Video: Save America’s Postal Service Rally in Jersey City, NJ

Save America’s Postal Service Rally – Video National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU), Local 300 Jersey City, NJ.  Featuring:  Paul Hogrogian & Terry O’Sullivan

Over 400 participated in NPMHU Local 300’s rally to SAVE AMERICA’S POSTAL SERVICE. All four Postal Unions (NPMHU, NALC, APWU, NRLCA) and the NAPS have joined forces. Also attending Local 300’s rally was over 100 members from LiUNA, including General President Terry O’Sullivan. Be sure to check out and

13 thoughts on “Video: Save America’s Postal Service Rally in Jersey City, NJ

  1. I’ve been a Union member for the last 25yrs. Proud to be and will never have it any other way. I’ve learned more about the infrastructure and ties between our NPMUH Union and LIUNA over the past few years. Most mail handlers are not aware of LIUNA nor their ties with us. LIUNA are just a set of letters at the bottom of our Union emblem. I will be sure to share this video with as many members as I can and explain to them how important it is for us to be in “one mind and in one accord”. If it were at all possible I wish we could rally every month until we get the right outcome from Congress. I tend to belive that until Congress takes us serious nothing will change. Issa has alot of people in his corner and does not see us as a threat. I dont mean to sound like a nay sayer I just want to make it clear that it is going to take dedication and zeal to become victorious. We have to be totally moved and 100% convinced that in this case we are our Brothers and Sister keepers. Now lets hit the ground running and dont look back until we are victorious. Issa is not aware of the fight he is starting so lets show him he picked the wrong battle to wage. He and anybody who is willing to steal from my table deserves no quarter. I am a M.H. steward in Local 307. Paul and the gang in NJ made me proud. Terry made my blood began to boil. Keep up the good work guys!!!! Im all in!!!!!!!!

  2. I was at the rally,it was great!we need all our unions to come together because it seems both the republicans and the republicrates are out to get rid of the middle class.its going to be part time U.S.A!

  3. should have been 4 thousand employees…the haters don’t know nothing about fighting for their jobs if they did not show up to this great rally!

  4. Yeah…Time to get up and stand up! Bring this message to all work floors. This guy can get folks fired up. LOL

  5. Proud to be a dues paying member. That’s what Unions stand for, not the BS that goes on around here.

  6. This video makes me proud to be a Union member. For all those postal workers who are not members of a Union, I say jump on the board and help us fight for our jobs, or get the hell off. You’re dead weight and you’re slowing us down. In case you didn’t know, it’s our Unions who are protecting our jobs, if it weren’t for our Unions we would already be FIRED. In the words of Terry O’sullivan… Non-Union members should be “Dead on arrival”…


  8. Damn, that’s what I’m talkin’ about… That was one hell of a Rally. Wish I was there. It’s time to wake the hell up, Postal workers ! Our jobs are not guaranteed. You have to fight like hell… And if you’re not in the Union, shame on you !! Proud mailhandler, Union member from Chicago.

  9. Great show of solidarity by all Unions in our fight to protect Postal jobs. Wow !! what a great video. KUDOS to Local 300 & LIUNA President Terry O’Sullivan. I’m from Ohio, APWU. Props to Mail handlers Union, Local 300 –They kick ASS !!

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