USPS Board of Governor’s Member resigns amid real estate scandal

From the Federal Times:

Former U.S. Postal Service Governor Alan Kessler pressured postal executives to scuttle a planned property purchase that would have cost a friend millions of dollars, according to a report from the Office of Inspector General. The IG also found that the Postal Service general counsel, Mary Anne Gibbons, failed to act as she should have to halt Kessler’s actions and report them to the IG.

USPS General Counsel was also cited in the Robert Bernstock scandal

This is not the first IG report that concluded Gibbons failed to report ongoing improper actions by an executive. Another IG report issued last year, into questionable sole-source contracts issued by former Postal Service marketing executive Robert Bernstock, also found that Gibbons did not report her knowledge that Bernstock was using postal staff for his personal business.

That report said Gibbons physically covered her ears and said she didn’t want to talk about it when she found out Bernstock was improperly using postal staff.

archive: The report also raises questions about Postal Service general counsel Mary Anne Gibbons’ apparent failure to report Bernstock’s improper use of postal staff. download the entire report by clicking here.

USPS President Under Fire For Directing Postal Contracts To Former Associates Resigns