PMG Touts Importance Of Innovation and Technology for Mailing Industry

ORLANDO, Fla., April 2, 201 2— In a keynote address to open the National Postal Forum in Orlando, FL, Patrick R. Donahoe, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Postal Service, today discussed the transformative power of technology and innovation in the mailing industry.

Speaking at the nation’s largest annual gathering for the mailing industry, Donahoe described a technology and data-centric mailing industry poised to benefit from innovations to increase the value of mail for both senders and receivers.

“As an industry, we have to retain what differentiates mail and physical delivery, and bring it into the future,” said the Postmaster General. “It’s astonishing how much is changing in the ways people communicate. Mail has to be a part of these changes.”

Donahoe described a rapidly evolving technology landscape that is changing the ways businesses and people are communicating. “We have to look at potential changes in technology and think about how to use those technologies to enhance the positive characteristics of mail,” he said. “The same goes for the Postal Service. We have to take the best attributes of the Postal Service and bring it into the future.”

The Postmaster General also advanced themes relating to the Postal Service as a national delivery platform, and of using technology and innovation to help extend the platform and provide growth opportunities for the mailing industry and America’s businesses.

“Where we start is with the idea of delivery. That’s the core function of the Postal Service. We deliver what you create. And if we can expand our delivery platform beyond what it is today, we can provide you with even greater opportunities,” said Donahoe.

The Postmaster General discussed the four core business strategies of the Postal Service: strengthening the business to consumer channel; improving the customer experience; growing the package business; and continuing to become leaner, faster and smarter as an organization.

“We have left nothing off of the table in terms of rethinking how we perform our core function of delivering,” said Donahoe. “The best way forward is to embrace the potential of change. As an industry, and as individual businesses, we need to think about the rewards of a more dynamic future.”

source: USPS Press Releases

6 thoughts on “PMG Touts Importance Of Innovation and Technology for Mailing Industry

  1. PMG Donahoe is a true idiot! He cares nothing about customer service or workers being laid off, commuting miles to work or forced to relocate themselvr and their families! Yet you don’t hear him say anything about the thousands of dollars he got as a bonus this past year, even thou he’s allocating how bad the postal service finanical situation is! Donahoe has double standards for himself and his cronies who made thousand of dollars also and remain making high salaries, while lobbyng to do away with workers retirement pension and health benefits as well! The public need to rrealize what’s really going on! The United States need to preserve universal mail service! Thanks to the senators who are fighting to keep the mail service and americans working!

  2. “And if we can expand our delivery platform beyond what it is today, we can provide you with even greater opportunities”…but only 5 days a week tho…and if you live out in the boonies or a small town then screw you. No profit in that.

    By the way, i’d like to remind everyone just how efficient management is at buying new tech. They always buy stuff but it never works out the way they thought. They never break it in. They just test it with perfect mail and brand new machinery. They don’t do it Consumer Reports style. Need i remind you of the last piece of “game-changing” technology that was supposed to revolutionize the mailstream? The FSS. They’re still scratching their heads and scratching their butts trying to figure that piece of junk out while it’s costing them more and more money.

  3. PMG has it correct as far as technologyand innovation. Advanced communication technology in communications has decreased the need for the USPS to act as the communicator in personal and business communication. The need no longer exist to purchase a postage stamp deposit in the postal system and await a 1-3 delivery to a physical address.The Internet provides instant messaging and new APPS are constantly being introduced; check with Apple. The USPS must create a new market for products and services as their primary revenue source has decreased and no new revenue generator has been created resulting in 5 billion dollar loss for quarter 1.Cost effective operations must be introduced as there is no demand or need for services supplied.
    Politicans need to face reality and deal with issues as presented and ignore true facts and favor pressure groups with no regard for actual facts
    Bottomline who is going to pay for the maassive monatary losses for this semi quasi government service provider? POSTAGE DUE?

  4. Donowhore speaks of “innovation and technology”…..this man is the ULTIMATE BAD JOKE ON AMERICA.

    “INNOVATION”….plan to close the doors to thousands of rural Post Offices, permanently modify DELIVERY STANDARDS in order to FORCE DELIVERY DELAY in order to “CONSOLIDATE” P&DC’s and eliminate TENS OF THOUSANDS of employees while screwing those that REMAIN by taking them out of their CHOSEN HEALTH CARE PLANS, replacing them with low benefit TRASH.

    “TECHNOLOGY”….keep spending hundreds of millions of dollars on “FLATS SHREDDERS” and APPS machines that constantly break down and end up COSTING THE USPS hundreds of millions of dollars in UNREALIZED “PRODUCTIVITY GAINS” and then LIE ABOUT IT NOT BEING A PROBLEM….


    This whole thing is a CONGRESSIONAL KLOWN ACT and now they want to FORM A COMMISSION TO “STUDY” THE PROBLEM…..will they be looking in a mirror to “FIND THE PROBLEM”?????

  5. Spoken like a true politician, hang in there Patrick,

    As a government agency our USPS is vital to the flow of commerce, it needs to return to a ‘service’ orientation and quit the competitive stance.


 Government CEO servants at any level in any department or service should not be paid like private enterprise CEOs.

 Congress uses the USPS like an ATM; several bills going at a time, generating millions in lobby funds. UPS and FED EX stay viable with huge contracts paid by USPS consumer’s postage. Other stake holders in the big USPS circle beg for the status quo; why do you suppose there’s no ‘fax for delivery’ product, or instant ’email for delivery’ services. These products are somewhat offered at the “competitors” Fed EX Office and UPS Stores costing much more then there intrinsic value.

 We as a nation should expect a reinvention of our USPS, and we should demand that all the lobby money be returned in the form of USPS operational funds. We also need the streamlining of management at both levels (field and headquarters). Then put more feet on the street, emphasis on services and products, continue six day delivery, maybe even develop a 24/7 product or two.

”We” need to take back the USPS before congress and politics destroy it. As a forty year plus servant in the USPS I would volunteer to work alongside America’s super CEO Fred Smith (FED EX) to make it so.

    Our is that who you’ve been golfing with all along?


Sincerely Mike

  6. PMG addresses Congress
    Urges support for USPS plan to profitability
    Posted 3/27/12 at 3:45 p.m.

    PMG Pat Donahoe during this week’s House hearing on the Postal Service.
    PMG Pat Donahoe went to Capitol Hill Tuesday to support the Postal Service’s plan to return the agency to fiscal solvency, and to tell them of the VERA plans ( Early Retirement offers for April 2012).
    Donahoe told legislators during a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy the comprehensive plan  USPS has developed will produce a reduction in annual costs of $22.5 billion by 2016. He said the plan provides a “clear path toward financial stability” for USPS, but these have to include the Early Retirement Incentives in April 2012.
    The PMG urged Congress to consider the comprehensive plan favorably. He said its adoption would allow USPS to meet its universal service obligations and its employees would continue providing reliable and affordable service to the public. “We believe it’s a responsible approach that’s fair to our customers and our employees especially being able to offer more of a retirement incentive in April 2012,” he said.
    did he lie again?

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