USPS Wants to Offer Eligible Postal Workers Early Retirement?

As Don Cheney pointed out:

With all the other commotion going on, most eligible postal employees have overlooked this. I’m amazed anyone would retire right now without waiting to see what comes out of Congress by November 18th, the new deadline for USPS to make its $5.5 billion payment.  The administration will not back USPS’ proposal to alter labor contract provisions that prohibit layoffs, however. Officials on Monday expressed support for continued use of buyouts and early retirement offers, which they said could be funded in part with the FERS refund. The administration also is taking a closer look at the agency’s request to withdraw from federal benefit programs, they said.

The measures already are drawing mixed reactions from Congress, which has several bills in play to bring the Postal Service back to fiscal health. House lawmakers earlier this month introduced legislation that would extend by 90 days the Postal Service’s deadline to make its retiree health fund contribution and are working on proposals that would allow USPS to offer retirement incentives and adjust its retiree benefits payment schedule, for example.

Don also highlighted recent statements by Senator Tom Carper and Congressman Carney:

Carper, Carney confident Postal Service will be saved
By Frank Gerace
September 30, 2011

Senator Carper and Congressman Carney are confident lawmakers can come up with a plan to save the Postal Service.

Carper tells WDEL News he and his colleagues will “go by the rules in determining which facilities to close.

Fellow Democrat Carney puts the blame for the agency’s current financial woes on the federal government.

Carper says one thing the Postal Service wants to do to cut costs is offer eligible workers early retirement, similar to what’s been done in the auto industry.

full story: WDEL-TV

Hopefully postal workers will get another bite of the early retirement with incentives apple very soon.


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  1. Hey I only have 22yrs in but have had 3operations due to on the job injuries. The injuries are to my hands, forearms, neck and back and yes I am on restrictive duty. I would love to retire from the P.O. since my doctor had been too much of a coward to tell the DOL I can’t work anymore. He started seeing me as an inconvenience and told me to “learn how to live with the pain”. I can’t take it anymore and if they give a decent offer eventhough I don’t have the yrs or age I think I will take it, sell my house, see what I get from scheduled award and call it a day. My body can’t take the day to day anymore, they don’t even factor in that you have a life outside the post office and need your health to do the basic things in your everyday life routine as well. I’m so tired of it all. Millie

  2. I’m a clerk in a St Louis suburb with 28.5 years. My office is short staffed every single day. Some days we we do distribution with three people and the window with one person! Used to take 14 clerks. Meanwhile we carry 6-7 managers/204-b’s that ride herd. You are treated with contempt. I am told where to stand, what to wear, what to say (word for word!), when to lunch and when to break. I have to ask permission to go to the bathroom. They time my breaks. They gave all of us hour lunches to disrupt your personal life and changed our schedules to put us in rush hour traffic. There is no laughter. Music not allowed. I worked the window the day after the holiday while THREE managers documented my every move. It’s NEVER fun. The hopelessness and stress lay on you like a heavy blanket…

    Meanwhile the managers delay and hide mail. They throw unverified UBBM in the trash. They scan lock box hours before it is done. They work the window, prepare dispatch, and man the accountable cart because we don’t have any clerks. Overtime generally goes to collaborators and management stooges.
    Where are our unions?

    There is a terrible human cost to working on a hopeless chain gang with no future. Over the years we have had TWO suicides, FOUR brain tumors, FIFTEEN divorces, nervous breakdowns, dependency issues. AND IT’S GETTING WORSE!

    After the price I have paid I refuse to walk away without health care! If I have to be raped by Vikings on a daily basis I will do what it takes but I pray they have an early out so I can escape this nightmare. My office would become an empty building except for the Hitler youth gang of managers. They deserve this Hell.

  3. it only makes sense to offer an early out! i am 50 yrs. old with 27.5 years of service. think about it….. if they offer an early out, they no longer give me paid holidays-annual leave (i get 8 hrs. p.p.) -sick leave-contribute to my tsp (5%,big deal) give me 5 yrs. of service,no penalties, and a little $$$ and i will leave skidmarks to the door. thousands of workers will take that deal. then they can hire additional workers at cut rate salaries with little to no benefits to pick up the slack. i’m tired of all the b.s. do whats right and give us employees, who have put up with your crap for all these years ,a proper and fair sendoff.

  4. If a VERA is offered I am gone in half a heartbeat;Issa,Roth,PMG have all duped the clueless American public with their lies!!!!!!!The day that I send in my paperwork will be the happiest day of my life!!!!!!! I want to start living again!!!!!! I can almost smell and taste the VERA!!!!!!!!!!!!Glad that I scrimped and saved all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dear PMG and OPM: Please offer a VERA; I will be the first in line to accept your offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let my people go and go and go….in droves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I implore you PMG and OPM…….have a heart and offer us the VERA.

  5. Seen to many waiting for a buyout, died before it came. Otheres, ohhh, 2 more years and I get THIS MUCH MORE,,,,,They come back a year later to say hi!!! Month later read on bulliten board, Joe Blow died, ,,Took my retirement now and outta of there.
    OMG, what time is it? Dont know, dont care, just wake up, look out the window.
    Oh daylight, or dark, ok, I got a 12 hour handle on it!!! Eat, shit, sleep, shop, TV and computer when I FEEL like IT!!! Took a week to stop looking at a clock, thinking oh, almost time to get ready for work, or hit the shower. Oh, the boys at work doing this or that, hell with it. LIFE is SHORT people, get out if can, slave shop comming to you soon. Retire and smile at the world…………..I would tell you my plans BUT you people could NOT handle it, get, start a NEW LIFE!!! Joe Blow signing out!
    Look me up in the TROPICS ha ha ha ha ha Amping kanunay!!!

