NAPS To Congress: USPS Network Plans and Elimination of Next-Day Delivery Will Contribute to its Demise

From the National Association of Postal Supervisors

“NAPS sent to the full House and Senate Committees expressing our position on the Postal Service’s plans to consolidate and close processing facilities along with our recommendations for a legislative solution.”

NAPS believes that the Postal Service’s network realignment plan and the elimination of next-day delivery First Class delivery will be devastating to the public’s use of mail, its expectations regarding its speed, and public support for its postal system. It will create a death spiral that will contribute to the demise of the Postal Service.

NAPS Position on USPS Network Changes

source: National Association of Postal Supervisors

12 thoughts on “NAPS To Congress: USPS Network Plans and Elimination of Next-Day Delivery Will Contribute to its Demise

  1. The American public takes the USPS for granted. What company will forward your mail for free? If you need a postmark (say 4/15) you would have to mail your letter 3-4 prior to the postmark needed if the delivery standards were
    reduced. What company would offer “general delivery” at no cost? What company would deliver a piece of mail for the same price wether it travels 50 miles or 5000 miles? What company would deliver mail to a very small town when the real money to be made would be in the very big cities?
    The old saying – you don’t know what you got till it’s gone – would apply here.

  2. Delivery standards do not create revenue for USPS. ThE PRIMARY PRODUCT FOR THE USPS is advertising bulk business mail commonly referred to as JUNK mail. The USPS delivers advertising mail that newspapers and e marketing does not want either for a time factor or due to low revenue high distribution cost.
    The USPS connects via written or printed messages is history. Newspapers and magazines are subscribed to online. The demand for USPS products and services has decreased to the point that delivery time is irrevealant other than for a sale at a mall department store. Demand for prime time mail is history. First class mail volume has decreased and will continue to do so resulting in less revenue. Revenue generation via increased Postal products is history. The INTERNET is instant messaging and does not require purchase of postage and a 1-2 deliver time. Manuvering politicans, PRC and Board of Governors need to tkake remedial Economics 99 before dealing with real actualities of supply and demand factors which govern bottomline results.
    USPS must reduce over supply of services that are not cost effective and contribute to cost exceeding revenue which equals a financial loss. 6 day mail delivery exceeds demand for service and creates a financial loss. Sat. street address delivery is a wasted cost. The American public questions the waste of money buying petroleum products for Sat. mail delivery which is 99% junk advertising mail which has no revelance to anyone on Sat. mail delivery. Idle 290,000+ vehicles and carriers on Sat, to eliminate a wasted cost. Mail delivery 4 days aweek 10 hours per day would be a benefactor to both cost and service.
    USPS must reduce emloyees to maximize automation. Employees that have years and age should be retired. OPM should notify as to effective date and options available. Many employees 60+ years of age awaiting a buyout; they need a putout to insure younger employees maintain employment. Unemployment numbers do not need to include employees who must work for a living while retirees receive a monthly annunity.
    Creating new postal revenue under existing business model is impossible. Cost must be reduced to exist. Management levels from headquarters to local offices must be reduced as well as offices that serve no purpose other than cost twice as much to operate as revenue generated. Many of these offices that have only a box section and retail services could be consolidated with a nearby larger office and same zip maintained. Many areas have situations such as this and yet offices are not being closed or consolidated. Large office 3 miles away delivers mail in area adjacent to offices. Politicans must exert pressure from headquarters to districts to cleanup their areas.

  3. The plants are currently averaging 6 hours in operation per night. They are designed to operate over twice that. Consolidating needs to happen, and the longer it is delayed, the more ignorant the postal service looks. Grandma can send a b-day card a couple of days earlier, because face the facts, nothing else 1st class even matters. Most documents are electronically signed, and if not, overnight express, or fedex is the answer.
    The USPS can compete, but not with leeches who can’t face the fact that you may have to move somewhere.

  4. I totally agree with other concerned citizens. When this mandate was put in place in 2006 for the Postal Service , it was set up for the Postal Service as we know it today for failure! This was done by no other than former Pres. G,. Bush. The Republicans want to privitize the Postal Service so wealthy americans can own it and make big profits and pay minimun wage in a already depressed economy. It will be either the rich or the poor class, no middle class as use to be! Shame on all of the Repoublicans and a few democrarts in office now! America, lets vote them out in 2012 and vote in people who care about everyone welfare! This is why they are suppose to be in the White House, to help, not destroy this great Country!!

