many complaints in the system that USPS just only has to refuse to negotiate settlements on them and force the APWU to arbitrate. After about 6-8 months they’ll be broke. They cannot and are not replacing their baby boomer lemmings…younger folks don’t give a damn and would much rather keep as much of their net as they can.And there are many many unhappy campers still wondering about that ever changing contract. So what do you think happens when 20,000 jump ship? And who do you think will make up that 20,000? NALC? NPMHU? NRLCA? Nope! Well its like this…you cut your own staffing and representation and/or raise dues. It’s over friend! Take the money and run or keep paying dem dues and talkin bout the good ole days!

  4. My observation of this “forum” is the moderator only looks like Einstein. That’s about as deep as it goes.

  5. Liar, Liar!

    PMG addresses Congress
    Urges support for USPS plan to profitability
    Posted 3/27/12 at 3:45 p.m.

    PMG Pat Donahoe during this week’s House hearing on the Postal Service.
    PMG Pat Donahoe went to Capitol Hill Tuesday to support the Postal Service’s plan to return the agency to fiscal solvency, and to tell them of the VERA plans ( Early Retirement offers for April 2012).
    Donahoe told legislators during a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy the comprehensive plan  USPS has developed will produce a reduction in annual costs of $22.5 billion by 2016. He said the plan provides a “clear path toward financial stability” for USPS, but these have to include the Early Retirement Incentives in April 2012.
    The PMG urged Congress to consider the comprehensive plan favorably. He said its adoption would allow USPS to meet its universal service obligations and its employees would continue providing reliable and affordable service to the public. “We believe it’s a responsible approach that’s fair to our customers and our employees especially being able to offer more of a retirement incentive in April 2012,” he said.

  6. Got your desperate willy nilly other side of the coin preservation video right here enufisenuf,

    VERA is the way to go?

    Ok….Pony up with two nites of what Kim Kardashion and her mom Kris paid to the Dubal’s Atlantis hotel for their hot time in the desert Arabian adventure suites.

    Throw in a pound of that special blend shisha a hookah, and bye gone’s will be bye gone’s? off on that last camel ride into the sunset?


    Oh…it was $25K a nite BTW.

  7. So therefore, the PO must be maintained so that union folks like these can continue to enjoy their lifestyles of remaining off their routes so they can listen to employee gripes and file grievances all day. No wonder they would go and use member dues to create this one-sided self-preservation video. Nothing here provides the other side of the coin. They willy nilly throw out these figures because they’re so desperate to not doing their routes. Close it out now! The hell with this medicinal pot smoking Jerry Garcia-looking moderator! VERA is the way to go! Now’s the time!

  8. This makes another that agrees with every thing that these guy’s are saying.

    Soon another and another and another agree with every thing that these guy’s are saying.

    Didnt they write a song like that (TELL IT LIKE IT IS) an oldie but a goodie…still rings in my ears.

  9. Hang in there guys . It’s a cinch the folks who are designated upholders of this great communications group sure aren’t doing it ! I>E> the Congress of the United States of America.

  10. Well Done! True Americans willing to stand up to a broken and corrupt system of Government! Bravo

  11. Edgar how about these posts you are doing? Do you think putting comments on this site might be in violation of postal reg’s? I also agree with every thing that these guy’s are saying but I don’t think their being untrue or defaming the PO.

  12. You active carriers can lose you jobs. You guys are not official spokespersons for the Postal Service, if you guys were not currently working for the USPS, then it would be freedom of speech, but the USPS has specifically warned employees not to engage in this type of forums. I do agree with you guys, but, be careful and good luck.

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