Carry the Rally Cry and protest PMG’s proposed changes to service standards

The following alert was released by Omar M. Gonzalez, APWU Western Region Coordinator:


The Postmaster General’s dastardly plan to close mail processing plants and postal facilities REQUIRES him to change service standards.

Management is “selling” these proposed changes as a good thing. But the documentation required and posted in the Federal Register clearly reveals the impact: [Federal Registry/Vol 76. No. 183 ]

• Currently 41.5 percent of 1st class mail under the current service standard is delivered in 1 day.

• Under the PROPOSED change of the PMG the percentage of 1st class mail that will be delivered in 1 day = 0

• Currently 26% of 1st class mail is delivered in 2 days.

• Under the PMG’s proposed change 2nd day delivery will increase to 50.6%

• 3 day delivery will jump to 49%

IN ADDITION the Federal Register posting by USPS shows more negative impacts:

• Drop shipment locations availability would require changes to mailer transportation adding costs to regional and local mailers.

• Prices will change for commercial mailers who use zone-based pricing if locations are changed leliminated and the nearest available locations are within different 3-digit ZIP codes.

• Retail 1st class mail customers would not have their mail picked up from collections in time for processing at locations for same day processing even if deposited before 8 a.m ..

There is much more impact including total elimination of manual sortation, night differential and even to a degree Sunday premium. AND of course closing of postal facilities
throughout the USPS disrupting your livelihood and exposing you to layoff !

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Write your disagreement with changing service standards to:
Manager Industry Engagement & Out Reach USPS

475 L ‘Enfant Plaza SW Rm 4617

Washington, DC 20260

or email to DO SO BY OCT 21, 2011


Regional Alert Service Standard(PDF)

Federal Register notice:

SUMMARY:  The Postal Service seeks public comment on a proposal to revise the service standard regulations contained in 39 CFR part 121. Among other things, the proposal involves eliminating the expectation of overnight service for First-Class Mail and Periodicals, and, for each of these classes, narrowing the two-day delivery range and enlarging the three-day delivery range. One major effect of the proposal would be to facilitate a significant consolidation of the Postal Service’s processing and transportation networks.

DATES: Comments must be received on or before October 21, 2011.

ADDRESSES: Written comments should be mailed to Manager, Industry Engagement and Outreach, United States Postal Service, 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 4617, Washington DC 20260. Comments also may be transmitted via e-mail to Copies of all comments will be available for inspection and photocopying at the Postal Service Headquarters Library, 475 LEnfant Plaza SW, 11th Floor North, Washington DC 20260, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT: Anthony Frost, Industry Engagement and Outreach, 202-268-8093; or Emily Rosenberg, Network Analytics, 202-268-5585.

7 thoughts on “Carry the Rally Cry and protest PMG’s proposed changes to service standards

  1. Why are we hearing from the Western Regional Coordinator all of a sudden?

    Just preparing himself for the next elections. There’s a method to Omar’s madness!

  2. Hey, I got an idea…

    since union members are apathetic given the union’s inability to do anything other than than file grievances, and given the fact that the only folks that show for pickets are those on the union’s payroll and,

    most union officials will probably never return to the workroom floor and will just retire from usps and continue sucking the union coffers dry,

    I suggest unions team up with the current “Occupy DC, Occupy Wall St, Occupy LA etc movements and picket. Even though this movement really has no clear direction and is only a conglomeration of whiners with time on their hands, the union membership really is unaware of their “cause” and will think, “Wow, my union really cares and is doing something!” Its a good time to jump on somebody’s wagon right Omar? Just make sure your photo shows up somewhere where the voting union lemmings can see it!

    Keep paying dem dues bruthas & sistas!

  3. I truly hope that people will take the time to write to the given address and tell the USPS how ridiculous it is to think that relaxing service standards will do anything but make their situation, and that of the many who are in the mailing industry, much worse than it currently is. Instead of giving people more to complain about they should be fixing the things that people are complaining about.

    As for Darrell Issa, he needs to quit spinning the situation into something that it clearly isn’t. Considering how the USPS has served the people of the United States of America, his scare tactics are unpatriotic and have more to do with his own agenda than helping the American public or survival of the USPS.

  4. Why are we hearing from the Western Regional Coordinator all of a sudden. Is Guffey and Morris asleep on the deck of the Titanic. It was only a couple of short weeks ago that the loser Mike Morris bragged to the entire APWU that he saw “Cliff and Donohoe shake on it…” Now we here nothing but silence echoing in the halls of 1300 L Street. So much for the Leadership Team.

  5. Hi,
    If you read ALL information and not the extremely BIASED info like on FOX 2 in Detroit, you will see that if only the pre-funding issue was resolved, which HR 1351 in present form fixes, the Postal Service would had made a 211 MILLION dollar PROFIT in quarter 1. Do we need some changes, YES, do we need wholesale anti-union acts passed, NO. WAKE UP AMERICA!! The Post Office is YOUR SERVICE, make them give it back to YOU! Congress broke it, they can fix it!

  6. I am shocked at the lack of knowledge of the APWU leaders. How can you expect to keep the network as large as it is with the decline in mail volume?We are losing Billions of Dollars per year, and the mail volume continues to decline. The only practical solution is to reduce thesize of the network or raise the prices of mailings which would decrease the mail volume even more.

  7. I am against the changes of service standards which would result in delay of mail . The American public depends on the mail being handled in an expeditious manner. Any move to “revise”the present 1 ,2 and 3 delivery standards would only lead to a decrease in service and the further erosion of the country’s mail service. People count on the mail being handle promptly for both their personal and business matters . Not every person has access to a computer . This proposed downgrade in mail delivery can only hurt the post office as it tries to remain relevant in the country’s everyday communication business .
    please keep me advised of all aspects of this reckless attempt to make the United States postal service into the us postal ” no sevice” agency

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