  6. Congress has ripped off the Postal Service with the prefunding retirement like 50 years out, now it wants to look like it is saving the Postal service. Congress is the one who has caused this.

  7. The Postal service has NEVER offered rurals a vera. I have 22 years as a reguler in and am not old enough yet, if they offered me all my benefits and no penalty tomorrow I would be out the door. I know many other rurals that would also. This would give our subs the chance at a regular position. If they go to 5 day delivery many many subs will walk away. I am in a level 20 office and my managers do work 10,11,and12 hours, sometimes eating lunch in while answering phones and doing paperwork. Not everyone is a slug. I have been proud to work for the USPS for 28 years. However yes I would love the chance to retire early. I hope the USPS can recover themselves. I would hate for this historical entity to be shut down.

  8. Give me six years added on to my service and I will be gone. Simple as that. Keep your money, just give me the time so it will help me in my retirement pension and I will be gone and so will a lot of other people…nearly all senior people, so the majority of your highest salaried people will be gone. It just makes good logical sense with no money off the top. J.

  9. Of course they want to replace your so called highly paid job. Just think the post office made all its bills when the mail was sorted by hand, but now with all its cost saving automated equipment its going broke. Bullshit I say. Congress and upper management want the USPS privatized so upper management can get big pay raises. Oh ya, the workers can be replaced with min wage, no health insurance, no sick leave, no vacation, no retirement, no 401k, no union, Just do as I say or I will fire you, that will be managements new whip.
    Have a nice Day and remember why our grandparents fought for Union rights.

  10. Not one of those bastard Postmasters can even look an employee in the eye and say hello, all they do is run and hide in the Offices they work at, not a damn thing they do to be earning the money they do, cut those assholes loose along with the tag along dueschbag Station Managers that take off early to go shopping and dining outing on the clock and fatten their big asses even more.
    Its so clearly seen with every damn Postal facility across the Nation, why is Management not shown the door or policed so you can get them the hell out of there, cut the needless positions and quit wasting the damn money the PO doesn’t have!!!


  12. Management is cutting their own throat. They’ve been talking about an early out/ buy out for a two-three years. So what happens? Carriers that could already retire are hanging on. They’re afraid to retire and then an offer comes out. Either say there is no early out or there is. stop the rumors.

  13. I’m sure everyone will agree with me here when I say “Screw ups move up” and that is why the USPS is in the shape its in. At our office you could get rid of the PM – doesn’t do one blasted thing for his $104,500.00 yearly pay, and as for the stupidvisors, they are about the worst thing going. All the workers know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it well…so who needs them also….yet like I said before, bring on the early out (VERA) and I’m gone…I need 15 months to retire and take my health insurance with me, which as you all know you need 5 continous years within your health insurance to take it with you, unless a VERA is offered and then and only then can you take it with you with less then the 5 years. So bring it on, they want to get rid of people, offer some years and they will wipe out our office in a heart beat and I’ll be the first one flying out the freaking door…enough already!

  14. Mr. Correct, go back and look up your definitions again. You (typical for Teabag Morons) don’t know what you are talking about. And compare Republican rhetoric to the Nazi (fascist) rhetoric. Amazingly similar. Dumbass.

  15. If you work for the USPS like I have for over 28 years, it’s consistent with management’s “practices” to want to lay off over 200,000 people. It’s not surprising they want to try this. They know damn well they cannot permanently do this, and get the mail delivered. They break our national agreement often, and lose grievances most of the time. We’re short-handed all the time at our small Kansas post office. We have part-time carriers from other towns in our area who are required to drive to different towns, and carry mail whenever and wherever they need them. Some of them have gotten tired of this, and have quit, which is what the USPS wants them to do. One lady from a nearby office who quit had over 7 years of employment. The USPS gets about 1.8 million NEW addresses every year, so who’s going to carry those newly created routes? As far as I’m concerned, here’s the USPS game plan… lay off over 200,000 people. Disrupt mail delivery so people will complain, and a “new workforce” of 200,000 will have to be hired at 1/2 the pay of the “old workforce.” Yeah, force me out of the job that I’ve worked hard at for over 28 years. Lay me off so I can get on unemployment for a while. I’ll sit at home and whistle Dixie until our union can nail the USPS on age discrimination and other unfair labor practices. I should be able to collect on back pay like everybody else the USPS has tried to screw over. With over 200,000 disgruntled, pissed off, laid off postal employees needing a huge class-action lawsuit against the USPS, I’d say the lawyers will be pouring out of the woodwork like water out of a fire hydrant.

  16. Get rid of the inbred idiot managers and I will work till I am 8o and it would be a good place to work. This is why management ranks are increasing so they force out the union workers and eliminate customer service. Then the corporations can privatize our last freedoms of information.

  17. mr. correct is a right wing asshole..remember the nazi ss..obama has nothing to do with it…FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL..STUPIDS it is out there…you talk about overtime look at TRANSPORTATION…Fed-Ex was paid 1.7 billion las year alone…all they do is fly mail…we have to pay contractors to load and unload the fed-ex containers…another 700 million per year…and then there is the the truck volume..many carry 3-5 apcs..several thousand dollars.on two way trips 5-6 days weekly..what a waste by the way i have 38 yrs ..don’t expect nothing they will sceew in a minute BUT don’t blame obama..blame the assholes that you work for and mis management that they get bonuses for

  18. In my nearly 27 years as a carrier, at 7 different stations, I have NEVER seen a supervisor, manager, or Postmaster work 12-14 hours a day. Some 204-b’s have worked those hours, but only rarely.


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