  5. Typical sycophant modern US citizen: watch things fall apart and keep quiet until it may be too late to save an institution. As long as they got Pay-for-Performance ‘bonuses’ they shut up and followed orders, just like the top bosses wanted them to do. Selling off the USPS to private sources is most likely the goal of upper-managment, along with fat cash payouts for themselves, Stealing from the destruction of a public;y built institution, all for the benefit of a few good ol’ boys (and the ‘feminists’ in upper management who buy the company line, too).

  6. This is nothing but the wholesale destruction of the USPS. PMG Donahoe can throw any number he wants out to the Congress and the media because nobody audits the USPS. This proposed downsizing which seems to have the blessing of Congress, and oh yea where’s the press on this? Why aren’t they standing up for the American people.? Why are they just repeating what media releases they get from the USPS and or Congress who by the way are just stating outright lies. Is this what it’s come down to to were the American people sit by while a Constitutionally mandated service is taken away from them and something like the ever expanding Patriot Act is forced upon us? All they are trying to do is to streamline this service so that it can eventually be taken over by a company that has to answer to it’s share holders not to the American people. Oh yes it is a service not a business, it’s not suppose to make a profit. The Founding Fathers set it up so that Americans would have a safe, secure and fairly inexpensive way to conduct commerce and communicate with one another. Do I want to conduct my postal business with a clerk earning minimum wage in a dollar store like they are proposing to do, handing over personal and private communications, I don’t think so. And how much postal business will you actually be able to do, just buying stamps and or mailing a few packages? That’s why the 2006 mandate to prefund the retirees health benefits, 75yrs worth in a 10yr time frame was the nail in the coffin. Were does a service that is designed not to make a profit come up with an extra 5.5 billion a year? You can’t tell me that Congress didn’t know what would happen. A previous poster is right, they are using these extra monies to fund the wars and to make the federal budget seem less than it is. It really seems like there is no stopping this sad destruction of this American institution, an institution that is older than the country itself. Contact your representative in Washington and at least see what their thinking is. Yes technology has made communication easier but what happens when the internet goes down or prices go up or somebody decides that certain people shouldn’t have access to it. The Founding Fathers were pretty smart, lets not try to second guess them. Oh yea let me just state this one more time: The USPS uses no taxpayer monies. It relies solely on the sale of stamps and other postal products and is not seeking a bailout only to be given monies back that were overpaid into these funds.

  7. I totally agree with wage slave….this is all part of their plan to destroy the USPS so that UPS and Fedex can chop us up and corner the domestic shipping industry.

    So every craft including NAPS is against hits….I heard a rumours that the 4 bargaining units are all preparing a huge campaign against all these changes that will ultimately lead to our destruction.

  8. Surveys have been done and the vast majority do NOT care about Saturday delivery. The unions do not want to loose their dues paying members and will not support anything that means job cuts good or bad.

  9. After having worked here since 1972, the ONLY impetus that the USPS responds to is the LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to maintain SERVICE STANDARDS with the central directive TO GET THE MAIL OUT FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY.

    If the USPS is allowed to relax all standards THIS WILL SEVERELY AND ADVERSELY AFFECT THE PUBLIC.

    What the PMG and his cronies want is to DELAY THE MAIL TO WHATEVER EXTENT THAT IS NEEDED IN ORDER TO MAKE THEIR PLAN WORK. They care NOTHING about the end users of this great organization…they care nothing about the “mailing public”…. and this latest initiative will cause great disruption to the major banks, large local retailers and others who depend on THE CURRENT RELIABLE DELIVERY STANDARDS.

    The PMG and his cronies are about to SHOOT THEMSELVES IN BOTH FEET by insisting on these changes….they are about to make an extremely large mistake…but this is NOTHING NEW.

  10. We need to state this simple for the average Joe. Don’t let the PMG convince Congress to “relax” delivery standards. We live in the time of speed and the last thing we need is to charge the same price for postage and have it take twice as long or longer to get where it needs to be. We have already been dubbed with “snail mail” we don’t want it to take longer and have it called something worse. Most of the public have no idea what we are talking about when it comes to the prefunding of the health/retirement package. Speak to the public in their language, what it would mean to them if we start slashing plants and offices.

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